100 Adorable Names That Mean Small for Your Little One

Newborns are little bundles of joy. What better way to commemorate the birth of your tiny tot than by choosing a name that is as small and precious as they are? Whether you’re looking for a baby name that has to do with the small wonders of nature or something that means little but mighty, these names meaning small are worth a look.

From Luvena to Sterling, there is a copious amount of names that mean small for you to choose from. With various origins and interesting definitions, this list will make it easy to find a unique name that is both beautiful and meaningful.

So, if you’re ready to discover the perfect baby name that means small for your little loved one, peruse through this list of intriguing options.

Girl Names That Mean Small

Your little girl deserves a name that is as adorable as she is. One of these lovely names that mean small could do just the trick.

1. Brunella

Perfect for a brown-haired baby girl, Brunella means “little one with brown hair.” This name originated in Old French.

2. Elita

A strong and powerful-sounding choice, Elita is a feminine name of Old French origin. It means “small and winged one” or “chosen one.”

3. Koemi

Koemi is a cute name for baby girls with cultural ties to Japan. It means “small smile” and stems from Japanese.

4. Whitley

With roots in Old English, Whitley is a charming and feminine name that means “a small field.” Cute and nature-related.

5. Bambi

The sweetest name for a little girl, Bambi means “little child” and comes from Italian. Many would also associate Bambi with the famous young fawn featured in a Walt Disney movie of the same name.

6. Brooke

Brooke is a classic name for a baby girl. Of Old English origin, this name means “small stream.”

7. Carina

This little girl’s name is both endearing and elegant. Carina means “dear little one” and comes from Latin.

8. Damita

Fit for a mini princess, Damita is a feminine name with Spanish roots that means “little noble one” or “small princess.”

9. Davina

Similar in sound to the word ‘divine,’ Davina is a darling name that means “small deer.” It is derived from Hebrew.

10. Aiko

Another delightful name of Japanese origin, the translation of Aiko is “little love.” A super sweet choice for your newborn baby girl.

11. Aleda

Alternatively spelled “Alida,” Aleda is a feminine name with roots in Latin and Spanish. The meaning of this name is “small and winged one.”

12. Luvena

A beautiful name that is fairly uncommon in the United States, Luvena means “small and beloved one.” It stems from Old English.

13. Sagira

Sagira is a distinctive name for a baby girl. Meaning “little one,” this name is of Egyptian origin.

14. Lucita

Of Spanish origin, Lucita is a lovely and feminine name that means “little light.”

15. Karina

Karina is a timeless name choice for a little girl. With Scandinavian roots, Karina means “dear little one.”

16. Adva

Adva is a feminine name that means “small wave” or “little ripple.” This name is derived from Hebrew.

17. Belita

Stemming from Spanish, Belita is a beautiful baby name that has the meaning “little beauty.”

18. Darlene

Darlene is a girl’s name that never goes out of style. With roots in English, Darlene means “little darling” and “beloved.”

19. Eerin

One of the more unique and rare feminine names, Eerin means “small grey owl” and is derived from an Aboriginal language.

20. Enya

With roots in Irish, Enya is a stunning name for a newborn girl. It means “little fire.”

21. Brynn

A name that has seen a rise in popularity, Brynn is of Welsh origin and means “a small hill.” It captures the resilience and beauty of nature.

22. Devin

Devin is a gender-neutral name that is derived from English and Irish. The meaning of this name is “little and dark.”

23. Fayette

A lovely choice for your little sprite, the name Fayette stems from Old French and means “small fairy.”

24. Kohana

Of Japanese origin, Kohana is an enchanting female name that means “small flower.” Perfect for your little blossom.

25. Paola

Paola is a pretty name for a baby girl. Simply meaning “little,” this name comes from Italian.

26. Allison

Tried and true, Allison is a name that stems from the Irish Gaelic language. It means “little” and “truthful.”

27. Ayashe

An uncommon and stunning option for a little girl, Ayashe is a name of Cheyenne origin. The meaning of Ayashe is “little one.”

28. Callula

Callula is a simple and sweet name that rolls off the tongue. Meaning “small,” Callula is derived from Latin.

29. Ellette

A delicate and feminine name, Elite means “little elf.” This magical name has Anglo-Saxon roots.

30. Coral

Of Latin origin, Coral is a trendy choice for your newborn. Coral means “small stone,” and also refers to the colorful underwater rock formations that form beautiful reefs.

31. Sayuri

Sayuri is a whimsical name fit for a pretty little girl. With roots in Japanese, the meaning of Sayuri is “small lily flower.”

32. Viveka

Highly uncommon outside of Europe, Viveka is a feminine name that means “small woman.” It has roots in German and Swedish.

33. Gretchen

Classic and cute, Gretchen is a German name that means “little pearl.”

34. Kanara

Derived from Hindu, Kanara is a beautiful baby girl’s name that means “a small bird or canary.”

35. Kanene

This simple name has a powerful meaning. Kanene is of African origin and translates to “a small thing in the eye appears large.”

36. Miki

Suitable for your mini-mi, Miki has roots in the Inupiaq language and means “small.”

37. Maleah

Maleah is a song-like name of Hawaiian origin. It means “a unique little girl.” Your baby is just that.

38. Hansika

Hansika is a memorable and feminine name that is derived from Hindu. It means “small swan.”

39. Adeen

Also spelled as ‘Adan,’ Adeen is a female name that originated in Ireland. The meaning of this name is “little fire.”

40. Berry

Bright and sweet, Berry means “small fruit” and is derived from the English language.

41. Angeletta

Angeletta is a serenely feminine name that is of French origin. In English, it directly translates to “little angel.”

42. Charlotte

This pretty name comes from the French language and means “petite and feminine.”

43. Corvette

Corvette is a striking choice for a baby girl. With roots in French, this feminine name means “little maiden.”

44. Aithne

Aithne is a lovely name of Celtic origin. It means “little fire.”

45. Mora

Of Spanish origin, Mora is a pretty girl’s name that means “a small and sweet-tasting berry.”

46. Shanna

Shanna is a name that originated in Ireland. Meaning “small and wise,” this is a great choice for your tiny genius.

47. Teagan

An adorable name that is of Irish origin, Teagan means “small poet.”

48. Zita

A cute and distinctive choice, Zita means “little girl.” This name is derived from the Tuscan language of Italy.

49. Suelita

Suelita means “little lily.” This beautiful name is of Spanish origin and is perfect for flower lovers.

50. Talitha

A relatively uncommon name for baby girls, Talitha means “little girl” or “little maiden.” The origins of this name are Biblical and Aramaic.

Boy Names That Mean Small

Your newborn may grow up to be big and strong, but they’ll always be a little boy in your heart. Take a gander at all these masculine names that mean small.

1. Sterling

Sterling is a name fit for a bright little boy. Meaning “little star,” this name comes from Middle English.

2. Cerin

A stylish and trendy choice, Cerin is a masculine name of Irish Gaelic origin. The meaning translates to “little and dark one.”

3. Gavin

Gavin is a sweet name for baby boys that means “small hawk.” This name has roots in the Welsh language.

4. Dalziel

With origins in both Scottish and Gaelic, Dalziel is a distinctive and masculine name that means “a small field.”

5. Lennon

Lennon is a boy’s name derived from Gaelic. The meaning of this name is “small cape,” and it is also the family name of the famous musician, Jon Lennon.

6. Killian

Perfect for a little warrior, Killian is an uncommon but stylish name that means “small and fierce.” This name stems from Irish Gaelic origin.

7. Coty

Similar to the name ‘Cody,’ Coty is a French name that means “small slope.”

8. Ronan

A cool name for your newborn boy, Ronan is a masculine name with a cute meaning. It comes from Ireland and translates to “little seal.”

9. Kotek

Kotek is a unique name that is not yet common in the United States. Meaning “little cat,” this name is derived from Polish.

10. Attila

Associated with the power and strength of a historical leader, Attila is a masculine of Hungarian origin that means “little father.”

11. Carlin

An adorable baby boy’s name, Carlin means “small champion.” This name has roots in Irish Gaelic.

12. Brendan

A classic choice for a little boy, Brendan stems from Latin and means “little raven.”

13. Mannix

Mannix is an uncommon name that has roots in Irish Gaelic. It means “small monk.”

14. Rowan

Derived from English, Rowan is a gender-neutral name that means “small and red-headed.” Perfect for a baby boy with red or auburn-colored hair.

15. Orson

Orson is a rare name that stems from French. The meaning of this name is “little bear.”

16. Misha

Another name that means “little bear,” Misha is a masculine name of Russian origin.

17. Ryanne

More commonly spelled as ‘Ryan,’ Ryanne is a boy’s name that means “little king.” This name is derived from the Gaelic language.

18. Bassett

Bassett is a distinctive name for a baby boy. Meaning “small one,” this name is derived from Old English.

19. Beckett

With roots in both English and Irish languages, Beckett is a masculine name that means “small brook.” It can also mean “beehive.”

20. Logan

One of the more commonly known choices, Logan means “small hollow” and is a name of Scottish origin.

21. Iven

Short and sweet, Iven is a masculine name derived from French. The meaning of Iven is “little archer.”

22. Kane

Stemming from Irish Gaelic, Kane is a boyish name that means “small warrior.”

23. Whitfield

Meaning “from the small field,” Whitfield is an elegant and masculine name that is derived from English.

24. Cordell

Cordell is a charming name meaning “small rope.” The origin of this name is in the French language.

25. Egan

Growing in popularity, Egan is a masculine name that has roots in the Irish Gaelic language and means “little fire.”

26. Hamlet

A famous Shakespearean name, Hamlet is of German origin and means “from a small home.”

27. Hampton

A name with a preppy and upscale connotation, Hampton is derived from the English language. It means “a small town.”

28. Gair

Similar in sound to the name ‘Gary,’ Gair is a masculine name that means “small one.” It comes from Irish Gaelic.

29. Colman

Colman is an interesting name for a baby boy. Derived from Columbian, Colman means “small dove.”

30. Marlon

A name that’s perfect for nature lovers, Marlon means “small falcon.” This name is derived from French.

31. Malin

Meaning “little warrior,” Malin is of Old English origin. This one is suitable for a baby boy that is small but mighty.

32. Sullivan

Sullivan is a beautiful boy’s name with roots in English. It means “little dark night.”

33. Nevan

Stemming from Ireland, Nevan is a cute boy’s name that has the meaning “small saint.”

34. Crofton

Of English origin, Crofton is a masculine name that means “a town with a small and enclosed field.”

35. Bennett

This timeless name has roots in Latin and means “small and blessed one.”

36. Fabron

Fitting for a French baby boy, the meaning of Fabron is “small blacksmith” in English.

37. Giles

Giles is a classic name for a newborn boy. Meaning “small goat,” Giles is derived from Greek.

38. Shanley

Another name that could easily be given to a boy or a girl, Shanley means “small and ancient.” This name comes from Gaelic.

39. Torrence

Meaning “little hills,” Torrence is a delightful boy’s name of Irish Gaelic origin.

40. Lane

A sweet-sounding and gender-neutral name, Lane is of English origin and means “a small roadway or path.”

41. Girvin

Girvin is a name with Irish Gaelic roots. The meaning of Girvin is “small and rough one.”

42. Galeno

A darling choice for a baby boy, Galeno is derived from Spanish and means “little and bright.”

43. Tomkin

Tomkin is a pleasant name that stems from Old English. This name means “small.”

44. Maslin

Meaning “little Thomas,” Maslin is an uncommon name that originates from the French language.

45. Junayd

A feisty and masculine name, Junayd comes from Arabic and means “small army.”

46. Katan

Katan is derived from Hebrew. It means “small.”

47. Joktan

An interesting name for your bundle of joy, Joktan has roots in Biblical Hebrew and means “small.”

48. Hewitt

A vintage-sounding name that is set to come back in style, Hewitt means “little and intelligent one.” The origin of this name is in Old French.

49. Keller

Of Irish Gaelic origin, Keller is a perfect choice for a little boy. It means “small champion.”

50. Dell

Short and sweet, Dell is a masculine name that comes from Old English and means “small valley.”

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