60 Breathtakingly Beautiful Names That Mean Life

Welcoming a baby into this world is one of the most exciting moments, so why not savor it and choose a name that means Life? A name that will honor your baby’s arrival and make it even more special.

Breath, resurrection and dawn are some words that are associated with Life. There are numerous names, both religious and modern, which will help celebrate the new Life that has entered your home.

From unique names such as Hiwot to short and sassy like Zoe, we’ve made a list of some amazing names that mean Life.

Boy’s Names That Mean Life

Whether you want him to adapt the characteristics of a historical being or have a bold and powerful aura, listed below are some religious, modern and charismatic boy’s names that mean Life.

1. Umar

The dynamic name, Umar, has roots in Arabic, meaning “flourishing” or “thriving”. It is derived from the Arabic word “umr,” meaning “life”. It has strong Islamic roots, as Umar was the name of the second Caliph of Islam. A variant spelling of Umer is Omar.

2. Ethan

Even though it has Biblical roots, the name Ethan has a modern and sophisticated ring to it. Ethan means “firm, enduring, strong-willed and long-lived.” Incorporate these amazing characteristics into his personality by giving him this decent name. Many famous people have the name Ethan, including Ethan Hawke, an American actor and film director.

3. Osiris

Originating from Ancient Egyptian mythology, Osiris was known to be the god of the deceased and the son and oldest child of Geb.

4. Juro

Originating from Japan, Juro means “longevity” or “best wishes.” It also has a Greek origin, meaning “farmer or earth worker.” People with this name are often humanitarians.

5. Beathan

An attractive name that was popular in medieval Scotland, Beathan has Gaelic roots, meaning “life”.

6. Vihaan

The compelling name, Vihaan, is of Sanskriti origin, meaning “dawn” or “morning”. The name Vihaan is popular amongst Hindus.

7. Gaidon

Originating from English, Gaidon means “a person who appreciates life and beauty.” Let him explore and cherish his Life by giving him this wonderful name.

8. Haim

Originating from Hebrew, the name Haim means “life.”

9. Ercan

The Persian name Ercan means “life” or “soul.” It also has Turkish roots, meaning “brave” or “strong.” This dynamic name is great for the brave little soul you have given birth to.

10. Deen

Originating from Arabic, Deen, giving off positive vibes, means “religion,” “faith,” and “way of Life.” It is a common name amongst Muslims.

11. Abel

The classic name Abel is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible as the name of Adam and Eve’s younger son. Abel means “breath,” serving as a reminder of the mighty strength of Life within him.

12. Chaim

Chaim is an alternative to the Jewish name, Hyam, which is derived from the Hebrew word “hayyim”, meaning “life.” Another variant of the spelling is Chayyim.

13. Idir

Idir is a simple yet snazzy name from Northwest Africa, meaning “alive.” It also has roots in Arabic, meaning “noble.”

14. Bion

The simple and sassy name Bion has roots in Ancient Greek and is derived from the word “bios,” meaning “life.”

15. Fajr

Originating from Arabic, the name Fajr translates as “dawn” or “daybreak.” It is the name of one of the five prayers of Muslims.

16. Zoticus

Latinized from the Ancient Greek word zotikós, Zoticus means “full of life.” It was also the name of the bishop of Comana, who was martyred during the oppression of Septimius Severus.

17. Suchart

Of Thai origin, the bold name, Suchart, means “born into a good life.” Perfect for your bundle of joy to appreciate the gift of Life.

18. Harshavardhan

Harshavardhan is evidently an unusual name, however, it has roots in India and is primarily used by Hindus. It has a graceful yet powerful feel to it. Harshavardhan means “creator of joy,” allowing him to be a source of joy for everyone around him.

19. Polk

Having roots in Germanic, the charismatic name Polk means “one who will achieve great glory in life.” An alternate meaning of the name is “from the little pool, pit or pond.”

20. Hyman

An alternate of the Jewish name, Hyam, which is derived from the Hebrew word “hayyim,” meaning “life.” People with the name Hyman are considered deep thinkers and long for the world to be a better place.

21. Godvynus

This unique and rare name comes from English origins. Godvynus means “a person who loves to live an independent and adventurous life.” This quirky name is sure to bring out the adventurer in him.

22. Omri

Omri is mentioned in the Bible as the sixth King of Israel. Omri means “life” or “servant” in Hebrew. It also has a variant meaning of “sheaf of grain.”

23. Inizio

Having Italian heritage, the charismatic name Inizio means “beginning” or “inception.”

24. Macbeth

The name Macbeth has Scottish origins and was also the name of the famous play and character by William Shakespeare. It means “son of Life.”

25. Akpofure

The uniquely rare name, Akpofure is of Nigerian origin and means “bright life” or “peaceful name.”

Girl’s Names That Mean Life

Whether you want to opt for something sweet and sassy like Liv or a name with Biblical roots like Renee, this list of girl’s names that mean Life is sure to honor the arrival of your baby girl.

1. Haya

Honor your baby girl’s arrival by giving her the sweet Hebrew originating name Haya. The Hebrew meaning of Haya is “life,” while the Arabic meaning is “decency and shyness.” Whether you want her to be decent or to appreciate life’s beauty, Haya is a perfect fit.

2. Anastasia

Widely popular in Russia, Anastasia is derived from the Greek word “anástasis,” which means “resurrection,” or “one who will be reborn.” Grand Duchess of Russia, Anastasia Nikolaevna, had this beautifully exquisite name.

3. Hava

The gorgeous name, Hava, has roots in Hebrew and Arabic. It means “breathe” or “life”. It is derived from the Hebrew word “chavvah”, which means “to breathe or live”. The name has religious importance in Judaism, Muslims and Christianity as it is associated with Eve. An alternate spelling of this sophisticated name is Hawwa.

4. Zenaida

Having roots in many cultures, the alluring name Zenaida means “life of Zeus.” Other variations of the name are Zenaide, Zénaïde and Zinaida. It was also the name of the Princess of Canino and Musignano, princess Zénaïde Bonaparte.

5. Avalynn

The pretty name, Avalynn is derived from the Old English words “ava,” meaning “breath of life,” and “lyn,” meaning “beautiful.” Avalynn means “beautiful breath of life” or “beautiful bird.” Avalyn is an alternate spelling.

6. Oriella

Having a royalty feel, Oriella is a Latin-originated name meaning “full of life and energy.” It is also associated with “golden,” “beautiful,” and “precious.” A fantastic name for your little princess.

7. Liv

Having Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish roots, the cute name Liv means “life.” The Nordic meaning of the name is “protection” or “shelter.”

8. Aisha

Aisha, with a pleasant ring to it, has Arabic roots, meaning “alive” or “well”. This name holds great significance for Muslims, as is the name of the youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad. It is popular amongst Muslims as well as African-Americans.

9. Zenobia

Mystical and timeless, Zenobia has roots in Greek, meaning “life of Zeus.” Zenobia was known to be the warrior Queen of the Palmyrene Empire. The alluring name has also been part of classic English literature novels by Hawthorne and Edith Wharton.

10. Aoibhe

Having Irish roots, the unique and captivating name, Aoibhe means “radiant beauty” or “life.” It is also said to be derived from the Hebrew word “chavvâh,” which means “to breathe” or “live.”

11. Aurora

The enchanting name Aurora originates from Latin and means “dawn.” In Greco-Roman mythology, the goddess Aurora was the daughter of the Titan Hyperion and the Titaness Theia. It is also the name of Disney Princess, Sleeping Beauty.

12. Luljeta

Giving harmonious vibes, the name Luljeta is an Albanian name meaning “flower of life.” a great way to welcome your little flower.

13. Renee

Having Biblical roots, Renee is associated with being spiritually born through baptism. The charming name means “reborn.”

14. Asha

Originating from Swahili, Hindi, and Sanskriti, Asha means “life” and “hope.” Invoking happiness and hope, the name Asha also has roots in Hebrew, meaning “happy” or “fortunate.”

15. Norcan

The Turkish-originated name, Norcan means “bright soul” or “light of life.” a unique name for your baby who is the light of your Life.

16. Hiwot

The Amharic name, Hiwot, means “life.” Girls born in Eastern Africa are primarily given this unique name.

17. Ayelet

The cute name Ayelet is a Hebrew-originated name meaning “gazelle of dawn” or “the morning star.” It also means “deer or gazelle.”

18. Zoe

Zoe, or Zoey, is derived from the Greek word zōē, meaning “life.” A simple, short and classic name to give your baby girl.

19. Wahuj

The sensational Muslim name, Wahuj, means “first light of day,” “dawn,” and “new beginning.” Your little wonder will brighten your lives with this radiant name.

20. Vita

Sweet and charming, the name Vita has Latin origins, meaning “life.” Although a classic from the 1920s, this sweet name is gaining popularity in European countries. It was also the name of English author and garden designer Vita Sackville-West.

21. Enid

Originating from Old Welsh, Enid means “spirit” or “life.” It has a timeless allure to it and was the name of famous English author Enid Blyton, whose epic novels are still being read worldwide.

22. Langhuie

The rare and one-of-a-kind name, Langhuie, is of English origin, meaning “long life” or “the lasting one.” It is usually common amongst people of Judaism faith.

23. Roxana

Having multiple variations, Roxana or Roksana, Rosana, and Roxanne are all derived from the Old Persian, raohschna, meaning “dawn” or “bright.”

24. Gonora

Having British roots, Gonora means “an enthusiastic and lively person who likes to live a life full of joy.” Perfect for your girl to live her Life to the fullest.

25. Cansu

Derived from the Irani word Can, meaning “life,” “oul,” or “Spirit,” and the Turkish word Su, meaning “Water”. Cansu is a common Turkish name meaning “Life Water” or “Soul Water.”

Gender-Neutral Name

1. Eloma

The exotic name Eloma is of Finnish origin, meaning “Life.” People with this name are unique, ambitious and full of Life.

2. Hayat

The lyrical name, Hayat, means “Life” in Arabic. A fantastic name to give to your precious little Life.

3. Kia

Kia is a gender-neutral name having multiple roots. Kia in African means “season’s beginning.” It also has Greek and Persian roots, where it means “Rising Sun” and “Queen.”

4. Alba

Alba has roots in Italy and Spain, meaning “Dawn” or “Sunrise.” It also originates from Latin, where it means “White.” It is often used as a last name, as Jessica Alba, the American actress and business women.

5. Genesis

Having roots in Hebrew and Greek, the exquisite name Genesis means “Origin” or “Birth.” It is the name given to the first chapter of the Bible. This life-inspired name is fitting for a baby born into a religious family.

6. Phila

Having roots primarily in South Africa, Phila means “To live.” The Greek meaning of this unisex name is “Lover, friend or life.”

7. Jiva

The gender-neutral name, Jiva, originates from India, meaning “Living” or “Existing.” It is derived from the Sanskriti word “Jiv,” which means “To breathe” or “To live.”

8. Chai

Chai relates to the Hebrew word “Chaya”, meaning “Life”. It also has an Urdu meaning “Tea.” It is a unique name to celebrate a new life, especially one with the Jewish faith.

9. Su-Jinn

Su-Jinn, also spelled as Soo-Jin or Sue-Jinn, originates from Korea and has several meanings, including “Long Life,” “Treasure,” and “Truth.”

10. Tshering

Having a Nepali and Sanskriti origin, the delightful name, Tshering, means “Long Life.”

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