100 Electric Names That Mean Lightning, Thunder, or Storm

Becoming a parent is the moment you accept a life of changes. Change of lifestyle, change in priorities. Changes that you are not used to, changes that you don’t even know existed,  but still willing to embrace every piece. Changes that you thought you would hate, but you surprisingly love. All these because of one little wonder that will change your life forever.

In several cultures, lightning and thunder serve as symbols of change, power, and life – which, by the way, can also be used to describe your little one. Although the storm is a symbol of chaos and negativity, just like the two previously-mentioned weather conditions, it also indicates change and transition. This is one of the reasons why some parents prefer giving their children weather-related names. If you consider yourself one of them, then take a look at these 100 electric names that stand for lightning, thunder, or storm.

Girl Names That Mean Lightning

These are names related to lightning, thunder, or storms, which will surely fit your radiant little daughter.

1. Levina

Of Latin origin, Levina is a name for “lightning thunderbolt” and “dear friend”. It is the feminine form of Levin.

2. Blitz

Blitz is a short but stylish name that perfectly fits your lovely girl. It is a Jewish name of German origin meaning “lightning”.

3. Pele

Pronounced as Peh-leh, the name Pele is a female character of Hebrew origin signifying “miracle” or “wonder”. In Hawaiian mythology, it is the name of the goddess of lightning, fire, wind, dance, and volcanoes. She is also known as the creator of the Hawaiian islands.

4. Strela

Strela is a girl’s name of Slovenian origin that translates to “lightning”. You can use a different spelling like Strella to add a little spice.

5. Ashni

If you have a thing for nature, you may consider Ashni when naming your newborn. It is a female name of Sanskrit origin referring to “lightning” or “a flash of light”. A notable character who possesses the name is the managing director of one of the most successful companies in India, Ashni Biyani.

6. Fulgora

In Roman mythology, the name Fulgora was used by the goddess of lightning. The name is of Latin origin that stands for “lightning”, “brightness”, or “flashing”.

7. Kohara

Of Polynesian origin, Kohara is a female name that means “to throw a flash of lightning”. It was also the name of a city in India.

8. Salama

Salama is a Finnish name pertaining to “lightning during a thunderstorm”. In Arabic, it implies “peace”, “security”, or “safety”.

9. Astrape

In Greek mythology, Astrape is the name of the goddess of lightning, together with her twin sister Bronte, who was the goddess of thunder. She is one of the ministers or attendants of Zeus.

10. Saudamini

Popularly known in India, Saudamini is a feminine name of Hindi origin signifying “thunder” or “lightning”. It was also the title of a 1951 Indian, Tamil language film.

11. Adhira

Of multiple origins, Adhira is a girl’s name that stands for “moon”, “strong”, “divine white lightning”, and “restless” or “impatient”. Adhira was also the title given to the 2022 Telugu superhero film directed by Prasanth Varma.

12. Llipya

Llipya is a Quechua name usually given to girls, which translates to “lightning”.

13. Elektra

If you want an electric name for your daughter, you can go with Elektra. This name is of Greek origin implying “amber”, “incandescent”, and “shining” – which can also be used to describe lightning. Elektra is the name of one of Frank Miller’s best-known fictional characters appearing in Marvel Comics.

14. Damini

Damini is an Indian female name commonly used in Hinduism that refers to “lightning”.

15. Ayanga

The name Ayanga is a Mongolian name for girls meaning “thunder” and “lightning”.A notable character who uses the name is a Chinese known for being a musical theater actor, singer, and songwriter of Mongol ethnicity.

16. Lyn

Lyn is a short feminine name of several origins. In Norweigan, it stands for “lightning storm”. In Welsh, it means “lake”. In Germanic, it translates to “soft”, “flexible”, or “tender”. In Spanish and Portuguese, it implies “pretty”. In French, it signifies “idol”. And lastly, it pertains to “the flax hill” or “the linseed hill” in English.

17. Fulmini

Of Italian origin, Fulmini is a girl’s name pertaining to “lightning” or “thunderbolt”. In the famous American animated series Ben 10, Fulmini is the name given to a war-bound, conquering race who uses their ability to release strong electrical charges from any part of their bodies to conquer other planets and expand their empire.

18. Storm

The British name Storm made this list for it is described as a disturbance of the atmosphere and an extreme weather condition with strong winds, followed by rain, thunder, lightning, or snow. This name would perfectly fit your daughter who brings you extreme happiness.

19. Brekhna

Brekhna is a female name of Pashto origin that stands for “strong lightning in the sky”.

20. Asterope

Asterope is a name of Greek origin translated to “lightning”. In Greek mythology, it was the name of a Pleiad star-nymph who was loved by the god Ares.

21. Uila

Of Hawaiian origin, the name Uila is a girl’s name pertaining to “lightning” or “flash”. It is also the name of a city in Romania.

22. Wachira

Wachira is a feminine name of Thai origin translating to “lightning bolt” or “diamond”.

23. Àmụmà

The Igbo name Àmụmà is a name given to girls, which stands for “lightning” or “thunder”.

24. Capala

Capala is a Hindi-originated female name that implies “lightning”, “wind”, and “swift”. Capala is the name of a hamlet in Marinduque, Philippines, which is situated nearby to the villages of Laylay and Ihatub.

25. Molniya

Molniya is a girl’s name of Russian origin that means “lightning”. It was used as a name of a military communications satellite system used by the Soviet Union from 1965 to 2004.

26. Kutsa

Kutsa is an Indian name for girls, which refers to “lightning”. Kutsa was the name of a heroic figure who appeared in an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns called Rigveda.

27. Shampa

The Hindi name Shampa is a feminine name of Indian origin signifying “lightning”. A notable character who holds the name is Shampa Reza, a Bangladeshi singer, actress, and model.

28. Rhiainfelt

Of Welsh origin, Rhiainfelt is a name preferably for women, translating to “maiden of lightning” or “lightning queen”.

29. Aella

Aella is a female name of Greek origin that refers to “whirlwind”, “storm”, or “lightning”. In Greek mythology, she is one of the warriors who fought Hercules with a double axe.

30. Aashni

Aashni is an Indian name for girls, which means “lightning”. A flagship concept store in London pioneering the most desirable Indian high fashion was named Aashni and Co.

31. Thora

The Scandinavian name Thora was used by the goddess of thunder in Norse mythology.

32. Stormie

Stormie is a feminine British name that refers to “storm” or “tempest”. It was made popular by the cute daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Stormi Webster – different spelling but has the same pronunciation.

33. Gale

Gale is a female name of Hebrew origin meaning “sea storm”.

34. Amihan

Amihan is the Tagalog translation for “winter storm”. In the 2005 Philippine fantasy series, Encantadia, Amihan was used as the name of the successor of the Queen Mine-a of Lireo.

35. Tormenta

Of Spanish origin, Tormenta is a name suitable for girls, which stands for “thunderstorm”.

36. Kapheira

Kapheira is a girl’s name of Green origin translating to “stormy breath”.

37. Vetra

Vetra is a Lithuanian name fitting for your daughter, signifying “storm”.

38. Arashi

Arashi, a cute Japanese name for girls, translates to “storm”.

39. Misty

The American feminine name Misty means “covered in the mist”.

40. Audra

Another Lithuanian name that stands for “storm” is the female name, Audra. It also refers to “noble strength”.

41. Tempest

Tempest is an English name implying “stormy” or “turbulent”.

42. Kaminari

Kaminari is a four-syllable Japanese name that pertains to “thunder”.

43. Zilan

Of Kurdish origin, Zilan is a girl’s name meaning “storm”.

44. Ekaitza

Ekaitza is a feminine name of Basque origin referring to “storm”.

45. Tufani

Tufani is a female name with African roots. It translates to “stormy”.

46. Dima

Dima is an Arabic name preferably for girls, which implies “downpour” – relating to a storm.

47. Åska

Åska is a unique Swedish name usually given to women. It means “thunder” or “thunderstorm”.

48. Garjana

Garjana is a girl’s name of Nepali origin that pertains to “thunder”.

49. Indra

In Hindu mythology, Indra was the name given to the god associated with thunder, lightning, sky, and weather.

50. Sorine

Of Danish origin, Sorine, the feminine form of Sorin, stands for “god of thunder”.

Boy Names That Mean Lightning

Given below are some flashing names that mean lightning, thunder, or storm for your fiery son.

1. Zeus

In Greek mythology, Zeus was considered the most powerful of all the gods, having the most powers. One of these powers is his most famous one, which is his ability to throw lightning bolts.

3. Raiden

Of Japanese origin, the name Raiden is a male name that stands for “god spirit”. In Japanese mythology, he is known as the god of lightning and thunder.

3. Kallik

Kallik is an Inuit masculine name referring to “lightning”. You can use Kal or Kalli as a nickname for this.

4. Asteropaios

Derived from Greek origin, Asteropaios is a boy’s name that translated to “of lightning”. It is the male form of Asterope. In the Iliad, the name was given to a leader of Paesonians, who served as an ally of Troy during the Trojan war.

5. Kidlat

Kidlat is the Tagalog equivalent of “lightning”. It was used as the nickname for the newborn son of the famous Filipino vlogger, Cong TV, whose name was Zeus Emmanuel Velazquez.

6. Välk

The name Välk is a unique name of Estonian origin pertaining to “lightning”.

7. Barachiel

The masculine name Barachiel is of Hebrew origin implying “lightning of God”. It was the name of one of the archangels in Judaism who was known for being the archangel of blessings.

8. Lightning

The name Lightning may be long and complicated but it can be an appealing name for your radiant little boy. One of the lead characters of Cars, a 2006 computer-animated sports comedy film, possesses the name – Montgomery “Lightning” Mcqueen.

9. Mellan

Mellan is a boy’s name of Irish origin that pertains to “little lightning” or “small, pleasant one”.

10. Veton

Of Albanian origin, Veton is a male name implying “lightning”. Veton Berisha, a professional Norwegian football player, uses the name.

11. Rai

Rai is a three-letter boy’s name of multiple origins. In Japanese, it means “thunder”, “lightning”, or “trust”. On the other hand, in Russian, it refers to “paradise”.

12. Fulmo

Fulmo is a bold masculine name of Poland origin that stands for “lightning”.

13. Jupiter

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was known as the king of all gods, and the chief and protector of ancient Rome. He was the god associated with thunders, lightning, and storms. If you’re into mythologies and you want a lightning-related name for your son, then you should consider this one.

14. Deseronto

Of Native American origin, Deseronto is a male name meaning “lightning has struck”. Deseronto was the name of a town situated in Ontario, Canada.

15. Pailan

Pailan is an Armenian name commonly used by men, translating to “lightning”.

16. Buraq

The Arabic name Buraq is a boy’s name that signifies “lightning”. In Islamic tradition, Buraq is said to be the name of a heavenly equine creature that served as the transportation of the Prophet Muhammad.

17. Thunder

The name Thunder made this list because it is known as the loud, explosive sound that follows a flash of lightning. It is a trendy name for boys.

18. Boran

Of Turkish and Greek origins, Boran is a masculine name referring to “shower”, “lightning”, “storm”, or “thunderstorm”. A famous person who possesses the name is the Turkish actor, Boran Kuzum.

19. Maloney

Maloney is a Romani name that implies “lightning”. In the Gaelic language, it stands for “devoted to God”.

20. Umbani

Umbani is a male name commonly used by the Zulu people, signifying “lightning”.

21. Munja

Munja is a Croatian name for boys, which means “lightning bolt”. In Marathi, it translates to “mind reader”.

22. Relámpago

Relámpago is the Spanish translation for “lightning”, which can also be used as a name for your brilliant baby boy.

23. Foudre

Of French origin, Foudre is a masculine name meaning “lightning”.

24. Perun

In Slavic mythology, Perun was the highest god of the pantheon, and the god of the sky, lightning, oak trees, war, storms, rain, law, fertility, and thunder. He is considered the Slavic equivalent of the Greek Zeus.

25. Simsek

Simsek is a Turkish name preferably for boys, which stands for “lightning flash”.

26. Aratiri

The male name Aratiri is a popular South American name referring to “bolt of lightning”.

27. Chaqmoq

Of Uzbek origin, the rare name Chaqmoq means “lightning”.

28. Barak

Barak is a Hebrew name usually given to boys, pertaining to “bolt of lightning” or “to shine”. The 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, was named after this Hebrew name – having his first real-given name as Barak.

29. Vidyut

Vidyut is an Indian masculine name for “electric current”, “lightning”, “shining”, “glittering”, and “the dawn”. One owner of this name is an Indian actor, martial artist, and film producer who stars predominantly in Hindi films, Vidyut Jammwal.

30. Petir

The male-given name Petir is of Indonesian origin signifying “thunder” and “lightning”.

31. Ramiel

Of Hebrew origin, Ramiel is a boy’s name that stands for “thunder of God”.

32. Hanish

Commonly used in Hinduism, Hanish is a male name meaning “forewarner of storms”.

33. Thor

In Norse mythology, Thor was the name used by the god associated with lightning, thunder, storms, and sacred groves. In Marvel movies, it was the name of the son of Odin who will son inherit the kingdom of Asgard.

34. Donner

Donner is a name of German origin translating to “thunder”.

35. Raicho

Raicho is a masculine Japanese name that pertains to “thunderbird”.

36. Tornado

Tornado is a Spanish name for men, which means “thunderstorm”.

37. Hadad

In Caananite and ancient Mesopotamian religions, Hadad was the name used by the god associated with storms and rain.

38. Zryan

In Islamic religions, Zryan is a boy’s name referring to “storm”.

39. Stormur

Stormur is an Icelandic name suitable for boys, meaning “storm”.

40. Torben

Torben is a male name of Danish origin that pertains to “thunder bear”.

41. Baran

The Kurdish name Baran is a masculine name that implies “thunderstorm”.

42. Ramman

Ramman is an Akkadian name preferably for boys, which stands for “the thundering one”.

43. Styrmir

Of Old Norse origin, the male name Styrmir signifies “to storm”.

44. Donar

In Germanic mythology, Donar was the name given to the god of thunder.

45. Toril

Toril is a common masculine name of Norse origin translating to “Thor’s battle” or “thunder”.

46. Torm

Torm is an Estonian male-given name that refers to “storm”.

47. Saar

Of Hebrew origin, Saar is a unique boy’s name meaning “storm”.

48. Trueno

Trueno is a name of Spanish origin usually given to boys, which stands for “thunder”.

49. Leigong

Leigong is a powerful Chinese name for boys implying “duke of thunder”.

50. Brontes

Of Greek origin, Brontes is a pleasant masculine name referring to “thunder”.

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