40 Ravishing Names That Mean Mirror

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?”

For years mirrors have been a symbol of self-awareness, beauty, and witchcraft. They have also been known to have certain myths attached to them. Whether for its enchanting nature or grand and glorious history, names meaning mirror are plentiful.

From simple and sweet names such as Mira to unique and more complex like Ugluspegill, we have compiled a list of names that mean mirror or reflection.

Girls’ Names That Mean Mirror

Enchanting, captivating, and alluring, here is a list of girls’ names that mean mirror.

1. Amira

Beautiful and classy, the name Amira in Japanese means “love, mirror.” It also has an Arabic meaning, “princess.” It is one of the top trending names in Asia and the Middle East, with spelling variants such as Ameera and Amyra.

2. Aania

The beautifully crafted name, Aania, has roots in Hindi as well as Arabic. Aania means “mirror.” It also has an English meaning “direction”, “towards,” or “concern.” Other variant spellings are Aanya and Ania. Ania Walwicz, an Australian poet and visual artist, has this exquisite name.

3. Hannei

The mirror-inspired name, Hannei, has roots in Japan, meaning “reflection,” fitting for a baby girl who reflects her deep aura.

4. Mira

The graceful name Mira is a multicultural name, having roots in various places. In Japanese, mira means “mirror,” whereas, in South Slavic, it means “peace.” Mira also means “female ruler,” “admirable,” and “ocean.”

5. Aniani

The Hawaiian-originated name, Aniani, means “mirror,” “glass,” “clear,” or “blow softly.”

6. Oyna

Oyna is derived from the Turkish name Ayna, meaning “mirror,” “clean,” “bright,” or “glass.” The lovely name Oyna is sure to reflect her bright soul.

7. Eena

The Hindi-originated name Eena has many meanings. including “mirror.” It is also known to have roots in Arabic, meaning “one who has wide, beautiful eyes.” In Hebrew, the name Eena refers to “renewer.”

8. Kyoka

Kyoka has Japanese origins meaning “mirror” and “fragrant flower.” Many female characters in anime use this sweet name; for instance, in bleach, Kyoka Suigetsu was an illusion-type spirit. It is also the name of the lead character in the anime Bungo Stray Dogs.

9. Pratima

The name Pratima has roots in Telugu. It means “mirror image,” “reflection,” or “Icon.” It also has Indian roots meaning “idol,” “like a statue of worship,” and “likeness.”

10. Kagami

Originating from Japan, the lyrical name Kagami means “mirror”. In the Japanese culture, people associate this with a special kind of bewitched round copper mirror.

11. Aarsi

The alluring name, Aarsi, originates from India. Most Sikhs and Punjabis are known to name their girls Aarsi meaning “mirror,” “light,” “shine,” and “brightness.” the perfect name to give your bright little girl who reflects her inner beauty.

12. Aina

Aina is a multicultural name with various meanings. The Bengali or Hindi meaning of this exquisite name is “mirror,” whereas, in Arabic, it means “beautiful-eyed woman.” It also has roots in Latvia and Japan, meaning “view, sight” and “love, affection, and green vegetable,” respectively. Other spelling variants are Ainah, Aaina, and Ayna.

13. Dhwiti

The Gujrati name Dhwiti has a beautiful ring to it, meaning “mirror of Lord Krishna,” making it a fitting choice for a baby girl born into a religious Hindu family.

14. Wenjing

Wenjing is a Chinese-originated name that is a combination of different words. “Wen” means “literature,” whereas “jing” means “mirror, glass.” Instill the love for reading by giving your baby this sensation name.

15. Bimbika

Originating from India, the delightful name Bimbika means “round-faced” or “mirror,” fitting for your round-faced sweet little girl.

16. Gyeong-mi

Having roots in Korea, the enchanting name Gyeong-mi means “mirror,” “honored,” or “beauty.” It is a great name choice for your pretty girl.

17. Guloyna

The beautiful name, Guloyna, is derived from the Uzbek words “gul,” meaning “rose,” and “oyna,” meaning “mirror.”

18. Dhwiti

The Gujrati name Dhwiti has a beautiful ring to it, meaning “mirror of Lord Krishna,” making it a fitting choice for a boy girl in a religious Hindu family.

19. Bimba

The classy name Bimba has roots in India, meaning “image” or “reflection”. It is also referred to as the disc of the sun or moon in Sanskrit.

20. Darpana

The Hindi-originated name Darpana means “a small mirror.” Girls of this name are said to be deep thinkers and successful in life.

Boys’ Names That Mean Mirror

Whether you want him to be a reflection of his bold, clean heart or have a unique and rare name, here is a list of boys’ names that mean mirror.

1. Mirat

The creative name, Mirat, is a Hindi-originated name meaning “mirror” or “reflective.”

2. Olan

The smart name, Olan, is of Kurdish origins meaning “reflection.” It also has Scandinavian origins meaning “ancestor’s heir.”

3. Aharsi

The Bengali name Aharsi means “mirror” or “king of the day.” whether you want him to incorporate the enchantress of a mirror or want to be grand like a king, Aharsi is a great name choice for your baby boy.

4. Dhyaan

The smart name Dhyaan has roots in India and means “reflection” and “meditation.” It is an excellent name for a boy who likes to indulge in meditation.

5. Adrish

Having roots in Syria, the name Adrish gives off a grand aura. Adrish means “mirror” or “lord of the mountains,” fitting for a boy who loves the great outdoors.

6. Manan

The Sanskrit name Manan is a form of Manana meaning “thought” or “reflection.” It also has roots in Arabic, meaning “great benefactor.” It is also popularly used as a last name.

7. Toshi

Although a boy’s name can also be used as a gender-neutral name, Toshi is of Japanese origin, meaning “mirror reflection” or “harvest”. Most people with this name have a practical approach to life. Other variant spellings are Toshee and Toshie.

8. Ambesh

The Hindi-originated name, Ambesh, means “seven reflections.” It is primarily used as a surname in India.

9. Opor

The short and sassy name, Opor, originates from Russia and means “reflection.” People with the name Opor are likely to be introverts.

10. Drin

Popularly used as a name for boys in Albania, the name Drin means “mirror.” It also has various meanings, including “round-faced” and “river in Kukes.”

11. Gunjik

The unique and rare name, Gunjik origins from Hindi. This lovely name means “reflection,” “humming,” or “meditation”.

12. Jingyu

The alluring name Jigyu is derived from the Chinese words “jing,” having various meanings such as “still,” “gentle,” “glass,” “mirror,” or “peaceful,” and “you,” meaning “treasure,” “gold” or “universe.” Jingyu can be used as a boy’s name as well as a girl’s.

13. Hidetoshi

Hidetoshi is derived from the Japanese words “hide,” meaning “excellent,” and “toshi,” meaning “mirror image.” One of Japan’s greatest footballers, Hidetoshi Nakata, is the bearer of this name.

14. Makur

Makur is one of the top trending names in India. This Hindi-originated name means “mirror.”

15. Patikrit

Having roots in India, the alluring name Patikrit means “reflection,” “image,” and “one who is the pioneer of knowledge,” fitting for a boy who is a reflection of his mind’s deep knowledge.

16. Tezcatlipoca

The interesting name Tezcatlipoca is of the Uto-Aztecan language family, meaning “smoking mirror.” It is linked to Aztec mythology as being the name of one of their chief gods, who had a deep connection with obsidian, a naturally formed volcanic glass, which was used for religious practices and rituals.

17. Ugluspegill

The unique German name, Ugluspegill, is derived from the Icelandic word “ugla,” meaning “owl,” and “spegill,” meaning “mirror, looking glass.”

18. Gyuzgyush

The Chinese-originated name, Gyuzgyush, means “gold mirror.” It also has roots in Azerbaijan, which refers to “glass” or “mirror.”

19. Yayauhqui

The rare gender-neutral name, Yayauhqui, has roots in Nahuatl, meaning “black smoking mirror,” giving it a mystical aura.

20. Darsanapala

The glorious name Darsanapala has Indian origins meaning “mirror” or “one who reflects brightness,” a perfect name to give your boy who reflects his inner brightness, lightening everyone’s life.

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