51 Exquisite Names That Mean Pearl

A pearl is a well-known precious stone that symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. In addition, pearls are also symbols of wealth, prestige, and power. To top it all, they are immensely beautiful.

You couldn’t possibly go wrong in choosing a name meaning “pearl” for your little one. With all the positive attributes associated with pearls, such a name is bound to manifest a life of immense luxury and power for your little one.

Furthermore, some of these names are gorgeous to hear, while others have impressive origins. These names would certainly not disappoint, do check them out.

Girl Names That Mean Pearl

The meaning “pearl” offers a wide range of girl baby names, you are sure to love them!

1. Greta

Greta is a beautiful name of diverse origins. It means “pearl” in Germany and refers to “creature of light” in Persian and Iranian languages. Greta is also the short form of the Greek name Margaret.

2. Helmi

Helmi is a name originating from Finland and Estonia. A unique name, meaning “pearl,” or “bead.” It is a popular name for girls in Finland but is also used as a masculine name in Indonesia and Malaysia.

3. Lulit

This adorable-sounding name, Lulit, is of African origin. A beautiful girl’s name meaning “pearl.” However, quite interestingly Lulit when translated from the Akkadian word Lilitu means “night monster.”

4. Gretchen

This powerful-sounding name meaning “pearl,” originates from Germany. Gretchen is the German Margaret diminutive and has a pet name of Greta.

5. Jumana

Jumana is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “silver pearl,” also associated with Arabic silver. A name with such a beautiful meaning.

6. Lulu

Lulu is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “pearl.” This one sounds cute, with it’s beautiful melodic tone. Lulu is also the pet form of names like Louise or Luella.

7. Magaidh

Magaidh is a name of Scottish origin, meaning “a pearl.”

8. Mago

This adorably cute name, Mago, means “pearl.” It is a beautiful girl’s name of Greek origin.

9. Maisie

This simple and beautiful name meaning “pearl,” is of Scottish origin. Maisie is a beautiful name with an aura of innocence. The name Maisy is a popular variation of the name that also made the British top 100.

10. Makelesi

Makelesi is the Tongan variation of the name Margaret of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.”

11. Margaret

Margaret is a name that is quite well-known in classical literature, which simply adds to its charm. It’s a beautiful name meaning “pearl,” of Greek origin.

12. Margalit

This unique name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “pearl.” Margalit is a name with such a beautiful, lyrical tone.

13. Margarita

Margarita is a name of Latin origin, meaning “pearl.” A beautiful name with a musical tone to it.

14. Margo

An adorable French name, meaning  “pearl.” Does this name not give major tomboyish vibes though?

15. Mariota

This pretty and lyrical name is of Scottish origin. A beautiful name meaning “pearl.” Mariota was a name that was once popular in medieval Scotland and could still make a beautiful and distinctive name today.

16. Marjorie

Marjorie is a name of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.” Very exotic sounding.

17. Maggie

Maggie is a well-known and very pretty Greek name, meaning “pearl.”

18. Mairead

Mairead is the Irish variation of the Greek name Margaret, meaning “pearl.”

19. Magan

This handsome girl’s baby name is of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.”

20. Peggy

Peggy is a name of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.” A cute name with surprisingly interesting roots.

21. Maisy

This adorable Greek baby name means “pearl.” A pretty name with a soft melodic undertone. It is the shorter version of the name Margaret.

22. Malgosia

This wonderful name is of Polish origin. Malgosia is a unique name meaning “pearl,” and is the diminutive of the English and Scottish name Margaret.

23. Margola

Margola is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “precious stone,” or “pearl.”

24. Meg

This simple and cute name originated from Greek. Meg means “pearl.” Lovely name, is it not?

25. Megan

Megan is a pretty name of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.” It is a variant of the name Margaret, based on the short name Meg.

26. Meret

Meret is a name of German origin, meaning “pearl.” It’s a simple but pretty girl’s baby name. The English variation of the name is spelled Merete, also meaning “pearl.”

27. Pearl

This beautiful and sophisticated English name means  “precious gemstone.” Pearl is the birthstone for month of June, it is also the oldest known gem, and was considered the most valuable for many centuries.

28. Perola

Perola is a beautiful and lyrical girl name meaning “pearl.” It’s a charming name of Portuguese origin.

29. Rita

This simple but gorgeous name means “pearl.” It’s a name of diverse origins; Spanish and Greek. Rita is the short form of the name Margarita.

30. Peg

Peg is a name of English origin, meaning “pearl.” A cute and simple name, that is also a variant of the name Peggy.

31. Penina

Penina is a unique and fascinating Hebrew name, meaning “pearl,” or “precious stone.” A pretty and melodious name.

32. Pessa

Pessa is a name of Yiddish origin, meaning “pearl.” An adorable-sounding name.

33. Durdana

This unique and powerful-sounding girl’s name of Arabic origin means “single pearl.” This name is indeed a total vibe!

34. Irta

This simple and adorable girl’s name originates from Greek. It’s a beautiful name that means “pearl.”

35. Jumana

This Arabic girl’s name with a beautiful and unique tone to it also has a noteworthy meaning; “silver pearl.” Beautiful meaning is it not?

36. Pearlie

This pretty and innocent-sounding English name meaning “pearl,” is the alternate form of the Latin originating name Pearl. A wonderful name with a soft tone to it.

37. Shinju

This adorably cute girl’s name is of Japanese origin. A unique name meaning “pearl.”

38. Dareth

Dareth is a name of Hebrew, Slavic, and Irish origins, meaning “pearl of wisdom,” or “gift.” A handsome name, with impressive meanings.

39. Annemette

Annemette is a name of Danish origin, meaning “bitter pearl.” A classy and beautiful name.

40. Ghita

This classy and beautiful name originates from Greece. A beautiful name, meaning “pearl,” with a very pretty tone to it.

41. Gretel

This pretty girl’s name originates from Greek, meaning “pearl.” A name we are all familiar with from the well-known children’s story Hansel and Gretel.

42. Gredel

Gredel is a name of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.” A pretty name with a unique-sounding tone.

Boy Names That Mean Pearl

There are a few very impressive boy baby names that mean “pearl,” do check them out.

1. Bindusar

This loud and powerful-sounding name originates from India. It’s a unique and handsome name meaning “an excellent pearl.”

2. Chau

This adorable and unique Vietnamese name means “pearl.” Chau is known to be used as a girl’s name as well.

3. Dar

Dar is a name of Hebrew and Polish origin, meaning “pearl.” A charming and adorable name for your baby boy.

4. Dara

This mischievous-sounding name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “pearl of wisdom.” Dara also means “star” in Khmer, Thai, and Lao, “leader” in Punjabi, and “oak,” or “wise” in Irish.

5. Jauhar

This handsome name with rich masculine vibes is of Arabic origin. Jauhar in Arabic means, “pearl,” or “gem.”

6. Margalo

Margalo is a charming name of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.” It is the alternate form of the Greek name Margaret.

7. Marjaan

Marjaan is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “small pearls,” or “corals.” A handsome name with a regal aura.

8. Mette

An adorable German name. Mette, pronounced as meh-teh, is an interesting and unique name choice, meaning “pearl.” It’s also the alternate form of Margaret.

9. Pinon

Pinon is a charming and cute Hebrew name. It’s a unique-sounding name with multiple meanings; “pearl,” “gem,” or “that behold.”

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