60+ Names that Mean Honey or Bee

The selection of a name for a child surely shows the hopes and aspirations the parents have for their little one. Your name becomes a part of your identity and many people believe it has a strong impact on your personality.

Honey has long been associated with sweetness, healing, fertility, richness, and immortality. While bees symbolize teamwork, devotion, persistence, and generosity; all attributes one would want in their offspring.

Giving your offspring a name that manifests these elements is a great way to commence your little one’s journey in this world. Here is a list of names that mean honey and bee.

Girl Names That Mean Honey or Bee

1. Melina

This beautiful name is of Greek origin and is derived from the word ‘Meli’ which means “honey”. Famous people with this name include Greek Actress, Melina Mercouri.

2. Pamela

This name is of Greek origin and is very popular in America. Pamela translates to “honey” or “all sweetness” and can be turned into ‘Pam’ as a sweet nickname.

3. Darva

Darva is a name of Slavic origin mostly given to girls and it means “honeybee”.

4. Madhu

Of Indian origin, Madhu is a name very popular amongst Hindu girls and has many honey-related meanings including “honey”, “honey-sweet person” and “nectar”.

5. Asali

Asali is a female name of Swahili origin and it means “sweet like honey”.

6. Haniko

This sweet name hails from Japan and its meaning can change according to the choice of Kanji (logographic writing system) characters. Haniko can mean “honey”, “bee” and “leaf” depending on which Kanji character is used.

7. Oyindamola

From the Nigerian tribe of Yoruba, Oyindamola means “honey mixed into wealth”.

8. Sudha

Sudha is a Hindu name for girls meaning “honey or nectar”

9. Mischa

This Hebrew name is pronounced “Meesha” and is widely popular amongst Russian girls and sometimes boys also. Mischa means “honey” and “bee”.

10. Irasema

Irasema is a girl name of Brazilian origin and means “honey lips” or “lips of honey”.

11. Honey

What’s a sweeter name than honey? This name is of British origin and means “nectar” and quite obviously “honey”.

12. Tarala

Of Indian origin, Tarala is popular amongst Hindu girls and means “honeybee”.

13. Paniz

Pronounced ‘Pa-neez’, this name stems from Persian origin and holds the meaning “honey”, “sweet” or “sugar”.

14. Gunjita

Gunjita is an Indian name for girls meaning “humming of bees”.

15. Melissa

In the Greek language, the word ‘Meli” means honey but the word ‘mélissa’ means “bee”, hence Melissa translates to “honeybee”.

16. Asalbonu

This unique name is of Uzbek origin and translates to “honey lady”.

17. Devorah

Of Hebrew origin, this female name translates to “bee”. In the bible, Devorah has been mentioned as a female prophetess who rallied an army against the Canaanites.

18. Shahd

This is a feminine name of Arabic origin meaning “pure honey”. The word ‘shahd’ or ‘shahed’ exactly translates to “honey” in many languages including Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic.

19. Mindy

Mindy is a female name of American origin meaning “sweetened with honey”.

20. Oormika

The name Oormika is usually given to girls of the Hindu faith. This beautiful name has the lovely meaning “humming of a bee”.

21. Pamina

If you are looking for an Italian name with a sweet meaning then go with Pamina! This sugary name means “little honey” and can be turned into ‘Pammy” or “Pam” as a nickname.

22. Erlea

The name Erlea originates from the Basque language and translates to “bee”.

23. Asalgua

Another Uzbek name associated with honey is Asalgua which means “honey flower” or honey rose”.

24. Jarah

This biblical name is of Hebrew origin and has multiple meanings including “honeycomb”, “honeysuckle” and “vessel”.

25. Makshika

Of Indian origin, Makshika is a Hindu girl name that means “fly, bee, or honeybee”.

26. Asal

Asal is a Persian/Arabic Muslim name for girls meaning “honey”.

27. Gabina

Gabina is an unusual name of Czech origin that translates to “honey”.

28. Bina

Pronounced like ‘Bee-na’, this name belongs to Czech/Hebrew origin and translates to “bee” or “understanding”.

29. Mellona

According to Roman mythology, Mellona was the goddess of ‘bees and beekeeping’. In Latin, this name means “honey”.

30. Divsha

Divsha is a Hebrew name popular among Indian names and it means “honey”.

31. Iraci

Stemming from Brazilian roots, the name Iraci means “mother of honey” and also “queen bee”.

32. Balganym

Originating from Kazakhstan, Balganym is a rare name for girls meaning “honey madam”.

33. Deborah

Deborah is a Hebrew name stemming from Devorah which means “bee”. This is a fairly common name in the USA and is often shortened to ‘Debby’ as a nickname.

34. Meliza

Another name stemming from the Greek “Meli” is Meliza and it means “bee and honey”.

35. Angbin

Angbin is a female Arabic name meaning “honey”.

36. Yaara

Yaara is a feminine name of Hebrew origin and it translates to “honeysuckle” and “honeycomb”.

37. Bhramarageetha

Of Hindi origin, this name is derived from two Sanskrit words; ‘Bhramara’ meaning “bumble bee” and ‘Geetha’ from ‘geet’ meaning song. Bhramarageetha translates to “song of the bumblebee”.

38. Melika

If you have Hawaiian roots, Melika is the name for you! Melika is of Hawaiian origin and it means “honeybee”.

39. Esti

Esti is a name that comes from Basque-speaking countries and means “sweet honey”.

Boy Names That Mean Honey or Bee

1. Meliton

Derived from the Greek word ‘Meli”, Meliton is a male name meaning “honey”. This name was held by a notable bishop of Sardis in the second century.

2. Rosamel

This name is of Spanish/French origin and is both a surname and a first name. It is an amalgamation of the word ‘rose’ and the Greek ‘Mel’ meaning honey.

3. Madhur

The female equivalent of Madhuri, Madhur stems from the Sanskrit language meaning “honey or sweet”.

4. Kanro

Of Japanese origin, Kanro is a male name meaning “honeydew”.

5. Milind

Pronounced ‘Mi-lindh’ is a Sanskrit name for boys meaning “honeybee”. It has been listed among the top 300 male names which are the most popular in India.

6. Miel

This unique name stems from French origin, and translates to “honey”.

7. Madhav

This name is of Indian origin and is often associated with the Hindu Lord Krishna. Madhav means “sweet like honey”.

8. Helvius

This is a Roman name derived from the Latin word ‘Helvus’ meaning “honey-yellow or blonde”. This name is perfect if you have a sweet blonde boy.

9. Madhuk

Madhuk is a Hindu name for boys with multiple sweet meanings including “honeybee, honey-colored, and sweet”

10. Beckett

This charming name is derived from two words of Old English origin. Beck from ‘beo’ meaning “bee” and kett from ‘cot’ meaning “shelter”. Beckett is thought to have the meaning “beehive”.

11. Niaki

From the language of the Soninke people of Africa, the name Niaki means “honeybee”.

12. Gunjan

Pronounced ‘Guun-juhn’, this Indian name for boy translates to “the buzzing of a bee” and can be a male equivalent to Gunjita.

13. Behan

Pronounced ‘bee-an’, this name stems from the Irish Gaelic origin and has the meaning “bee”.

14. Adedoyin

From the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, the name Adedoyin is a unisex name but is more common amongst boys. The meaning of this name is “the crown has become honey”.

15. Oyinloye

Another name from the tribe of Yoruba is Oyinloye which means “royalty is sweet like honey”.

16. Beomann

If you love bees or honey this name is a great option for you. Beomann is of Old English origin and it means “beekeeper”.

17. Petek

Of Turkish origin, the name Petek means “honeycomb”.

18. Miski

This is a Native American name derived from the Native Quechua Mapuche word ‘Mishki’ meaning “honey and sweet”.

19. Makarand

Makarand is an Indian name of Hindi origin and it means “honeybee or pollen”.

20. Hachimitsu

Although Hachimitsu is a gender-neutral name, it is more common among boys. In Japanese, this name means “honeybee or honey”.

21. Honig

Honig is of German and Dutch origin and means “honey” in the German Language.

22. Med

Of Czech origin, the name Med means “honey”. This is a nice option if you are looking for a short and sweet name.

23. Taral

The male equivalent of Tarala, this name is of Hebrew origin and means “honey or nectar”.

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