75 Shining Names That Mean Sun

How often have you heard people call their children their little rays of sunshine? It is a common term of endearment hence a name meaning sun would be perfect for your little bundle of joy.

Names hold power and affect a child’s personality. Names meaning sun are a wonderful idea if you want your child’s personality to radiate like sunshine.

Various cultures around the world place an important significance on the sun. This means there are a large variety of names that mean sun. Perhaps one of them in the list will perfectly encapsulate your child’s sunny disposition.

Girl Names That Mean Sun

The radiating sunshine your daughter brings into your life through her presence can be something she will always be reminded of by having a name that means sun. The sun has a beauty that is unparalleled as the star of our solar system. Precisely in the same way your daughter is the source of warmth and comfort in your family.

There are several names you can pick from depending on which attribute of the sun fits your newborn daughter the best. The list below will contain some of the most beautiful girl names that mean sun. Hopefully one is a perfect fit!

1. Soleil

It is a top rated baby name in the US. The meaning of this French name is sun. It sounds wonderful when spoken as it conjures up an image of the sun partially hidden behind clouds.

2. Solveig

A Scandinavian name that has its origins from Old Norse and Norwegian, in which the g is silent. The name means daughter of the sun and a way to the sun.

3. Tensi

It means the warmth of the sun in Welsh. It would suit the warm personality of your little girl.

4. Aeliana

This name’s origin is Latin, and it is the female form of the term Aelian meaning “sun”. The name itself stands for sun, sunlight, and sunshine. It is showing a downward trend in the USA making it quite unique.

5. Apollonia

This is a Greek name that has ties to the Greek sun god Apollo. It is a beautiful name that has the romantic appeal of the past. It has two variants Apolonia and Apolline.

6. Cyra

This name has Persian roots and means sunbeam, glittery and ray of light. It is a very unique name and can be pronounced several different ways. This name has variations that have Japanese and Indian roots. They are Ciara, Kiera, and Kyrah to name a few.

7. Elanor

The origin of this name is debated to be either Germanic or Latin. It means sun star. A wonderful name that families who gravitate towards simplicity will love it. It has many alternative spellings, Eleanor and Elinor, thus enabling you to add more personality to it.

8. Güneş

This name is Turkish for sun. The name is unique in both its written and spoken form. A name that would intrigue people and be an excellent conversation starter.

9. Idalia

It means behold the sun in Italian. It also has roots in Greek as it is an epitaph for the goddess of love. It is an attractive name that holds the allure of the romance of Europe.

10. Kalinda

It is the Hindi term for sun. It has layers of mysticism due to the name’s relation to the mythical Kalinda mountains. For families for whom spirituality is important this name is the ideal fit.

11. Áine

It is the name of the Irish goddess of the Sun. The translation of this adorable name is radiance.

12. Aurora

This name that is associated with a Disney princess comes from the Roman goddess of sunshine. It means dawn.

13. Oriana

This is the sister name to Aurora and it means sunrise. Its roots are Latin.

14. Alba

This Italian and Spanish name translates into dawn or sunrise. The actress Jessica Alba adds to the history of the name.

15. Akino

It means the rising sun in Japanese. It is a very popular name for girls in Japan.

16. Siria

This name originates from Persian and Spanish roots. It is an alluring name that means bright sun.

17. Thea

Alternatively, it is also spelled as Theia. It is a name that was used for the Greek goddess of the moon, sun and dawn. This name is perfect for families with edgier taste.

18. Solanage

In French this name translates into the angel of the sun. It has an aristocratic aesthetic that will suit your little princess.

19. Helen

This name is associated with ethereal beauty such as Helen of Troy. This ancient Greek name means sunlight.

20. Elaine

This is the Scottish version of the name Helen. Ideal for a family with Scottish roots.

21. Summer

This name uses the English noun that brings to mind feelings of warmth and sunshine. Summer is a name for the free spirited child.

22. Beltane

It means a bright fire and was derived from Celtic. It would fit right in with a family of athletics.

23. Dawn

This is a popular name. Yet another example of an English noun being used as a name.

24. Grian

It has its roots in Ireland. Its translation is sun. It is a strong name that makes an impact when you hear it.

25. Hathor

This is the name of the Egyptian goddess of the sun. A name that is no longer in common use. Its uniqueness will make your child stand out.

Boy Names That Mean Sun

Forgive the pun though what better name for a son than a name that means sun. There are plenty of names that would be suitable for boys which conjure up the radiance and brilliance of the sun.

The following curated list has been made after looking at the names available in various cultures and regions. There might be a name here that is the perfect fit to the young beaming star of the family.

1. Yo-Han

It is a South-Korean name that means sunshine and sunlight. The exposure to South-Korean media and its cultural hold on the US makes it an ideal name for parents who have grown up with this exposure.

2. Samson

No this is not the name of a famous mobile company. It also means sun in Hebrew. It can also be written as Sampson.

3. Diell

This Albanian name translates to sun. It is rarely used in most other Nordic countries.

4. Alfrothul

This is a beautiful name meaning from the sun. It has Norwegian roots.

5. Ataru

It originates from Japan. It means sun. You will pronounce it as ah-tah-roo.

6. Langa

This word is from the South African language, Xhosa. It means sun. For people with African heritage it is a means to connect to your roots.

7. Freyr

This is the name of the Sun God from Norse Mythology. The success of the Marvel Thor movies has once again brought out the popularity of Norse names. Thus, no need to worry about the name being too out there.

8. Apollo

This name is a huge part of our cultural zeitgeist. It is derived from the Greek god of the sun. Apollo is associated with the arts making it an artsy name that avoids pretension.

9. Phoebus

It is another name for Apollo in case you want a more obscure name.

10. Aftab

This name’s meaning is sun. It comes from Africa. It is most commonly used in Southeast Asian countries.

11. Ravi

It is the name of the Hindu Sun God. Another name that originates from India and the Hindi language.

12. Surya

As there are a large number of Hindu Gods, this is another God of the sun. So the options for a name associated with a god are limitless.

13. Antu

It is the Spanish and Estonian name for sun. Unfortunately this name maybe used to tease by saying “Ant you”. Use at your own risk.

14. Aarsh

It means first ray of sun in Sanskrit. A name that would suit a first born son.

15. Ergün

It is a Turkish baby name that means early rising sun and soldier of the sun.

16. Mehrdad

It is a Persian name that means gift of the sun!

17. Heliodoro

It is another name that means gift of the sun. Its roots are Portuguese and Spanish.

18. Areg

The meaning is sun in Armenian.

19. Anatole

This is a very unusual name that means rising sun and its origin is linked to both French and Greek roots. It is also the name of the prince in the novel War and Peace thus making it a very distinctive name with prestige.

20. Ra

This is the name of the Egyptian god and it means the sun. A powerful name and one your son would be able to write pretty quickly considering it’s a two-word name.

21. Dismas

This name has religious roots to the catholic church. It stands for sunset. It has two other variations Dymas and Dimas.

22. Elio

An extremely popular Italian name that, you guessed it, means sun! Its Spanish version is Helio.

23. Cyrus

It is the male version of the Persian word for sun. Incase of a preference for an Italian variation use Ciro.

24. Helaku

It is a Native American Name that delightfully means, full of sun or  a sunny day. This name is a great way to connect with Indigenous roots.

25. Ishaan

It means the sun in Hindi. Plus in the Hindu religion it is the name of an important guardian.

Unisex Names That Mean Sun

In today’s day and age many parents are looking for unisex names so as to give their children as much freedom to express themselves as possible. Furthermore, many parents love to keep their child’s gender a surprise and decide to pick a unisex name. Regardless of the reason having a list of unisex names that mean sun is important.

Hopefully the following list will provide more unique and fascinating names without the constraint of gender. Perhaps the name you have been searching for will shine brightly in this list!

1. Haru

It is of Japanese origin. It means sunlight, sunny, springtime and sun. In Japanese three different Kanji are used to denote it.

2. Hinata

Another name of Japanese origin that translates to, towards the sun and sunny place. This name may be familiar to people who have watched the Naruto or Haikyuu anime.

3. Sun

It should be no surprise that this English noun in all of its simplicity is also a great name. Plus, a lifelong dad joke.

4. Sunny

It is another English noun that can be used as a name. Who wouldn’t want a child with a Sunny disposition?

5. Marici

It means ray of light in Sanskrit. A name rich with history.

6. Rashmi

This name originates from Sri-Lanka. It is Sinhalese for sunray.

7. Kem

This English Gypsy name’s meaning is sun.

8. Sol

It is Spanish for sun. It is a short and sweet name thus accounting for its popularity.

9. Gry

This name means dawn in Scandinavia.

10. Halo

This is not just the name of a video game. Halo means divine light. It is an English name that was introduced in the sixteenth century.

11. Mirri

This is a very melodious name. It is a Gooniyandi word that means sun.

12. Mehr

This name means sun in several languages like Persian, Urdu, Bangla and Hindi.

13. Solaris

This is one of the most modern names in the list that means, of the sun!

14. Anatoli

It is the gender-neutral Greek name that means sunrise. It can also be spelled as Anatoly.

15. Elidi

It is Greek and means gift of the sun. A beautiful name with a wonderful meaning.

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