70 Cupid-Approved Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for Kids & Adults

valentines day trivia
valentines day trivia

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love, friendship, and admiration, observed every 14th of February annually. It is the time of the year when people express their affection in the form of greetings and gifts – chocolates, flowers, love letters, and candlelit dinners. If you are one of those people who enjoy putting their love lives on display, then this trivia quiz will suit you!

Listed below is a compilation of interesting Valentine’s Day trivia questions that you will surely appreciate. The discoveries that you will gain from these will help you deepen your understanding of what Valentine’s Day is all about. Have fun!

Easy Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for Kids and Adults

What are the colors featured during Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Red, white, and pink.

Red isn’t the only color for Valentine’s Day. Red, white, and pink are all considered Valentine’s day colors. Red roses symbolize true love, passion, romance, and desire. White roses, on the other hand, mean purity, innocence, and eternal love. Lastly, pink roses signify young love, gratitude, and adoration.

When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Answer: February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every 14th day of February yearly, since AD 496.

Who invented Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Pope Gelasius I.

Technically, Pope Gelasius I invented Valentine’s Day in AD 496 when the Feast of Saint Valentine was established, in memory of the martyred saint who died on that day over 200 years before

Valentine’s Day is the day for what?

Answer: A day for love.

Valentine’s Day is a day to express love to your partner, family, and friends. In short, it is a day for love.

What nonofficial holiday connected with Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day for non-romantic relationships?

Answer: Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day is a culturally new holiday celebrated as a day for “ladies celebrating ladies”. It is a celebration of platonic friendships, usually among women.

When is Galentine’s Day celebrated?

Answer: Every 13th day of February.

Galentine’s Day is a modern festivity celebrated every 13th day of February, a day before Valentine’s Day.

Which shape is associated with Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Heart.

Valentine’s Day rose to fame in the seventeenth century, when it involved simple love letter notes, often adorned with hearts. The Victorian obsession with emphasized greetings cards made Valentine’s Day into a heart-bedecked extravaganza.

What fruit is also known as the “love apple”?

Answer: Tomato.

In France, the tomato is called the pomme d’amour, or the love apple, for they believe that tomatoes have aphrodisiac powers.

How many towns in the United States are named Valentine?

Answer: Four.

There are four U.S. towns named Valentine. They are in Arizona, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia.

What percentage of U.S. adults are single?

Answer: About 31%.

According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, there are about 31% of adults living in the United States that are single, meaning, not married, living with a partner, or in a committed romantic relationship.

What hormone is known as the “cuddle” or “love” hormone?

Answer: Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone produced in the hypothalamus and released into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland, that helps us bond with loved ones and can be shown through touch, music, and exercise.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, for which holiday are the most flowers sent?

Answer: Mother’s Day.

Unsurprisingly, Mother’s Day is one of the popular holidays for flower giving. Some of the flowers commonly given to mothers during Mother’s Day are daisies, tulips, roses, and lilies.

What movie genre is the 2001 film “Valentine”?

Answer: Horror .

The 2001 film, Valentine, is a perfect hybrid of an Italian giallo and an American slasher film. It follows a group of women in San Francisco who are stalked by a killer wearing a cupid mask.

How many marriages take place in the United States every day?

Answer: About 6,200 weddings.

There are approximately 2.3 million marriages in the United States every year – which breaks down to about 6,200 weddings a day.

In Old Ireland, a heart was carved into what as Valentine’s gift?

Answer: A wooden spoon.

The spoon with a carving of a heart was given by a suitor to the woman he likes, showing the girl’s father that he was capable of woodworking and can provide for the family.

How many valentine’s cards are sent every year?

Answer: 145 million.

According to Hallmark, Americans send a whopping 145 million Valentine’s Day cards each year, making Valentine’s Day the second-biggest card-exchanging holiday after Christmas.

Who is the man often credited for making the first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates?

Answer: Richard Cadbury.

The first box of chocolates was created by Richard Cadbury to increase his sales. His first heart-shaped box of chocolates was introduced in 1861 and is now selling a whopping 36 million each year.

Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?

Answer: Teachers.

According to different sources, teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followers by children, mothers, wives, and pets.

Who between men and women purchases the majority of Valentine’s Day cards?

Answer: Women.

Women purchase approximately 85 percent of all Valentine’s Day cards – over 50% are purchased six days before the holiday.

The British Museum holds a letter believed to be the oldest Valentine still in existence. Who wrote it?

Answer: Charles Duke of Orleans.

The oldest known Valentine is a part of the manuscript collection at the British Library in London and still exists today as a poem written by Charles Duke of Orleans in 1415 to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London after being captured at the Battle of Agincourt.

Valentine’s Day History-Related Trivia Questions

Valentine’s Day evolved from what ancient Roman festival?

Answer: Lupercalia.

Valentine’s Day is said to be originated from an ancient Roman celebration of fertility held every mid-February called Lupercalia.

Which president of the United States lost his wife and mother on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.

In 1884, Theodore Roosevelt’s wife and mother die, only hours apart, on the 14th of February in the same house in New York City.

What year were the first conversation hearts invented?

Answer: 1866.

In 1866, the first conversation hearts were introduced with the help of a Boston pharmacist named Oliver Chase and his brother, Daniel Chase when they discovered a way to stamp words directly onto the candies with red vegetable dye.

Who is known as “The Mother of the American Valentine”?

Answer: Esther Howland.

Esther Howland was an artist and businesswoman from Worcester, Massachusetts. She was responsible for popularizing Valentine’s Day greetings cards in America – recognizing her as “The Mother of the American Valentine”.

Where did the record-breaking kissing event take place?

Answer: Manila, Philippines.

In an attempt to break the record for most people kissing simultaneously in one area, more than 6,000 couples in a parking lot kissed for ten seconds to welcome Valentine’s Day at Plaza Rajah Sulaiman in Malate, Manila, Philippines.

What is the name of the record-breaking kissing event that happened in the Philippines?

Answer: Lovepalooza.

More than 6,000 kissed for at least 10 seconds to welcome Valentine’s Day in Manila for an event known as “Lovepalooza”, breaking Chile’s record of 4,445 in the Guinness World Book of Records.

Which monument was given as the ultimate gift of love?

Answer: Taj Mahal.

Known as the monument of love, the Taj Mahal is said to be a grieving emperor’s ode to his beloved deceased queen.

In what year was February 14 officially declared Valentine’s Day?

Answer: 1537.

In 1537, King Henry VII of England officially declared the 14th day of February as Valentine’s Day.

What major invention was invented was patented on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: The telephone.

On the 14th day of February 1876, a patent application was filed by the putative inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, for the telephone.

What popular website debuted on Valentine’s Day in 2005?

Answer: YouTube.

Originating as an online dating site, YouTube is an insanely popular website that made its debut on the 14th of February 2005.

In what country is Valentine’s Day known as “Friend’s Day”?

Answer: Finland.

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is often referred to as “Friend’s Day”. It is a public declaration of friendship in Finland.

What country has a holiday on the 14th day of every month?

Answer: South Korea.

In South Korea, the 14th day of each month is dedicated to celebrating relationships in the form of dates, gifts, and of course, food. It is often associated with Valentine’s Day and White Day since it is a holiday celebrated on the 14th day of the month.

During which century did Valentine’s Day start to be associated with love and romance?

Answer: The 14th century.

Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love in the 14th century, when notions of courtly love flourished, apparently by association with the “lovebirds” of early spring.

Who wrote the 1375 poem entitled “Parliament of Foules”?

Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer.

In 1375, Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet, was the first to record St. Valentine’s Day as a day of romantic celebration in his poem “Parliament of Foules”.

Which English king declared Valentine’s Day a holiday in 1537?

Answer: King Henry VII.

In 1537, England’s king, Henry VII, officially proclaimed the 14th day of February as a holiday of St. Valentine’s Day.

Which country celebrates February 14 as National Chocolate Day?

Answer: Ghana.

Considered the second largest producer of cocoa, Ghana celebrates the 14th day of February as National Chocolate Day.

Which ancient Roman festival coincides with the celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14?

Answer: Lupercalia.

Lupercalia is an ancient Roman festival of fertility and prosperity celebrated between the 13th and 15th day of February.

What poem is commonly believed to be the first record depicting Valentine’s Day as a romantic day?

Answer: Parliament of Foules.

In the 1375 poem “Parliament of Foules”, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote, “For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s Day / Whan every foul cometh there to choose his mate”.

When was the first ever mass-produced valentine?

Answer: 1840s.

It was in the 1840s when the first Valentine’s Day cards were mass-produced in the United States, sold by Esther Howland.

What is the most-paid-for gift for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Jewelry.

According to the National Retail Federation, the category that people typically spend on for Valentine’s Day is jewelry, at a whopping $5.8 billion in 2020.

Roses Trivia Questions

What state in the United States produces the most roses for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: California.

California produces 60% of American roses, although most roses sold on Valentine’s Day in the U.S. are imported from South America.

What do red roses symbolize?

Answer: Love and romance.

Red roses symbolize true love, passion, romance, and desire. It is the most common color of roses given to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Aside from roses, what does a bouquet contain sometimes?

Answer: Chocolates.

Most of the people sending gifts during Valentine’s Day love combining roses and chocolates for their loved ones.

What color of roses symbolize purity, innocence, and humility?

Answer: White.

White roses come with a variety of meanings. It includes purity, innocence, and humility. Since these flowers have long been popular for weddings, they have also come to signify new beginnings and budding love.

What do florists call a single red rose surrounded by a baby’s breath?

Answer: A signature rose.

A common combination of flowers in a bouquet is a single red rose surrounded by a baby’s breath – that is why it is called a signature rose.

What does a yellow rose symbolize?

Answer: Friendship and joy.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy. Additionally, it is used to represent feelings such as warmth, delight, gladness, caring, and affection.

Which Swedish monarch is credited with popularizing the tradition of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: King Charles II.

The tradition of giving roses during Valentine’s Day dates back to the late 17th century when King Charles II of Sweden sent the first Valentine’s bouquet, using each flower to convey a message without uttering a single word.

What two items are the most common gifts to be given on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Flowers and chocolates.

It is an obvious fact that the top two gifts received during Valentine’s Day are flowers and chocolates.

What is the most popular Valentine’s Day activity?

Answer: Having a romantic date and giving flowers.

On Valentine’s Day, as you walk down the streets, the common sights you’ll see are people having dates or giving flowers to their significant ones.

What does a pink rose symbolize?

Answer: Gratitude and admiration.

Pink roses signify young love, gratitude, and adoration – a perfect choice for the people you appreciate the most such as friends, siblings, or teachers.

Saint Valentine Trivia Questions

Which Roman emperor put St. Valentine to death?

Answer: Claudius II Gothicus.

Around the year 270 AD, on the 14th day of February, the holy priest Valentine is said to have been executed under the rule of Emperor Claudius II.

In addition to being the unofficial patron saint of love, what occupation is St. Valentine also believed to be the patron of?

Answer: Beekeepers.

Aside from being the patron of couples, love, and happy marriages, St. Valentine is also known for his patronage of beekeepers.

What mobster led the gangsters behind the St. Valentine’s Day massacre?

Answer: Al Capone.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was the culmination of a gang war between rivals, Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

In which city in the United States did the St. Valentine’s massacre happen on February 14, 1929?

Answer: Chicago.

St. Valentine’s massacre involves the murder of seven members and associates of Chicago’s North Side Gang that occurred on the 14th day of February in 1929.

The most recognized St. Valentine was a priest who helped people do what?

Answer: Secretly married to spare the husbands from war.

Some legends state that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s orders and secretly officiated marriage ceremonies to spare the husbands from war.

Other stories suggest that Valentine helped prisoners do what?

Answer: Escape.

Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been executed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons.

Is it true that there is more than one St. Valentine?

Answer: Yes.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, there are at least three different St. Valentines mentioned in the early martyrologies under the date of February 14.

Where is St. Valentine’s skull said to be hidden?

Answer: Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

The skull of St. Valentine, a Catholic martyr who is said to have been executed on February 14 around 270 AD, is believed to be housed in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, located in Rome, Italy.

Who is the patron saint of epilepsy?

Answer: St. Valentine.

Besides being the patron of love, St. Valentine is also known for being the patron saint of epilepsy.

Since when did St. Valentine have been associated with love?

Answer: Middle Ages.

Since the Middle Ages, St. Valentine’s Saint Day has been associated with the tradition of courtly love.

Valentine’s Day Mythology-Related Trivia Questions

Who is the goddess of love in Roman mythology?

Answer: Venus.

Considered the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess, Athena, Venus is known as a goddess associated with love and beauty.

The Roman goddess, Venus, was born from?

Answer: Seafoam.

Venus is the daughter of Zeus who is said to be born from the foam of the sea.

Who is the symbol of Valentine’s?

Answer: Cupid.

Cupid was a Roman god armed with a bow and arrows, born of the god Mercury, and the goddess Venus. He dealt in love and passion, forcing it upon his victims with the prick of an arrow.

Who did Cupid fall in love with?

Answer: Psyche.

In Roman mythology, Cupid fell insanely in love with Psyche even though his mother was jealous of Psyche’s beauty.

Who is the Greek god of love?

Answer: Eros.

Eros is the Greek counterpart of the Roman god of love, Cupid. Just like Cupid, Eros used his bow and arrows to make any two people fall in love.

Cupid is often depicted riding a what?

Answer: A dolphin.

In both ancient and modern art, Cupid is shown riding a dolphin.

Who is Cupid’s mother in Roman mythology?

Answer: Venus.

Venus, the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility, is the mother of the Roman god, Cupid.

Who is the goddess of love in Greek mythology?

Answer: Aphrodite.

Primarily known as the goddess of sexual love and beauty, Aphrodite is the Greek counterpart of the Roman goddess, Venus.

What is Cupid known in Latin?

Answer: Amor.

Cupid is known in Latin as Amor – which, by the way, is not surprising since that’s what he symbolizes.

How many important powers does Cupid have?

Answer: Three.

There are three important powers that Cupid possesses namely superhuman strength, endurance and longevity, and of course, extensive archery skills.

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