Think You Know It All? Try These 70 Friends Trivia Questions

friends trivia
friends trivia

Are you a Friends superfan? Do you think you know it all? Put your knowledge to the test with these 70 Friends trivia questions!

From Ross and Rachel’s romantic history to Joey’s loveable naivety, these questions will challenge even the biggest fan. How well do you remember Chandler and Monica’s journey from friendship to romance or Phoebe’s hilarious ability to make every situation lighthearted? Test yourself and see if you can answer all of these Friends trivia questions correctly! Impress your friends by proving once and for all that there is no one who knows Friends better than you.

For the past two decades, Friends has been one of the most beloved sitcoms in TV history. From hilarious plotlines to awkward moments, Friends captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. Now it’s time to test your Friends knowledge with this set of 70 Friends trivia questions.

Ross and Rachel Trivia

What is the name of Ross and Rachel’s baby?

Answer: Emma.

Friends writers wanted to make sure that no matter who was right or wrong in the “Ross and Rachel” saga, everyone won in the end.

What does Ross call his son when he first meets him?

Answer: Ben.

Ross was so overwhelmed when he first saw his son that he called him “Ben” by mistake.

What is the name of Rachel’s boyfriend who she breaks up with after finding out about Ross and Emily’s wedding?

Answer: Joshua.

Rachel had been dating Joshua for a while but was left heartbroken when she realized Ross was marrying Emily.

What is the name of Ross’ pet monkey?

Answer: Marcel.

Ross adopted the monkey while he was living in Marcel’s old apartment.

What is the name of Ross’ second wife?

Answer: Emily.

Ross and Emily got married in London but the marriage didn’t last long.

What is the name of Ross and Rachel’s daughter?

Answer: Emma.

Ross and Rachel’s daughter was born in the Friends series finale.

What is the name of the stripper Rachel hires for Ross’ bachelor party?

Answer: Kristen.

Rachel was trying to cheer up Ross before his wedding and hired a stripper, who happened to be a close friend.

What is the name of Rachel’s sister?

Answer: Amy.

Rachel and Amy’s relationship was strained for a while until they finally reconciled.

What is the name of Ross’ pet cat?

Answer: Mrs. Whiskerson.

Ross got Mrs. Whiskerson to help him cope with the loneliness after he and Rachel broke up.

What is the name of Rachel’s boss at Ralph Lauren?

Answer: Joanna.

Rachel initially had a rocky relationship with Joanna, but eventually, they became close.

What does Rachel give Joey when she moves out of their apartment?

Answer: A hug.

Rachel was teary-eyed as she said goodbye to her best friend and gave him a big hug.

What is the name of Ross’s first ex-wife?

Answer: Carol.

Ross and Carol were married for a few months before they split up.

What is the name of Rachel’s assistant?

Answer: Tag.

Rachel hires Tag as her assistant but soon finds out that he has a crush on her.

What is the name of Ross and Rachel’s pet chicken?

Answer: Chick Jr..

Ross and Rachel adopted a pet chicken in “The One with the Chick and the Duck”.

What is the name of Ross’ pet Iguana?

Answer: Igby.

Ross adopted Igby from his ex-wife Carol. He was a great companion for Ross!

Joey Trivia

What is the name of Joey’s stuffed penguin?

Answer: Huggsy.

Joey’s stuffed penguin was his best friend growing up and he often talked to it for comfort.

What is the name of Joey’s agent?

Answer: Estelle.

Joey worked with Estelle for years and she was one of his most trusted confidants.

What is the name of Joey’s roommate?

Answer: Janine.

Joey and Janine moved in together briefly but their living situation became too complicated when Joey started dating Rachel.

What is the name of Joey’s pet duck?

Answer: Duck.

Duck was adopted by Joey after wandering into his apartment one day.

What is the name of Joey’s movie?

Answer: Shutter Speed.

Joey was cast in the lead role for a low-budget movie called Shutter Speed.

What is the name of Joey’s agent after Estelle?

Answer: Bobbie.

Bobbie became Joey’s new agent when Estelle left after Joey’s movie career exploded.

What is the name of Joey’s twin sister?

Answer: Gina Tribbiani.

Gina was a major character in Friends, and she often clashed with Joey over his career choices.

What is the name of Joey’s theater?

Answer: The TriBeCa Performing Arts Center.

Joey bought the theater in order to fulfill his dream of putting on his own show.

What is Joey’s favorite food?

Answer: Sandwiches.

Joey was famously known for eating a sandwich in Friends and he would often grab one for a quick snack.

Who gave Joey a job as an actor?

Answer: Casting director Estelle Leonard.

Joey’s career in Friends began when Estelle hired him for a role in a commercial.

Chandler and Monica Trivia

What is the name of Chandler and Monica’s daughter?

Answer: Erica.

Chandler and Monica’s daughter was born during Friends series finale.

What is the name of Chandler’s boss at his job in advertising?

Answer: Mr. Waltham.

Chandler worked for Mr. Waltham for years before eventually quitting his job to pursue a career in software engineering.

What is the name of Monica’s high school best friend?

Answer: Rachel.

Monica and Rachel were best friends since high school and remained close throughout Friends.

What is the name of Chandler and Monica’s wedding planner?

Answer: Kathy.

Chandler and Monica hired Kathy to help them plan their big day. She was a great asset!

What is the name of Chandler’s father?

Answer: Charles Bing.

Charles Bing was often absent in Chandler’s life but they eventually reconnected.

What is the name of Chandler and Monica’s adopted son?

Answer: Jack.

Jack was born to a young couple who weren’t ready to be parents so they gave him up for adoption.

What is the name of Monica’s long-time boyfriend before Chandler?

Answer: Richard.

Monica dated Richard for a few years before they broke up and she met Chandler.

What is the name of Monica’s brother?

Answer: Ross.

Monica and Ross are siblings and their sibling rivalry was a running joke in Friends.

What is the name of Chandler’s ex-girlfriend who was married to a man named Eddie?

Answer: Kathy.

Chandler and Kathy dated for a long time before she decided to get married to Eddie instead.

What is the name of Monica and Chandler’s baby?

Answer: Ben.

Monica and Chandler welcomed their son Ben during Friends’ final season. He was a complete surprise to everyone!

Phoebe Trivia

What is the name of Phoebe’s mother?

Answer: Lily.

Phoebe’s mother, Lily, was a free-spirited traveler who abandoned her daughter at a young age.

What is the name of Phoebe’s twin sister?

Answer: Ursula.

Ursula was Phoebe’s identical twin and the exact opposite. They had a complicated relationship but eventually reconciled.

What is the name of Phoebe’s grandmother?

Answer: Frances.

Frances was Phoebe’s maternal grandmother who she bonded with after discovering her ties to Lily.

What is the name of Phoebe’s grandmother’s friend?

Answer: Minerva.

Minerva was a close friend to Fraces and she was like a second mother to Phoebe.

What is the name of Phoebe’s husband?

Answer: Mike Hannigan.

Mike was Phoebe’s husband and one of her oldest Friends. They were married for eight years before eventually getting divorced.

What is the name of Phoebe’s singing group?

Answer: The Good Vibrations.

The Good Vibrations was a group of four Friends (Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and Joey) who sang together at Central Perk.

What is the name of Phoebe’s friend that she met in the park?

Answer: Parker.

Parker was a close friend to Phoebe and they often went to see movies or go on walks together.

What is the name of Phoebe’s first love?

Answer: David.

David was Phoebe’s first real boyfriend and she still had strong feelings for him when Friends ended.

What is the name of Phoebe’s massage client that she eventually married?

Answer: Gary.

Gary was a massage client of Phoebe’s who she eventually married. Unfortunately, they got divorced soon after Friends ended.

Phoebe dated a scientist called David. In which Belarus city did he work?

Answer: Minsk.

David was a scientist who worked in Minsk, Belarus and Phoebe went on a trip to visit him. It didn’t end well!

Classic Trivia

Where do Rachel and Ross go on their first date?

Answer: The Planetarium.

Rachel and Ross went to the planetarium on their first date. It was the start of a long, tumultuous romance!

Monica organizes her towels into several categories. But how many?

Answer: Six.

Monica’s towels were organized by color and texture into six separate categories. It was an obsession of hers!

What are Monica and Ross’ parents called?

Answer: Jack and Judy.

Monica and Ross’ parents were Jack and Judy Geller, two of Friends most memorable characters.

What was the name of the bar that Phoebe owned?

Answer: Phoebe’s Grandmother’s house.

Phoebe bought her grandmother’s house to turn it into a bar. It was a Friends favorite hangout spot.

What did Rachel and Monica’s apartment number?

Answer: 20.

Rachel and Monica’s apartment was 20 on the fourth floor of the building.

What is Rachel’s middle name?

Answer: Karen.

Rachel Karen Green was her full name and it was often used as a term of endearment.

What job did Ross get in the final season?

Answer: Paleontologist.

After getting fired from the museum, Ross took up a job as a paleontologist in Friends’ final season.

Which character says the last ever line in the series?

Answer: Monica.

In Friends’ final episode, Monica said the last ever line of the show: “I got off the plane.”

What is Chandler’s job in Friends?

Answer: Technical Writer.

Chandler worked as a technical writer for most of Friends’ run and eventually quit his job to pursue a career in advertising.

What did Ross dress up as to teach Ben about Christmas and Hanukkah?

Answer: The Holiday Armadillo.

In Friends’ infamous Christmas episode, Ross dressed up as the Holiday Armadillo to teach Ben about both holidays.

Chandler and Ross were in a band while they were at college. Can you remember the band’s name?

Answer: Way/No Way.

Chandler and Ross formed a band in college called “Way/No Way”, which was featured in Friends.

Apart from untidiness, what annoys Monica the most?

Answer: Noise.

One of the things that Monica can’t stand is noise. She’s a neat freak and hates it when Friends are loud and unruly in her apartment!

What did Chandler quote as his favorite movie?

Answer: The Graduate.

Chandler’s all-time favorite movie was The Graduate, which he often quoted.

What is the name of Rachel’s sister?

Answer: Jill.

Rachel had an estranged older sister named Jill, who she eventually reconciled with in Friends’ later seasons.

What is Joey’s catchphrase?

Answer: “How you doin’?”.

Joey’s signature catchphrase was “How you doin’?”, which he used on Friends to great effect.

Ross is allergic to which kind of fruit?

Answer: Kiwi.

Ross is allergic to Kiwi, which he found out when Monica served him a dish with it.

Ross had a son called Ben. What was Ben’s first word?

Answer: “Dada”.

Ben’s first word was “Dada”, cementing Ross’ role as a father.

What did Ross and Chandler dress up as for Halloween?

Answer: A Pink Bunny and Princess Leia.

In Friends’ famous Halloween episode, Ross and Chandler dressed up as a pink bunny and Princess Leia respectively.

Who is Rachel’s boss at Ralph Lauren?

Answer: Nora Tyler Bing.

Rachel worked as an assistant to Nora Tyler Bing at Ralph Lauren, who was portrayed by Morgan Fairchild.

What did Janice say when she first met Chandler and Joey?

Answer: “Oh. My. God.”.

Janice’s iconic line when she first met Chandler and Joey was “Oh. My. God.” It became a Friends classic!

Who was Rachel going to marry at the start of Friends?

Answer: Barry Farber.

At the start of Friends, Rachel was engaged to Barry Farber, a dentist.

What’s the title of the Friends theme song?

Answer: “I’ll Be There for You”.

The Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There For You”, was performed by The Rembrandts. It’s a Friends classic!

How many seasons were there in Friends?

Answer: Ten.

Friends aired for ten seasons, which made it one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time.

What was Chandler and Monica’s wedding song?

Answer: “The Way You Look Tonight”.

Chandler and Monica’s wedding song was “The Way You Look Tonight”, sung by Frank Sinatra.

In which city is Friends set?

Answer: New York City.

Friends was set in New York City, which was the backdrop for some of Friends’ most iconic moments.

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