96 Mighty Names That Mean Brave

Names that mean brave are often associated with warriors and battles. They are filled with strength and power, having links with myths and history.

From charismatic names like Thieda to bold ones like Bahadur, names that mean brave come from modern English to ancient Greek.

Keep reading to look at some great names that mean brave, sure to bring out the inner strength of your baby. 

Girls’ Names That Mean Brave

From sweet Amandla to dainty Diata, here are some girls’ names that may be a great choice for your little fighter.

1. Andreanna

The dynamic name Andreanna origins from Old Greek, meaning “manly,” “brave,” and “defender of man.”

2. Asmah

Asmah, or Asma, is an Islamic girl’s name meaning “bold” or “brave.” Asmah holds great importance for Muslims as it was the name of the Prophet’s wife and daughter of his closest companion. Another variant spelling is Asmaa.

3. Kellsie

The English name Kellsie means “brave.” It is also known to have been derived from the Old English name Coelsige meaning “victorious ship.” Another variant spelling is Kelsey or Kelsy.

4. Ziana

The exquisite name Ziana originates from Malayalam, meaning “brave and bold.”

5. Lenna

The elegant name Lenna has roots in Old German and means “lion strength,” “lion-hearted,” and “brave.” It is a variant of Lena.

6. Tarsha

The classic Native American name Tarsha refers to “a brave woman.”

7. Demisona

Lovely and sweet, the name Demisona means “intelligent,” and “brave,” fitting for an intelligently courageous baby girl.

8. Yashica

Yashica is a unique Tamil name where it is valued for its embodiment of success and courage. The lovely name means “successful and brave girl.”

9. Herho

Originating from Greek, Herho means “brave one,” “god-like,” or “fearless hero.”

10. Leona

The graceful name Leona has roots in Latin, meaning “lioness,” effortlessly reflecting the traits of the powerful member of the cat family.

11. Diata

The sweet and dainty name Diata originates in Africa and means “one who is as brave as a lion,” perfect for a girl who seems delicate but is a warrior.

12. Matilda

The sweet vintage name Matilda means “mighty in battle” and is derived from the Old High German “maht,” meaning “might,” and “hild,” meaning “battle.” It was made famous after Roald Dahl’s famous book “Matilda.”

13. Emersyn

Deprived of the Ancient Greek name Amalric, the inspirational name Emersyn means “brave” or “powerful,” two strong traits any parent would be proud to see in their baby girl.

14. Charlisa

Charlisa, giving off charismatic vibes, originates from Old German, meaning “brave woman.” Most Christians choose this beautiful name for their baby girls.

15. Kaysie

Having roots in Irish, the lovely name Kaysie means “alert,” “watchful,” and “brave in battle.” Other variant spellings are Casie, Kacey, and Kasie.

16. Mayameen

The melodic name Mayameen originates from Urdu, meaning “the blessed and brave.” Who won’t want their baby girl to possess these beautiful traits?

17. Davine

The cute name Davine originates from English, meaning “a lovely and brave individual who rules” or “beloved”.

18. Bernita

The alluring name Bernita origins from French and Greek, meaning “brave bear,” or “victory bringer.” Your girl is sure to succeed fearlessly in all walks of life.

19. Edgyth

Having roots in Spain, the cute name Edgyth means “a brave and powerful warrior.” So if you are looking for a unique yet sophisticated name, you can be sure that Edghy is the perfect fit.

20. Thieda

From English roots, Thieda means “girl who is brave.”

21. Kymme

Originating from English, Kymme, a variant spelling of Kim means “brave,” or “bold.”

22. Dandra

Having roots in English, the name Dandra means “a brave woman.”

23. Gasira

Having roots in Kenya and Africa, the name Gasira means “one who is brave.” A unique name to give your bold and courageous girl.

24. Brylie

Originating from America, the full-of-life name Brylie means “a brave boomerang,” or “noble or strong.”

25. Jodhdeep

The stunning name Jodhdeep originates from Sikh, and it means “brave warrior,” “having a warrior’s soul,” or “brave battler.”

26. Berna

Having roots in Italian, Spanish, German, and Catalan, the short and simple name Berna means “strong” and “brave bear.” It also has Turkish roots, meaning “young woman.” The Turkish women’s football defender’s name is Berna Yeniceri.

27. Basilah

The unique name Basilah comes from the Sindhi language, meaning “brave,” or “fearless.” Another variant spelling is Basila.

28. Annona

The appealing name Annona is of Latin origin, meaning “Goddess of harvest who is strong and brave.”

29. Andrya

Having roots in Old Greek, the mesmerizing name Andrya means “manly,” or “brave.” Girls of this name are usually known to seek religion and wisdom.

30. Rilyn

The appealing name Rilyn, which is soft to the ears and has English origins, means “courageous” and “gift of god.”

31. Amandla

The attractively lovely name Amandla is derived from Zulu and Xhosa, meaning “powerful, strong and brave.” Originating from Africa, the term Amandla was used by the African National Congress in the days of resistance against Apartheid.

32. Bennca

Having roots in English, the pretty name Bennca means “servant of God” or “strong and brave.” A lovely name to give your girl who will not only be faithful towards her religion but will also be fearless.

33. Andrina

Sweet and charming, the name Andrina is of Greek origin, meaning “brave” or “manly.” So Andrina is sure to invoke the warrior from within your baby girl.

34. Riyah

The delightful name Riyah originates from Arabic, meaning “a powerful, rich, and brave leader” or “sunshine.” So whether you want her to be like a daring leader or bright like the sun, Riyah or Riah is a great name.

35. Azmiya

The name Azmiya has roots in Arabic and is popular in Muslim countries. Azmiya means “a brave and strong person,” “determined and courageous.” It is a perfect name for a daughter born into a Muslim religious family.

36. Bernadine

Originating from French and Old German, the exquisite name Bernadine means “strong” or “brave bear.” A similar variant name is Bernardine.

37. Amerie

Exquisite and captivating, Amerie is a multicultural name and has various meanings. The English meaning of Amerie is “bravery” or “power.” It is also linked to Old German and French culture, meaning “universal ruler” or “hard worker.” American singer and songwriter Amerie Mi Marie Nicholson is its name bearer.

38. Andralyn

Originating from Greek, Andralyn is a combination of two words, “Andra,” meaning “defender of people,” “manly,” or “brave,” and “lyn,” meaning “pretty.” Another variant spelling is Andralin.

39. Andriette

Originating in Danish, the lovely name Andriette means “strong,” “fearless,” and “limitless.”

40. Moody

Having roots in Irish and English, Moody means “angry, fierce, bold and brave.” The name dates back to the 12th century.

41. Aasira

The alluring name Aasira originates from the Urdu language. It means “brave,” “strong,” “captivator,” and “powerful fighter,” bringing out your girl’s warrior personality.

42. Lerae

Lerae is a name of Romanian origin meaning “strong and brave person,” seemingly enhancing your girl’s courageous side.

43. Aseey

The beautiful name Aseey is of English origins, meaning “a brave and bold being” or “modest one.” It also has roots in Libyan, meaning “one who tends to the weak and heals.” Whether you want her to be bold, modest, or caring, the simple yet alluring name Aseey is perfect for your baby girl.

44. Shirdokht

The dynamic name Shidokht originates in Parsi, meaning “brave daughter.”

45. Andena

The sensational name Andena has origins in Greek, meaning “manly,” “brave,” “virility,” or “defender of man.”

46. Naajidah

The pretty name Naajidah originates from Arabic and means “courageous.”

47. Abhayankari

Having roots in India, the lyrical name Abhayankari means “one who gives courage.” a unique name to give your girl a sign of bravery.

48. Anoud

The name Anoud has Malay, Arabic, and Urdu roots, all of which have the same meaning “brave,” “strong,” and “courageous,” fitting for a girl who is fearless.

49. Anda

The charismatic name Anda has roots in Spain, meaning “peace through bravery,” “bold protector.” or “adventrous.” A perfectly short name that will surely help boost your girl’s adventurous and brave personality.

50. Gerarda

Giving off a warrior feel, Gerarda has roots in Old German, meaning “strong with the spear,” or “brave spearwomen.”

51. Syssota

The unique name Syssota has roots in English, meaning “a person who is brave, powerful and courageous.”

Boys’ Names That Mean Brave

Who doesn’t like a boy that is fearless and bold? Listed below are some fantastic boy names that mean brave.

1. Othman

Having roots in Arabic and a variant of the Arabic name Uthman, Othman means “a brave person who is the chosen one.” This is of significant importance for Muslims, as Othman was the name of the four Khalifa of Islam.

2. Zaigham

The Arabic name Zaigham is strong and dignified, making it a fantastic choice for parents seeking a name that means brave. Zaigham means “lion.”

3. Lyo

The German name Lyo is not only smart and sassy, but it also clearly represents its meaning “brave and strong like a lion.”

4. Erol

The gripping name Erol has origins in Arabic, meaning “brave.”

5. Zamrez

This compelling Muslim name is powerful and lyrical in equal measure. Embodying its meaning of “lion” and “brave.”

6. Oz

Short and striking, Oz is of Hebrew origins, meaning “strength” and “courage.”

7. Ranvir

Ranvir is filled with might and power; It is a Hindi-originated name meaning “hero of the battle” or “a brave warrior.” An alternate spelling is Ranveer. Ranveer Singh is a famous Indian Bollywood actor.

8. Kla

Having Thai roots, Kla is filled with courage and power; the smart name Kla means “brave,” encouraging him to be fearless.

9. Archie

Previously shortened from the name Archibald, which comes from the Old High German Ercanbald, Archie is now used as a separate name. It means “brave” or “bold.” Archie is the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child.

10. Maravan

This name puts a wonderful twist on the more common name Marvan. The Tamil-originated name Maravan refers to “a person who is brave and fearless.”

11. Nashal

With its majestic aura, the Hindi-originated name Nashal means “bravery or courage.”

12. Rathore

Rathore is a strikingly powerful name. Originating from Hinduism, it is referred to as “a man known for his bravery.”

13. Leonardo

Leonardo is the Italian version of Leonhard, meaning “brave as a lion.” There are numerous famous people with the name Leonardo, including American actor Leonardo DiCaprio and renowned Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

14. Richard

The name Richard may be old school, but it has a mighty meaning. It is derived from ancient Germanic terms and means “brave and powerful ruler.”

15. Hardie

Having roots in Old English and Old French, Hardie or Hardy is primarily used as a surname meaning “brave.”

16. Louis

Louis is derived from the Old German name Ludwig and means “famous warrior.” It is a notable name in French aristocracy.

17. Paurush

Paurush is of Indian origin, referring to someone “who has courage and bravery.”

18. Rikkart

From Estonian origin, the name Rikkart means “brave ruler,” which is great for a boy who exhibits leadership skills.

19. Pravit

The alluring name Pravit has roots in India, meaning “might, brave chief.” Pravir is a similar name with the same meaning.

20. Wyot

Putting a twist to the more conventional Wyatt, the Old English Medieval name Wyot is sure to stand out in a crowd. It means “brave at war,” a daring choice for your little knight.

21. Koen

Having Old Dutch origins, Koen or Coen means “brave and bold.” It also has roots in the Aboriginal community meaning “thunder.”

22. Kymmy

Putting a twist to the more conventional girl’s name, “Kimmy,” kymmy has a lovely ring to it. Originating from English, the smart name kymmy means “bold” or “brave.”

23. Meharveer

The enthralling name Meharveer has roots in India and means “a brave and merciful person.”

24. Reynart

Originating from German, Reynart puts an unusual twist on the name Reynard. Like its similar name, Reynart means “a brave, strong counsel.” Variant names are Renardo, Reinhardt and Reinhard.

25. Pooranbir

Given off grand vibes, the name Pooranbir originates from Hindi, meaning “perfect and brave” and “a complete warrior.”

26. Yernar

With its graceful aura, the Kazakh name Yernar means “brave and courageous man.” One of the bearers of this name is the Kazakhstani gymnast Yernar Yerimbetov.

27. Onik

This distinctive name has Sanskrit origins and means “a brave solider.”

28. Nirodha

Originating from Dutch, Nirodha means “brave and courageous as an Eagle.” Nirodha is a unique name that symbolizes strength and bravery, which will encourage steadfastness in your boy.

29. Yong

Yong is a common family name in Korea and China. It is of Sino-Korean origin, meaning “brave.”

30. Bahadur

Filled with strength and power, the Hindi-originated name Bahadur means “brave.”

31. Vireakboth

From Cambodian origin, the ravishing name Vireakboth means “a brave and noble son,” traits that any parent would be proud to see their child possess.

32. Patveer

The alluring name Patveer originates in India, meaning “respected brave one,” fitting for your fearless boy.

Unisex Names That Mean Brave

Many courage-inspired names are gender-neutral. Choose a compelling moniker from these mighty unisex names.

1. Reiley

The charismatic name Reiley origins from the Irish meaning “courageous or valiant.” It is mostly used as a traditional Irish last name. Other variant spellings are Rilee or Rilie.

2. Andrea

Andrea stems from the Greek word “Andros,” meaning “brave,” “courageous,” and “warrior.” One of the famous Italian opera singers, Andrea Bocelli, has this lovely name.

3. Eirik

The Norse name, Eirik, means “an eternal ruler who is forever strong and brave.” This alluring name will surely bring out the leader from within your baby.

4. Gi

The short and stylish name Gi originates from Korea and has various meanings, including “one who is brave,” “rising,” and “gift of god.” It also has roots in Japan, meaning “righteousness.”

5. Andy

The common name Andy, often used as a nickname for Andrew or Andria, means “courageous,” “brave,” “manly,” and “warrior.” There are many famous people with the name Andy, such as the American comedian Andy Samberg and the actor Andy Serkis, known for his role in the movie “King Kong.”

6. Kabili

The delicate name Kabili has roots in Africa, meaning “honest,” and “brave.” A great name to bring out these characteristics in your child.

7. Bern

The short and dashing name Bern is of German and Scandinavian origins meaning “bear,” or “brave as a bear.”

8. Dustan

Dustan is gender-neutral, a variant of the Old German and English name Dustin. Dustan means “brave warrior” or “dusty area.” It also has origins in Norse, meaning “Thor’s stone.” Another variant spelling is Dustyn.

9. Ojasvi

The Hindi-originated name Ojasvi is primarily a girl’s name but can also be used as a boy’s. Ojasvi, generating a lovely aura, means “bright,” “brave,” and “possessing energy.”

10. Achu

The short and sassy gender-neutral name, Achu, originates from India. Achu means “A justice-loving and brave person,” or “can not destroy.”

11. Abhita

Captivating and beautiful, the gender-neutral name Abhita comes from Sanskrit, meaning “brave or courageous,” and “fearless.”

12. Amarbir

Having roots in Sikhism, Amarbir means “eternally brave,” fitting for a baby who is fearless.

13. Koa

The Hawaiin-originated name Koa fits a child who displays fearless attributes. The fierce name Koa means “warrior.”

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