90+ Naturally Beautiful Names That Mean Earth

If you’re a true nature lover, you might consider giving your newborn a terrestrial-inspired name. What better way to show your appreciation for mother earth than by bestowing your baby with an earthly title?

Perhaps you’re looking for a fresh and floral name, or maybe you’re searching for a name that reflects the stability and strength of nature. Either way, there are plenty of earth-related baby names to choose from. From Avani to Ajax, these natural names are timeless and grounded.

So, to find the perfect name inspired by nature and the many wonders that can be found here on earth, check out this list.

Girl Names That Mean Earth

There are a vast array of feminine earth names for baby girls. Related to the most beautiful, tranquil, and strong aspects of mother earth.

1. Juniper

A lovely name for a baby girl, Juniper is of Latin origin and means “evergreen.” Juniper is a type of aromatic coniferous tree that is known for its resiliency, as well as the medicinal properties of its berries and sap.

2. Ceres

Ceres is a sweet name with roots in Latin. In Roman mythology, Ceres was the name for the goddess of farming, growth, and plants.

3. Avani

Of Indian origin, Avani is a stunning name that means “earth” or “the good earth.”

4. Sunia

Sunia is a cute and feminine name that stems from Arabic origin. It means “the world,” “earth,” or “to be satisfied.”

5. Ersa

Ersa is a name stemming from Ancient Greece. Perfectly pretty for a baby girl, Ersa means “goddess of morning dew.”

6. Eden

Of Biblical origin, Eden is a sweet and earthy name that means “garden of paradise.”

7. Danu

For parents seeking a unique earth name, this may be a good choice. Danu is of Celtic origin and means “goddess of the earth.”

8. Adama

Originating from Hebrew, Adama is a beautiful name that means “of the red earth.”

9. Ila

Simple yet ethereal, Ila is a feminine name of Hindi origin. The meaning translates to “the earth,” and it is also a word that means “from the island” in French.

10. Midori

Perfect for a family with Japanese roots, Midori is a name originating from Japan that means “green.” This name captures the essence and color of nature.

11. Azalea

Azalea is a musical-sounding name derived from modern Latin that means “flowering shrub.”

12. Chantal

A classic and feminine name of French origin, Chantal means “made of stone.”

13. Mahi

Fit for a little princess, Mahi is a name that stems from Hindu origin and means “earth goddess.”

14. Eira

Eira is a name with Welsh roots that means “snow.” This is a great name for a baby girl born in the winter months.

15. Lana

A sweet and simple earth name, Lana is of Gaelic origin and means “little rock.”

16. Kaya

Short and sweet, Kaya stems from Turkish origin and translates to “rock or cliff.” Suitable for a strong and balanced baby girl.

17. Amethyst

Amethyst is a name of Greek origin that refers to the beautiful purple gemstone. A polished and pretty name for a newborn jewel.

18. Zemyna

A unique baby girl’s name, Zemyna stems from Baltic origin and means “earth.”

19. Prairie

Idyllic and pastoral, Prairie is a name with French roots that means “open plains.”

20. Aphra

Also spelled as Afra, Aphra is a name of Arabic and Hebrew origin that means “color of the earth.”

21. Petra

Still a fairly uncommon name in the United States, Petra is of Greek origin. The meaning of the name translates to “rock or stone.”

22. Omala

A perfect choice for parents with ties to Indian culture, Omala is a feminine name derived from Indian origin that means “earth.”

23. Sienna

Sienna is a timeless name derived from Italian. It means “red clay,” and refers to the Tuscon city of Sienna which was known for its red coloring.

24. Abelia

Abelia is a name rooted in Hebrew origin. The meaning translates to “breath of life,” referring to nature’s gifts.

25. Lesley

A classic name that can be both feminine or unisex, Lesley is of Gaelic origin and means “small meadow.”

26. Kailani

Lyrical and pretty, Kailani is a name derived from Hawaiian culture. The meaning translates to “sea and sky.”

27. Hailey

Hailey is a cute baby girl’s name with Scottish roots. It means “hay meadow.”

28. Dhara

Of Sanskirt origin, Dhara is a unique name that means “earth.”

29. Dionne

Derived from Greek origin, Dionne is a divine and feminine name that means “child of heaven and earth.”

30. Abeline

Alternatively spelled Abilene, this name is of Hebrew origin and means “meadow.”

31. Autumn

For parents who prefer seasonal names, Autumn is a warm and cozy name of Latin origin. It refers to the beautiful fall season.

32. Flora

Another name of Latin origin, Flora means “flower.” It is also the name of the goddess of earth in ancient roman mythology.

33. Isla

A tropical and fresh girl’s name, Isla is derived from Greek and means “island.”

34. Jade

With roots in Spanish, Jade is an enchanting female name that refers to the green precious stone.

35. Leigh

A soft and feminine name, Leigh is of English origin and means “meadow or pasture.”

36. Sierra

Sierra is a name derived from Spanish. It means “mountain range,” perfectly capturing the stability and strength of the earth.

37. Opal

A gemstone-inspired name, Opal is of Sanskrit and Indian origin. It refers to the precious, iridescent stone.

38. Montana

Though unisex, Montana is a cute name for a baby girl. It is of Spanish origin and means “mountain.”

39. Ela

A captivating name, Ela is of Indian origin and translates to mean “earth.”

40. Gaia

Gaia is a majestic name derived from Ancient Greek. It means “goddess of earth,” and was the name of the powerful mother earth entity in Greek mythology.

41. Rochelle

A charming name, Rochelle is of French origin. The meaning translates to “little rock.”

42. Bryn

Bryn is a name with ties to Welsh origin. It means “hill,” and can be alternatively spelled Brynn, Brynlee, or Brinley.

43. Bhumi

Bhumi is a down-to-earth name that stems from Hindu origin and means “goddess of earth.”

44. Keithia

A name inspired by beautiful woodlands, Keithia is an Old English name that means “forest.”

45. Terra

Terra is a feminine name with Spanish and Latin roots. It means “earth” or “land.”

46. Meadow

Of American origin, Meadow is a delicate name for a baby girl that means “area of grass and vegetation.”

47. Ashley

A delightful choice, Ashley is a name with Old English roots that means “ash forest.”

48. Tierra

Tierra is a pretty female name stemming from Spanish and Latin. The meaning translates to “earth” or “land.”

49. Savannah

Savannah is a lovely name with Spanish origins. It means “treeless plain.”

50. River

A cute unisex name, River is of English origin and means “flowing water.”

51. Eartha

Eartha is a grounded girl’s name with English roots. Simply, this name means “earth.”

Boy Names That Mean Earth

Whether you’re hoping your baby boy will grow up to be as stable as a mountain range, as grounded as a woodland forest, or simply to reflect the beauty and strength of nature, there are plenty of earth-inspired names to choose from.

1. Seb

Seb is a powerful and cute boy’s name of Egyptian origin. The meaning translates to “god of earth.”

2. Ajax

Derived from Ancient Greek, Ajax is a sturdy name that means “of the earth.” In Greek mythology, Ajax was the name of a great hero in the Trojan War.

3. Arlo

A sweet masculine name, Arlo has Old English roots and means “hill.”

4. Dimitry

Dimitry is a baby boy’s name of Greek origin. The meaning of Dimitry is “earth lover.”

5. Enki

Of Sumerian origin, Enki is a male name that means “lord of the earth.”

6. Acker

Acket is a name with roots in German. This earthy boy’s name means “field.”

7. Ardi

A cute name for a newborn boy, Ardi stems from Javanese origin and means “earth” or “soil.”

8. Adam

Of Hebrew origin, Adam is a classic name that means “of the red earth.”

9. Beaumont

Beau for short, Beaumont is a French name that translates to “beautiful mountain.”

10. Benton

With roots in English, Benton is a charming male name that means “settlement of grass.”

11. Cephas

Unique and strong-sounding, Cephas is a name with roots in Greek. The meaning of the name is “rock” or “stone.”

12. Glyn

Glyn is a masculine name that stems from Welsh origin and means “valley.”

13. Kaj

Of Danish origin, Kaj is a short and sweet name that means “earth.”

14. Geo

Geo is a modern and stylish name for a baby boy. It is of Greek origin and translates to mean “earth” or “rock.”

15. Oliver

Known as the name of multiple famous characters in literature, Oliver is a name with Latin roots that means “lover of nature.”

16. Lance

A masculine name, Lance is derived from German and means “land.”

17. Atlas

The name of a great figure in Greek mythology, Atlas is a masculine name with Ancient Greek roots. In mythology, Atlas was a powerful titan god who was strong enough to hold up the earth.

18. Sol

A modern yet classic name, Sol has both French and Spanish meanings. In French, Sol means “soil,” while in Spanish it means “sun.”

19. Health

An Old English name, Health means “one who lives in wild and open land.”

20. Terran

Terran is a unique boy’s name with roots in English. It means “earth man.”

21. Dagda

Great for parents with Irish roots, Dagda is a name of Gaelic and Irish origin that refers to the god of earth, knowledge, and magic.

22. Vermont

Vermont is a smart-sounding male name with French etymology. It means “green mountain,” and is also the name of a northern American state.

23. Farley

A captivating boy’s name, Farley is of English origin and means “woodland clearing.”

24. Hadley

A cute name for a baby girl or boy, Hadley has English roots and means “heather field.”

25. Kun

Kun is a masculine Chinese name. The meaning translates to “earth.”

26. Onyx

Distinctive and stylish, Onyx is a name that has origins in English. It refers to the stunning gemstone that has a pure black color.

27. Zion

Zion is an attractive name with roots in Hebrew. It means “holy land.”

28. Denver

Known as the name of an American city, Denver is of English origin and means “born in a green valley.”

29. Yuri

An idyllic-sounding name, Yuri stems from Russian and translates to “earth-worker.”

30. Daichi

A great name for parents with ties to Japanese culture, Daichi is of Japanese origin and means “earth” or “land.”

31. Craig

Craig is a classic name that is making a comeback. Of Celtic origin, it means “rock.”

32. Knox

Cute and boyish, Knox is a name with Gaelic roots that means “hill.”

33. Pierce

Pierce is a stunning name derived from Greek. The meaning translates to “stone” or “rock.”

34. Parker

A name that has been gaining popularity, Parker has roots in Old English and means “park keeper.”

35. Slate

Slate is a masculine name that has English origin and refers to a type of grey and thinly layered rock.

36. Canyon

Canyon is a name that stems from the Spanish word for “rocky hill.”

37. Aaron

A timeless name, Aaron is of Hebrew origin and translates to “high mountain.”

38. Ridge

A modern and trendy name, Ridge stems from English origin and means “a narrow and rough mountaintop.”

39. Bardo

Bardo is a unique Danish name for a baby boy. The meaning translates to “son of the earth.”

40. Wekesa

Of East-African origin, Wekesa is a beautiful and masculine name that means “born during the harvest.”

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