68 Liberating Names That Mean Freedom

There is nothing quite like experiencing a life full of independence and freedom. So why not choose a name that inspires your child to be free-spirited?

Names that mean freedom symbolize strength, confidence, and a wild, free-spirited will. We have made an extensive list compiling names from all over the world, varying from modern-day Elira to ancient mythological names such as Feronia.

Strengthen your young ones liberating personality by choosing one of these amazing names that mean freedom.

Boys’ Names That Mean Freedom

From amusing Jimbo to unique and quirky Eleftherios, we have compiled a list of numerous boy names that mean freedom.

1. Azad

The Arabic-originated name Azad means “independent” or “free.” It is commonly used in the Muslim community.

2. Kamilo

The adorable name Kamilo has roots in Latin, referring to “a child born to freedom,” helping him boost his independent side. Other variations include Camilo and Kamil.

3. Carl

Having roots in North Germanic, Carl is derived from the Scandinavian name Karl, meaning “free man.” Carl is known to be the first name of many kings of Sweden.

4. Brady

The name Brady has a strong feel to it. Originating from Irish, it means “free-spirited and broad-minded person.” Brady is a great choice for your boy to aspire more in his life.

5. Arvish

The eccentric name Arvish has origins in Telegu. Arvish means “freedom-loving,” fitting for a boy who has a little mind of his own.

6. Irik

Although it may be similar to the modern name Eric, Irik originates from Turkic and means “freedom” or “liberty,” giving your boy the independence he requires.

7. Liber

Having a delightful ring to it, Liber is of Latin origin, meaning “free.” In Greek mythology, Liber is another name for Dionysus, the Roman god of wine, freedom, and fertility, also known as the “god of ecstasy.”

8. Volya

Originating from Russia, Volya is an amazing name if you are looking for something unique and quirky for your boy. This rare name means “will or freedom.”

9. Kermit

The full-filled name Kermit gained immense popularity after Sesame Street’s Kermit, the frog, in 1969. Kermit has roots in Ireland and means “free man.”

10. Jimbo

The lively name Jimbo originates from America, meaning “colorful and overexcited person who is dynamic and aspires toward freedom,” fitting for an energetic little boy.

11. Fani

Originating from Latin, the sweet name Fani means “free,” Fani is sure to enhance his independent personality. It also has roots in Urdu, meaning “mortal” or “perishable.”

12. Charles

The royal Biblical name Charles is derived from the Germanic term “ceorl,” which means “free man.” The name has been commonly used by royals and leaders in the past.

13. Lirim

The alluring name Lirim originates from Albanian, meaning “freedom,” perfect for celebrating your child’s independent spirit.

14. Franklin

The more modern name Franklin is derived from the Old English Frankeleyn, meaning “landowner of free,” a marvelous name for your boy to experience the joys of freedom.

15. Dror

The alluringly unique name Dror has roots in Hebrew, meaning “freedom” or “sparrow.” It can also be used as a surname.

16. Eljin

The mystical name Eljin which gives off folktale vibes, originates from Celtic, meaning “freedom provider” and “noble.” Your baby will grow up to be a free-spirited visionary young man.

17. Liridon

The lyrical name Liridon comes from the Albanian region meaning “one who is of free will,” imparting a sense of freedom from within him.

18. Chara

Amusing and joyful to the ears, Chara has roots in Old German, meaning “a man who loves freedom and adventure,” making it suitable for your maverick child.

19. Francesco

Grand and glorious, the Italian-originated name Francesco means “free man” or “Frenchman.” Another variant is Francis. Amongst Catholics, Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals.

20. Chiru

Having a soft ring to it, the lovely name Chiru originates from India, meaning “a freedom-loving person.”

21. Swaraj

Grand and majestic, Swaraj has roots in India, meaning “liberty or freedom.” People with the name Swaraj are usually Hindu by religion.

22. Calle

Originating from Middle Low German “kerle,” the smart name Calle means “free man,” “warrior,” or “army.” It also has roots in Latin and Spanish, meaning “a narrow path.”

23. Fremont

Primarily used as a surname, Fremont is derived from the Old Germanic name Fridmund, meaning “protector of freedom,” or “noble protector.” Fremont is sure to be someone who will stand up for their rights.

24. Neberd

The quirky name Neberd originates from Kurdish, meaning “independent.”

25. Ferenc

A unique twist to the much-common name Frank, the quirky name Ferenc originates from Hungarian, meaning “free man.”

26. Lysander

Originating from Greek, the captivating name Lysander means “man who creates freedom” or “liberator,” fitting for a boy who will grow up to be a savior for others. Lysander was the name of the fictional boy in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Another variation is Lisandre.

27. Frith

Having several different variations, such as Fridd, Firth, and Fryd. Firth, with its old-school vibes, has origins in English, Scottish, and Welsh, meaning “peace,” “protection,” and “freedom.”

28. Fanuco

The sensational name Fanuco has roots in Spain, meaning “free.” It is sure to enhance his freedom-loving spirit.

29. Gaije

Gaije has roots in British, meaning “freedom,” inspiring him to evolve into an independent young man.

30. Anbuvel

The Hindi-originated name Anbuvel refers to “a freedom-loving man.”

31. Eleftherios

The complex yet charming name Eleftherios has origins in Greek, meaning “free.” Other variations are Eleutherios and Lefteris.

Girls’ Names That Mean Freedom

Help your girl become stronger, liberated, and independent by giving her a name that means freedom. Here is a list of some popular girls’ names inspired by freedom.

1. Arla

The stylish name Arla originates from German, meaning “free man,” enhancing your daughter’s freedom-loving personality. Arla also has roots in Irish and English, meaning “pledge or oath.”

2. Hura

The dazzling Arabic name Hura means “free woman.” Another variation is Hoora.

3. Alzena

The mesmerizing name Alzena originates from Arabic, meaning “imaginative, creative and analytical women who long for freedom.”

4. Charlotte

The exquisite name Charlotte has been popular since the 14th century. It has origins in French, meaning “free man” or “petite.” There are many renowned personalities who have this beautiful name, including Princess Charlotte of Wales, the daughter of Kate Middleton, and Prince Williams.

5. Feronia

The majestic name Feronia has roots in Latin, meaning “untamed” or “the patron of freedom.” In ancient Roman mythology, Feronia was the name of the goddess who was in charge of wilderness and freedom.

6. Carolina

Pleasant to the ears, Carolina is derived from the Old Latin name “Carolus,” which is modern-day Charles, meaning “free man.”

7. Alyson

Originating from English, the dreamy name Alyson means “seeking freedom.” It also has roots in German and French, meaning “noble” or “exalted.” Alyson is a great name for your honorable, free-spirited little girl. Other variations include Allison, Alison, and Allyson. Many famous people have this beautiful name, including award-winning American actress Allison Janney.

8. Elira

Elira, with its vibrant appeal, originates from the Albanian meaning “freedom.” It also has roots in Hebrew, meaning “the Lord is my light.”

9. Malaya

The lyrical name Malaya has roots in Filipino, meaning “free,” giving her a chance to celebrate the love of freedom.

10. Sharlene

Sharlene, or Charlene, is of American origin and is derived from the Old German name “Karl,” meaning “free.”

11. Willow

Emerging as a potential first name in the late 19th century, the botany-inspired name Willow is associated with the graceful and elegant Willow tree. Having roots in English, Willow means “freedom.”

12. Carlotta

The alluring name Carlotta originates from Italian and refers to “a free man.”

13. Duze

Originating from English, the creative and unique name Duze refers to “a freedom-loving being,” making it a remarkable choice if you are looking for a rare name for your wild girl.

14. Moksh

Like music to the ears, the lyrical name Moksh has roots in India, meaning “liberation” or “eternal emancipation.”

15. Liberty

Derived from the Latin Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, Liberty symbolizes “independence.” The Statue of Liberty, standing in New York Bay, is the most well-known example of this powerful name.

16. Cecania

The sweet name Cecania has roots in German, meaning “free,” aspiring your girl to have an independent mind.

17. Karla

A twist to the traditional Carla, the lovely name Karla stems from the German name Karl meaning “free man,” giving your girl a chance to explore the world on her own.

18. Lyndzei

Giving off a wild aura, the name Lyndzei originates from British, meaning “a freedom-loving and quick-witted person,” making it a lovely choice for a smart and independent young girl.

19. Saoirse

The inspiring name Saoirse originates from Irish, directly translating to “freedom.” The American-born Irish actress Saoirse Una Ronan is one of the name bearers of this fine name.

20. Fannie

The English name Fannie means “she who is free,” perfect for a lively girl who has a mind of her own.

21. Quispe

The quirky name Quispe originates from the Southern Quechua word “qispi,” meaning “free.” an Inca princess in the 16th century, Quispe Sisa, is known to have this unique name. It is also used as a last name.

22. Nonkululeko

The complex yet poetical name Nonkululeko originates from Southern Africa and means “freedom” or “independence.”

Unisex Names That Mean Freedom

A free-spirited name defines a strong person. Many names are such that they can be used either by a girl or boy; here is a list of gender-neutral names that mean freedom.

1. Erkin

The exotic name Erkin has roots in Old Turkic, meaning “free” or “independent.” It is a popular name for both girls and boy’s in Turkey.

2. Liri

The rhythmic name Liri has origins in Hebrew, meaning “freedom,” or “musical,” a fantastic way to honor your baby’s free spirit.

3. Karle

Karle is of Old Germanic origins, stemming from the name Karl. Although it is mostly used as a girl’s name, it can also be used for boys. Karle means “man with freedom.”

4. Ozgur

Compelling and sweet, the Turkic-originated name Ozgur means “free” and “independent.” Helping your baby embrace his free-spirited personality.

5. Amadi

Originating from Africa, Amadi means “free man.” It also has roots in Arabic, where it means “highly praised,” “one who is thankful to God,” and “free-born,” making it an excellent choice for your baby.

6. Darby

The amusing name Darby is from Irish, Scandinavian, and Norse origins, referring to someone “free from envy.”

7. Ellon

Originating from Greek, Ellon means “one who is passionate and loves freedom” or “bright.” Another variation is Elon, which has gained popularity after businessman and investor Elon Musk.

8. Ominira

Having roots in Nigeria and Benin, the charming Ominira means “freedom,” “independence,” and “liberation.”

9. Corliss

Appealing to the ears, Corliss is primarily a girl’s name but is used as a boy’s too. It has roots in Old English, meaning “carefree, cheery and benevolent,” traits that are required for a free-spirited mind.

10. Carol

The lyrical gender-neutral name Carol originates from English, meaning “free man.” It is also associated with traditional religious folksongs, which means “joyful song.” Another variation is Karel.

11. Kanoa

The melodious name Kanoa has origins in Hawaii, meaning “the free one.” a wonderful name to give your child to spend their life in an independent way. 

12. Freedom

Freedom itself is a gender-neutral name of American origin, meaning “not in captivity,” fitting for a baby who loves to explore on his own.

13. Merdeka

Derived from the Indonesian and Malay languages, the charming name Merdeka means “free” or “independent.”

14. Kymani

Kymani originates from East African culture, meaning “free-spirited or adventurous traveler,” fitting for a liberated young soul. One of Bob Marley’s son’s name is Kymani. An alternate variation is Kimani. 

15. Maverick

Originating from America, the gender-neutral name Maverick means “an independent man who avoids conformity.” Maverick was made famous after Tom Cruise’s Top Gun, in which his callsign was Maverick.

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