43 Fascinating Names That Mean Ghost

Are you someone that has been fascinated by ghosts? Or enjoyed stories of spirits and supernatural beings?

Inspired by ancient myths, legends, and spooky tales, names that mean ghost can be both enchanting and frightening. They can help uplift your baby’s confidence to seek adventure and ponder upon the mysterious qualities of their meaning.

Even though names inspired by paranormal beings are linked to superstitions, they are a great choice for daring parents seeking something fun and unique for their baby. Here is a list of creative and unique names that mean ghost.

Boys’ Names That mean Ghost

From bewitching to ethereal, here is a list of boys’ names that mean ghost.

1. Abir

Abir is a Hebrew name that means “ghost” or “spirit.” Mystical and alluring, Abir is a great choice for your baby boy.

2. Brian

The name Brain has Irish origins, which holds the meaning of “spirit.” It also has an alternate meaning of “high” or “noble.” It is one of the many common names used for boys.

3. Barret

This German name refers to an ideal “ghost” or “spirit” name. Not only is it easy to pronounce, but it is also an unusual and unique name for your boy.

4. Axar

The name ‘Axar’ is Gujarati in origin, meaning “ghost” or “imperishable,” enhancing his deep connection with spirituality.

5. Shen

Shen is a Chinese word that refers to “deity” or “spiritual being.” It is a very popular name in China. The Japanese equivalent of Shen is “Shin.”

6. Tien

The Vietnamese boy’s name Tien means “spirit,” which is very common in Vietnam. The name also refers to a fairy from Vietnamese mythology.

7. Dusan

The lovely name Dusan is of Slavic origin, which means “Divine Spirit.” It is derived from the Slavic word “Dusa,” meaning “soul.”

8. Zo

A name of African origins, the alluring name Zo is vaguely popular in Africa. This short and sweet name means “spiritual leader.”

9. Ugo

The lively name Ugo comes from the Italian name “Hugo,” meaning “heart,” “mind,” and “spirit.”

10. Mamua

The delightful name Mamua has Basque origins and means “ghost.” The rare exotic name Mamua is sure to bring out his spiritual side.

11. Alastor

The lovely name Alastor means “avenging a spirit.” It holds Greek origins and would be a great choice for a baby who loves challenges.

12. Eldrid

In Norse Origin, the name Eldrid means “fiery spirit.” It also has roots in Anglo-Saxon, meaning “wise adviser.”

13. Ahriman

The name Ahriman has Avestan origins. It has multiple meanings, such as “evil spirit,” “destructive spirit,” and “spirit of chaos,” invoking the dark side from within him.

14. Multo

In Filipino, the name Multo means “ghost.” The two-syllable name is derived from the Spanish word “muerto,” meaning “dead.”

15. Drogo

The name Drogo has roots in Anglo-Saxon origins, meaning “ghost” or “phantom.” It also has German origins meaning to bear or “carry.”

16. Dusa

This name is derived from the word “dusa” in Proto-Slavic, meaning “soul,” “spirit,” or “the essence of a spiritual being.” It also has Russian roots meaning “happy.”

17. Hototo

The lyrical name Hototo has Native-American origins, and it means “a warrior spirit who can sing” or “warrior spirit who whistles.”

18. Uberto

Originating from Italian, Uberto means “bright, shining, or intelligent.” It is also an equivalent of the Latin “Hubertus.”

19. Hugon

Derived from the French name “Hugues,” Hugon means “mind,” “spirit,” “intelligence,” or “intellect.”

20. Cade

Cade is primarily a Welsh boy’s name; however, it can also be used as a girl’s. Cade means “spirit of the battle” or “ghost.” It also has roots in British, meaning “round” or “barrel.”

21. Rei

The Japanese-originated smart name Rei means “God’s spirit.”

22. Abel

In the Hebrew Bible, the elegant name Abel means “breathing spirit.”

23. Brady

Derived from the Irish surname “Brádaigh,” this charming name means to be “spirited” or “broad.”

24. Deva

Having roots in Celtic and Gaelic, the meaning of Deva is “celestial spirit.”

25. Guy

Meaning “spiritual leader” or “spiritual guide,” the smart French name Guy was very popular in the States back in the 1950s.

26. Kamali

Of African origins, Kamali refers to a “spiritual protector” and “guide,” fitting for your little explorer.

27. Tormy

The name Tormy has Irish roots, and it means “thunder spirit,” perfect for your boy with a wild soul.

28. Wilmod

Wilmod is a German name meaning “resolute spirit,” making it a wonderful choice for your baby as it represents calm, peace, stability, and unwavering determination. It also has roots in Anglo-Saxon, meaning “valiant protector.”

29. Spyridon

The quirky name Spyridon is derived from the Latin word “spiritus.” This enchanting name means “little spirit” or “spirit.” It also has roots in Greek, meaning “basket.”

Girls’ Names That Mean Ghost

From Avira to Hantu, here is a list of girls’ names inspired by paranormal beings.

1. Avira

Of Aramaic origin, this name means “the atmosphere,” “air,” or “spirit.” It also has roots in Old German, meaning “brave and strong.”

2. Morrigan

This epic name is of Irish origin. Morrigan means “phantom queen.” Morrigan was the name of the goddess of war which is why it is associated with terror and grandness.

3. Dusanka

Meaning “soul” or “spirit.” Dusanka is a beautiful name that has Slovak origins.

4. Yennefer

The exotic name Yennefer means “white shadow” or “white phantom.” It is a name of Welsh origin.

5. Keres

Keres is a name originating from Greek. Keres means “death spirits.” Keres is known to be the female death spirits in Ancient Greek mythology.

6. Lilith

The glorious name Lilith is a Babylonian name. Its meaning is “belonging to the night.” Lilith is derived from an Akkadian word that means demon. In Mesopotamian mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam.

7. Duch

A Polish, Sorbian, and Ukrainian name, the dreamy name Duch means “spirit breath.”

8. Yurei

This mystic name originates from Japan. It means “dead spirit.” Yurei is comprised of “yu,” which means “dim,” and “rei,” which means “spirit.”

9. Daeva

This unique name is the Slavic form of David. Daeva is a Lithuanian name, and it means “beloved” or “supernatural entity.”

10. Gayna

Gayna means “white phantom.” It is an Anglo-Saxon name that comes from England.

11. Mooroopna

Meaning “ghost” or “spirit.” A name of Aboriginal origins, Mooroopna is quite an uncommon name.

12. Ginevra

The mythical name Ginevra has Italian and Welsh roots. Ginevra means “white phantom” or “white fairy.”

13. Spyriodoula

A quirky name that means “spirit.” Spyridoula has its roots in Greece. It is the feminine version of Spyridon

14. Hantu

Originating from Indonesia, this spooky name is the Malay and Indonesian word for “ghost.” Nowadays, Hantu is known to mean “spirits of the dead.”

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