100 Heavenly Names That Mean God

As a parent, hearing your child’s first cry is already a blessing. From the moment they meet your eyes up to the moment they hold your hand as they struggle to face the world is the best feeling that a parent like you could ever experience.

There will be times that you would spend every waking day of your life thanking God for giving you the greatest blessing that you have ever received, to the point that you are considering a god-related name for your precious little angel. Well, worry no more! Listed below are 100 heavenly names that will surely fit your enthusiastic little blessing.

Girl Names That Mean God

Here are some god-related names that will definitely satisfy your heaven-sent baby girl.

1. Athalia

Of Hebrew origin, Athalia is a name given to girls which means “the Lord is exalted”. This name was mentioned in the Bible as the daughter of the king and queen of Israel.

2. Isabella

Isabella is the Spanish and Italian version of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God”. One notable character that possesses the name is Isabella the Catholic. She was the queen of Castile from 1474 until her death.

3. Raziel

The feminine name Raziel is of Aramaic origin, referring to “God is my secret”. Within the teachings of Jewish mysticism, Raziel was the name of the angel of mysteries.

4. Eilish

An Irish form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth is the female name Eilish, which stands for “pledged to God”. Eilish is the surname of the famous American singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish.

5. Chaela

Derived from Michaela, the name Chaela is a name suitable for girls, which refers to “who is like God”. This name is often used as a nickname for Michaela.

6. Jeanine

Jeanine, a female-given name, is the French variation of Jean, which means “God is gracious”. Jean would be a cool nickname for this.

7. Eleora

The Hebrew name Eleora is a name suitable for women which translates to  “God is my light”.

8. Gabrielle

The French name Gabrielle is the feminine form of Gabriel. It means “God is my strength”. Most of the time, the three-letter Gab serves as a nickname for this.

9. Zelma

Zelma is a diminutive form of Anselma, and is a German name for girls referring to “God helmet”.

10. Adiella

The feminine name Adiella is a Hebrew name that refers to the “adornment of God”.

11. Tesia

The female name Tesia is of Poland origin, referring to “loved by God”.

12. Yoana

The Spanish name Yoana is a name perfect for girls that translates to “God’s gift”.

13. Dominique

Of French origin, the name Dominique is a feminine version of Dominic, meaning “belonging to Lord”.

14. Devi

Considered the feminine form of Deva, the Sanskrit name Devi means “god”, “goddess”, or “divine”.

15. Natasha

Of Russian origin, the female name Natasha is a diminutive version of Natalya, referring to the “birthday of the Lord”.

16. Danielle

Danielle is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”.

17. Theodora

Theodora, a feminine version of the name Theodore,  is a Victorian girl’s name that translates to “gift of God”.

18. Parisha

Of Arabic origin, Parisha is a name appropriate for girls that means “gift of God”.

19. Arielle

A French variation of Ariel, Arielle is a name fitting for women referring to a “lion of God”.

20. Odelia

Of Hebrew and German origins, Odelia is a name great for girls having the meaning “I will praise the Lord”.

21. Kiara

A Hindi name that will satisfy your daughter is the feminine name, Kiara. It signifies “God’s gracious gift”.

22. Gia

A girl’s name that would be an excellent choice for your sweet little child is Gia. It is an Italian name that pertains to “God’s gracious gift”.

23. Jasmine

A captivating Persian name that you may consider is the feminine name, Jasmine. It relates to a “gift from God”.

24. Zivah

Considered a Hebrew name, Zivah is a perfect name to welcome your daughter. It means “light of God”.

25. Rafaela

Of multiple origins, Rafaela is an enchanting name perfectly fitting for girls. It means “God has healed”.

26. Bettina

Bettina is a German name good for your adorable daughter that means “God is my oath”.

27. Emmanuelle

Emmanuel is a female given name of French origin signifying “God is with us”. It is the feminine form of Emanuel.

28. Cherelle

Known as an American name commonly used by African Americans, Cherelle is a female name that signifies “beloved of God”.

29. Shaveena

An Indian name that you will surely love to name your gorgeous daughter is Shaveena. It pertains to “God’s gift”.

30. Mariah

The female-given name Mariah is of Hebrew and Latin origin that translates to “the Lord is my teacher”. A notable character who uses the name is the American singer-songwriter known as the “Songbird Supreme”, Mariah Carey.

31. Gabriella

Of Italian origin, Gabriella is the feminine form of Gabriel. It stands for “God is my strength”.

32. Jenica

A name that you may find attractive for your little ray of sunshine is Jenica. It is a Romanian name that translates to “God’s gracious gift”.

33. Amadea

A feminine version of Amadeo, the pleasing name Amadea is of Latin origin translating to “loved by God”.

34. Daeshawna

Commonly used by African Americans, Daeshawna is an American name given to girls which means “the Lord is gracious”.

35. Jean

Of English and Scottish origin meaning “God is gracious”, the feminine name Jean is a French variation of Johanna.

36. Ilsa

Considered the German variation of Elizabeth, the name Ilsa is of multiple origins signifying “pledged to God”.

37. Esinam

Esinam, an alluring name suitable for your equally alluring daughter, is of multiple origins and commonly used in the Ewe language meaning “God has heard me”.

38. Libby

Libby is an English name for girls which translates to “pledged to God”. It is said to be a diminutive form of Elizabeth.

39. Osanna

Of Hebrew origin, Osanna is a feminine name that signifies “raising of one’s voice in praise of God”.

40. Aksana

Aksana, a name suitable for your baby girl, is of Russian origin referring to the “one who gives glory to God”. It is a variant of the name Oksana.

41. Datya

Pertaining to the “one who believes in God”, the Hebrew name Datya is one of the captivating names that you should consider when choosing a name for your adorable little girl.

42. Iva

Iva is of Hebrew origin meaning “gift from God”, and is the best way to introduce the greatest blessing that you have received from God to the real world.

43. Jeanne

Primarily a feminine name, Jeanne is the French variation of Jean which means “God is gracious”.

Boy Names That Mean God

Mentioned below are some angelic names fitting for your adorable son.

1. Castiel

Of Hebrew origin, the masculine name Castiel stands for “my cover is God”. The name Castiel was used by one of the two deuteragonists of the fantasy television series, Supernatural. He was the powerful angel who was responsible for saving Dean Winchester from going to hell.

2. Theo

Theo is a boy’s name and a diminutive of Theodore referring to the “gift of God”. Theo James is an American actor who holds the name.

3. Oscar

The male-given name Oscar is of English and Irish origins meaning “God spear” or “champion warrior”. Oscar Isaac is a versatile American actor who uses the name.

4. Zane

Zane is a name suitable for boys which stands for “God is gracious”. You can use a manlier version like Zayn – yep, just like the oh-so-handsome, Zayn Malik.

5. Hans

Considered a German name, Hans is a charming name fitting for your baby boy. It means “God is gracious”.

6. Samuel

Also known as the name of a prophet in the Bible, the masculine name Samuel is of Hebrew origin, which signifies “God has heard”.

7. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a name that you can address your handsome little blessing. It stands for “God is with us”.

8. Matthias

An Aramaic variant of Matthew, the male name Matthias is of Greek origin pertaining to the “gift of God”.

9. Hermes

In Greek mythology, Hermes was the name of the winged herald and messenger god. He was considered one of the cleverest and most mischievous Olympian gods.

10. Donato

Of Latin and Italian origins, Donato is a name for boys which means “given by God” or “gift from God”.

11. Amaris

Amaris is an exquisite name that you can consider when choosing a name for your young blood. It is a Hebrew name signifying “given by God”.

12. Elijah

Derived from the Hebrew elihayu, the male-given name Elijah stands for “Yahweh is God”. It is also the name of a prophet who preached against the worshippers of Baal in the Old Testament.

13. Josiah

Josiah is a name that you might want to try when it comes to naming your son. It translates to “God supports” or “God heals”.

14. Lemuel

A masculine form of Lemuela, the name Lemuel is of Hebrew origin signifying “devoted to God”.

15. Thelonius

The male name Thelonius is of Latin origin referring to the “Lord”. It is the Latin variant of the name Tillo.

16. Joaquin

Commonly used by boys, the name Joaquin is of Spanish origin translating to “God will judge”.

17. Kobe

Kobe, a name usually given to boys, has multiple origins. In the Japanese language, it refers to the “house of God”.

18. Manuel

Considered the male form of Manuela, the Spanish name Manuel means translates to “God is with us”

19. Joshua

If you want a god-related name for your baby boy then Joshua is for you. It is of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is my salvation”.

20. Shawn

The male-given name Shawn is a popular name translating to “God is gracious”. It is another variant of the name Sean.

21. Hezekiah

The name Hezekiah is a biblical name that means “God gives strength”. In the Bible, it was the name of the king of Judah who had a close relationship with God.

22. Joseph

Another name that would surely make a mark is the biblical name, Joseph. It signifies “God shall add”.

23. Zeke

A shortened name for Ezekiel, the name Zeke is a biblical name used by a prophet in the Bible which signifies ‘“God strengthens”.

24. Henedad

Henedad is an old-fashioned name perfect for boys of Hebrew origin referring to “the grace of the beloved God”.

25. Israel

In the Bible, Israel is a place in the Bible referred to as the Promised Land. Nowadays, it is a common boy’s name that stands for the “one who prevails with God”.

26. Bethel

One of the significant places mentioned in the Bible is Bethel. It is known as the “house of God”, where Jacob dreamed of angels going up and down a ladder.

27. Balthasar

Balthasar was the name of one of the biblical Magi who visited Jesus after he was born and gave the gift of myrrh to Jesus. It is a Greek name signifying “God protects the king”.

28. Nasario

Of Spanish origin, Nasario is a  name usually given to boys. It pertains to the “one who is devoted to God”.

29. Jesus

Jesus is a Hebrew name given primarily to boys signifying “God is salvation”. In the mainstream Christian denominations, it was referred to as the name of God the Son, a part of the Holy Trinity.

30. Lazer

Of Hebrew and Yiddish origins, Lazer is a male-given name that stands for “God helps”. It is a variant of the name Lazarus.

31. Astor

Derived from Old Provencal and Icelandic origins, the male name Astor means “hawk” or “thunder god”.

32. Gabriel

In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel was the name of the archangel who appeared to the prophet Daniel to explain his visions. The name stands for “God is my strength”.

33. Marius

Commonly used in countries like Germany and France, the name Marius is a boy’s name of Latin origin referring to the “god of war”.

34. Azekel

Derived from its Angolan origin, the name Azekel is a name that your handsome baby boy will surely love. It pertains to the “one who praises the Lord”.

35. Elisha

Although it has the sound of a girl’s name, Elisha was known in the Old Testament as a male name that stands for “God is my salvation”.

36. Matteo

A beautiful way of addressing your baby boy is by naming him an equally beautiful Italian name, Matteo. It refers to the “gift of God”.

37. Godric

One unique name you can think of when naming your child is the English name Godric. It stands for “friend of God”.

38. Horem

Horem, a Hebrew name translated to “one who is dedicated to God”, is one of the enchanting god-related names that you should consider for your son.

39. Joachim

A name that you can make use of when finding a way to address your beautiful baby boy is the Hebrew name, Joachim. It signifies “established by God”.

40. Neptune

Aside from being the eighth planet from the sun, Neptune is also known for being the name of the god of the sea in Roman mythology.

41. Tobias

Of Greek and Hebrew origin, the name Tobias can be an excellent choice for your little boy as it stands for “God is good”.

42. Taddeo

Of Spanish and Italian origins, the name Taddeo is a name commonly used by boys referring to a “gift of God”. It is a variant of Thaddeus.

Unisex Names That Mean God

These are ethereal gender-neutral names that you should consider when naming the younger version of you.

1. Angel

Of Latin and Greek origins, the name Angel is a gender-neutral name referring to the “messenger of God”. If you want a name for your child that represents innocence and holiness, then Angel would be the closest choice.

2. Evan

The unisex name Evan is of multiple origins meaning “God is gracious” or “young warrior”.

3. Jackie

Jackie is an alluring name that can fit both genders. It is of Hebrew and American origins that translates to “God is gracious” or “son of God”.

4. Jesse

Jesse is a Hebrew name that can be given to both boys and girls, which stands for “wealthy” or “God’s gift”.

5. Jody

Implying “God is gracious” or “Jehovah increases”, the name Jody is of English and Hebrew origins suitable for both genders.

6. Mickey

Mickey is one of the gender-neutral names that you can consider when naming your lovely child. It is of multiple origins and pertains to the “one who is like God” or “one who is closest to God”.

7. Shiloh

Of Hebrew origin, Shiloh is a unisex name signifying “peaceful” or “God’s gift”. In the Bible, it was the central sanctuary of the Israelites before the monarchic period.

8. Azriel

The Hebrew name Azriel is a name that can be used by either your son or your daughter. It means “God is my helper”.

9. Wunnam

Wunnam is a Dagbani name referring to “God’s creation”. It can be used to address both genders.

10. Efosa

The name Efosa is of Nigerian origin and a gender-neutral name pertaining to “God’s wealth”.

11. Micah

Traditionally a masculine name, Micah is of Hebrew origin and has also become popular with girls as it stands for “who is like the Lord”. Micah was known to be the name of one of the prophets in Judaism.

12. Zuriel

Zuriel is a biblical name that refers to “rock or strength of God”, and can fit both genders.

13. Abiah

Abiah, a biblical name that can be given to a boy or a girl, implies “God is my father”. It was said to be the name of nine different persons in the Bible.

14. Neriah

The name Neriah is one of the most appealing names you can think of when looking for a unisex name for your child. It pertains to “light” or “lamp of God”.

15. Azariah

Traditionally a male name, Azariah rose to popularity in the past years. It is a gender-neutral name meaning “one who is helped by God”.

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