62 Fresh Names That Mean Green

Green is a beautiful soothing color that is related to all things nature. It signifies luck, prosperity and life.

Whether you are looking for names with a strong history, like Khidr, or something more unique and inspired by nature, like Oleander, there is a wide variety of names that mean green.

Let your child grow up to appreciate nature, have a life full of prosperity and be a source of luck and good fortune by exploring these different Green-inspired names for your baby.

Boy Names that Mean Green

Whether you want your boy to bring a renewed serenity or opt for a name with a strong history, here are some awesome boy’s names inspired by the gorgeous green color.

1. Khidr

The soothing name, Khidr, has a refreshing feel to it. Originating from Arabic roots, Khidr means “the green one” or “the Verdant One”. The name is also associated with the Name Of A Legendary Prophet Who Is Supposedly Immortal.

2. Berilo

The stunning name, Berilo, has Spanish and Greek roots meaning “beryl, pale green gemstone.” This graceful name evokes a positive and refreshing feel.

3. Aaranay

The Indian-originated name Aaranay means “wild forest”. The name signifies fertility, abundance, plentiful, greenery and generosity. It is perfect for a kid who loves nature.

4. Shadab

The Indian-originated name Shadab means happy, joyous, and fresh. People who have this name have earned fame around the world. It is the name of a Pakistani poet, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, as well as a renowned Pakistani cricketer, Shadab Khan.

5. Akhdar

Having roots in Arab, the name Akhdar, with its majestic feel, means “green”.

6. Aaranyan

Aaranyan is of Indian origin, meaning “forest” or “wild greenery”, signifying the beauty of the forest as your child’s wild nature.

7. Akhzari

Having Islamic roots, the lovely name Akhzari means “greenish”. It is a common Muslim name in the sub-continent.

8. Aranyak

Signifying generosity and greenery, the unique name Aranyak is a Hindi-originated name meaning “wild forest”.

9. Arda

Originating from Latin and Old English, Arda means “green forest”. Arda also has Turkish origins, where it is a gender-neutral name and means “scepter” or “bronze”.

10. Arvi

The name Arvi has Indian origins, meaning “fresh water” or “green water”. Whether you are fond of the soothing nature of water or someone who loves the color green, Arvi is a great choice for your bundle of joy.

11. Bercilak

The quirky name, Bercilak, has Scottish origins meaning “the green knight” and “mighty and powerful”. Bercilak is a great unique name for your boy to incorporate the true meaning of this name.

12. Bernlak

Having a Christian-Scottish background, Bernlak is an Arthurian Legend name meaning “the green knight.”

13. Bredbeddle

Having Old English roots, the blissful name Bredbeddle means “the green knight”. The name will surely enhance your child’s bold personality.

14. Cloru

Originating from Roman, Cloru is a Sicilian form of Chlorus, meaning “pale green.” This name is often found in Christianity.

15. Denton

Having an English origin, Denton means “from the town in the valley”. Invoke the freshness of the green color in your baby boy’s personality by giving her this exquisite name.

16. Dhrupal

Having roots in India, the dazzling name Dhrupal means “alush green place.”

17. Irving

Originating from Scottish and English roots, Irving means “green water or river”. It is primarily used as a surname and was inspired by the River Irvine.

18. Erwin

Erwin originates from Scottish English roots meaning “fresh and green water.” Germans also use this name for their baby boy meaning “a respected friend”. Variant spellings are Erwinn and Erwyn.

19. Garrwood

Having a folktale ring to it, the English-originated name, Garrwood, means “the forest or woodland which is full of green trees and bushes”. It is primarily used as a last name.

20. Hirav

Having roots in India, the classy name Hirav means “the lush greenery that covers the earth”. Invoke the freshness of the green color in your baby’s personality by giving him this lovely name.

21. Jaden

Inspired by the green gemstone Jade, The charismatic name with Spanish roots, Jaden, means “the name of the green gemstone.” It also has Hebrew origins, meaning “thankful.” Another variant spelling of the name is Jadyn.

22. Kadir

Kadir is a popular Muslim name meaning “spring greening”. It is also one of the names of the Lord in Islam, meaning “almighty” or “powerful”.

23. Oleander

Originating from Greek roots, Oleander means “evergreen tree”, making it an ideal name to give to your nature-loving baby.

24. Harial

The Hindu-originated name Harial means “green coloured” or “the common green pigeon”. It is derived from the Hindi word “hara,” meaning green.

25. Matlal

The fascinating name, Matlal, has Aztec origins, meaning “dark green.” Whether you like the color green or want to incorporate the luck it symbolizes, this is a great name for your boy.

26. Merald

Derived from the word Emerald, the green-colored precious gemstone, Merald, has Spanish origins and is often used by people of Judaism religion.

27. Vardon

Of Celtic origin, Vardon means “from the green hill.” The alluring name, Vardon, also has roots in Old French, meaning “green knoll.”

28. Benton

Originating from Great Britain, Benton is commonly used as a surname, meaning “town in the bent grass.”

29. Kusalin

Originally from Indian heritage, Kusalin is a rare name amongst Hindus. It means “green grass”. Another alternate meaning of the name is “the sacred”.

30. Nanoq

Naroq has roots in India, and people of the Judaism religion often name their boys Nanoq. Naroq means “one who lives by green bushes.” It has another variation of the meaning in Eskimo-Aleut, Greenlandic origins, which is “polar bear.”

Girl Names That Mean Green

Many cultures have names inspired by the beautiful color green, from Kirrily to Emerald; the choices are endless. So whether you want her to be nature-loving or have a life full of richness, listed below are some great names for girls inspired by the lovely green color.

1. Sylvia

The elegant Latin-originated name, Sylvia, means “from the forest.” Many famous people are associated with this beautiful name, including the famous American poet Sylvia Path.

2. Esmeralda

Having a princess feel to it, Esmeralda originates from Spanish and Portuguese, meaning “emerald”. Esmeralda gained popularity as the deuteragonist in Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

3. Cherlyn

The ravishing name Cherlyn has roots in Greek, meaning “green gemstone.” Other meanings of the name are “Freeman” and “Cherry fruit.” It also has origins in Old English, meaning “pure, little and womanly.”

4. Aranyaka

The mystical name Aranyaka has its roots in the Sanskriti word “aranya”, meaning “forest.” Aranyaka means “one who lives in forest” or “belonging to the wilderness”. It has roots in the classical literature of Hinduism.

5. Clora

Originating from America, Clora means “fresh, healthy and green” or “goddess of flowers.” A pretty and short name to give your little nature-loving flower.

6. Kirrily

Kirrily is a popular Aboriginal Maori name meaning “tree bark or leaf”. A unique name to give your baby girl to inspire her to love nature.

7. Clover

The modern and chic name, Clover, has English roots, meaning “meadow flower.” The leaves of a four-leave clover signify love, luck and hope. Incorporate these characteristics by giving this lovely name to your girl.

8. Hadassah

The charming name Hadassah has origins in Hebrew, meaning “myrtle tree,” which is a symbol of love and peace. In Biblical reference, Hadassah was known to be the Queen Esther of Persia. Whether you want her to embrace the same faithfulness that Queen Esther of Persia had or live her life in tranquillity, Hadassah is a beautiful green-inspired name.

9. Giada

The elegant name Giada is of Italian heritage, meaning “jade” or “valuable green stone”. A perfect name to give to your treasured little girl.

10. Midori

Having roots in Japan, the cute name Midori means “green.” Traditionally in Japan, giving names that mean a color symbolizes human characteristics; in this case, the color green signifies fame.

11. Jaida

The captivating name, Jaida, is inspired by Jade, the rare and precious gemstone. Having an English heritage, Jaida means “precious stone” or “greenstone.” Jaida is perfect for your girl, who is as precious and rare as this beautiful name.

12. Olive

Originating from English Origin, Olive means “olive tree”, which is mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of peace, prosperity, beauty and the relationship between the Lord and His people. Olive is a very common name and the name of many famous people, including an American silent-film actress, art model, and photo model, Olive Thomas.

13. Aneeza

Aneeza is a Muslim name and has roots in Arabic and Urdu. This charming name means “happiness and green valleys.” Incorporate the tranquility of green valleys in her happy spirit.

14. Yarkona

The unique name, Yarkona, has roots in Hebrew, meaning “green”. If you’re looking for a different name to give to your lovely baby girl, Yarkona is a great choice.

15. Zelenka

Zelenka stems from the word Zeleny, which means “green”. The name has Czech roots and is primarily used as a Czech and Slovak last name.

16. Orna

The lovely name Orna originated from Irish, meaning “little pale green one”. A perfect name to give your little girl who loves nature and the great outdoors.

17. Blerina

Blerina has a fresh and contemporary ring to it. The Swiss-originated name means “splendour” or “fresh greenness”.

18. Peridot

The French-originated name, Peridot refers to “green gemstone.” It is also said to have Arabic roots with the same meaning.

19. Myrtle

Inspired by the Myrtle tree, this Greek and Latin-originated name refers to the evergreen tree, symbolizing love, luck, and prosperity.

20. Ye

A short name that is used mainly in the Chinese community. Ye means “leaf”; it is often paired with Mei, which means beautiful. Ye-Mei would make a great Chinese name for an autumnal baby girl.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Green

Some names can be given to boys and girls alike, some that signify success and others that are inspired by nature. Have a look at these fantastic gender-neutral names that mean green.

1. Denver

Conjuring beautiful imagery of exquisite lush green mountains, Denver, with its Old English and French roots, means “green valley” or “from anvers.”

2. Binda

Beverley is a gender-neutral name, originally from Aboriginal culture, which means “green place.” An alternate meaning is “deep Water.” Whether you want your baby to have a deep soul or a fresh spirit, Binda is a great name.

3. Luntian

Originating from Filipino, the unisex name Luntian means “green.” It is a great choice for a baby having Filipino roots.

4. Cyan

A gender-neutral name, Cyan, is of English origin, which means “greenish blue color”. A variant spelling in traditional Gaelic is Cian, who was known to be the father of Lug and seducer of the Fomorian princess Ethniu in Irish mythology.

5. Greenlee

Commonly used as a last name, Greenlee means “from the green field.” Notable people with Greenlee as their surnames include American businessman, politician, and philanthropist Bob Greenlee and American jazz trombonist Charles Greenlee.

6. Moss

A unique name that is inspired by the dense green clumps of flowerless plants, the British-originated name means “savior” or “descendant of Moses.” renowned people having the name Moss is Moss Burmester, New Zealand swimmer and Moss Cass, an Australian politician.

7. Laurel

The unisex name Laurel refers to Laurel and Bay trees, giving it a fresh feel. In Greek mythology, the laurel wreath symbolizes success and peace, which is why it was worn by the god Apollo.

8. Mint

Giving off sophisticated vibes, the name Mint is of Latin origin, referring to the Mentha Herb. A more girly variation of the name is Minty or Minta.

9. Vert

Vert is derived from the Latin word virēre, which means “to show green growth” or “to be green.” A great choice for a baby who is a symbol of positivity and hope for others.

10. Grun

Grun, also written as Gruen, originates from German, meaning “green.” It is primarily used as a last name.

11. Sage

Known in English for being an aromatic spice, the Latin meaning of the name means “wise” or “healthy.”

12. Teal

Originating from America, the pretty name Teal means “greenish blue color.” It is also a breed of duck.

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