50+ Magnificent Names That Mean King

Are you looking to find a perfect name for your baby prince or princess? If you want to celebrate your child by giving them a distinguished or elevated name, one of these names that mean king might be just what you’re searching for.

Whether you want a king-related name that references a powerful ruler, or something that evokes the great aura of nobility, there are many choices to consider. From Idris to Viceroy, one of these royal names is sure to catch your eye.

So, if you’re ready to explore the realm of possibilities, take a look at these magnificent baby names that mean king.

Boy Names That Mean King

What better way to celebrate your boy than by giving him a divine and royal name that means king?

1. Viceroy

Strikingly unique, Viceroy is a majestic name of Latin and French origin that means “ruler who represents the king.”

2. Bodi

Similar in sound to the common American name, Brodi, Bodi is a Hungarian name that translates to mean “god-protected king.”

3. Caesar

The name of a famous Roman ruler, Caesar is a Latin name that means “king” or “ruler.”

4. Casper

Casper is a masculine name derived from Persian. It means “king of treasure,” and is also the name of a friendly cartoon ghost.

5. Cyrus

A sunny and regal name, Cyrus has roots in Persian and Greek. The meaning of this name translates to “sun king” and “one who bestows care.”

6. Alaric

Alaric is a very uncommon name that is of Germanic origin. It means “noble ruler,” “the people’s ruler,” or “elf ruler.”

7. Adelio

Another rare baby boy name, Adelio is of Spanish origin and means “king.”

8. Baron

Baron is a name with Old English roots that means “kingly warrior.” Suitable for a powerful little one.

9. Eze

Eze is a name perfect for parents of baby boys with ties to African culture. This name is of African origin and means “king” or “divine servant of the people.”

10. Arnold

Arnold is a boy’s name that means “strong ruler.” The origin of this name comes from both French and German.

11. Arsan

Fit for a baby boy with a regal presence, Arsan is an Arabic name that translates to “king or prince.”

12. Darius

A sweet yet masculine name, Darius is derived from Persian origin and means “kingly” or “upholder of good.” Perfect for a baby boy with a heart of gold.

13. Cyril

Cyril is a name suited for a courageous and cunning baby. This name is of Greek origin and means “masterful king.”

14. Delroy

Meaning “the king,” Delroy is a masculine but cute name for a baby boy and has origins in French.

15. Devendra

Deven for short, Devendra is a unisex name of Indian and Hindi origin. It means “king” or “chief of the gods,” making this name a great choice for a divine newborn.

16. Alfred

Alfred is a refined name that has roots in Old English. Alfie for short, this name means “counselor of elves.”

17. Ayham

Of Turkish origin, Ayham is a unique baby boy’s name that means “moon king.”

18. Cassander

A stylish and cool choice for a newborn boy, Cassander is derived from Greek and means “king.”

19. Addo

Addo is a Ghanian name that means “king of the path.” It is quite rare in the United States, so it’s a great choice for parents looking for a stand-out name.

20. Minos

The name of a famous king in Greek mythology, Minos stems from Greek and means “king.”

21. Aldrich

Aldrich is a lesser known name that comes from Old English. The meaning of the name translates to “wise ruler.”

22. Alroy

Alroy is a simple but distinctive baby boy name with Latin and Spanish roots. It means “the king.”

23. Eirik

More commonly spelled Eric or Erik, this name is derived from Old Norse and means “eternal ruler.”

24. Conrad

Conrad is a trendy name that has Germanic roots. The meaning of this name is “brave ruler,” making it a perfect name for a bold newborn.

25. Ameer

A name derived from Arabic, Ameer is a masculine name that means “prince” or “commander of an army.”

26. Augustus

Of Latin origin, Augustus is a royal name that means “emperor king.” In Roman history, Augustus was the name of a great leader.

27. Zoltan

Zoltan stems from Hungarian and Turkish origins. This brilliant and masculine name means “king.”

Girl Names That Mean King

Though most people may imagine a male figure when they think of the word king, there are plenty of majestic, royalty-inspired names that are perfect for a baby girl.

1. Avery

Avery is a sweet girl’s name with origin in Old English. The meaning of this name translates to “king of the elves.” It can also be spelled Avary or Averi.

2. Clovis

Reminiscent of the aromatic spice, clove, Clovis is a name with roots in French and German that means “elf king.”

3. Kinsley

A lovely name for a baby girl, Kinsley stems from Old English and means “king’s victory.” Perfect for parents who wish to commemorate the birth of their baby.

4. Paris

Refined and fit for a princess, Paris is a name of both French and Greek origin. Not only was Paris the prince of Troy in Greek mythology, but it is also the name of a famous count in a story told by Shakespeare.

5. Basil

Basil is an earthy and sweet name of Greek origin. A name of a popular herb, Basil also means “royal.”

6. Ara

Short and sweet, Ara is an Armenian name that means “king.”

7. Kian

Cute for a baby boy or a girl, Kian is a name with Persian roots that means “king” or “foundation.”

8. Vasya

Vasya is quite a rare name of Russian and Greek origin. The meaning of the name translates to “king” or “royal.”

9. Sigourney

Unique and lyrical, Sigourney is a name with French origin that means “daring king.” Perfect for a bold baby girl.

10. Alice

Alice is a classic name stemming from German origin. It means “noble.”

11. Rory

Rory is an adorable feminine name that has Gaelic roots. The meaning of Rory translates to “red king.”

12. Reagan

Of Irish origin, Reagan is a pretty girl’s name that means “little king.”

13. Rana

A more uncommon name, Rana is of Sanskrit origin. The meaning of this beautiful name is “king.”

14. Adelaide

Adelaide is a stunning name with German roots. It means “nobility,” and is also the name of a notable city in Australia.

15. Kingsley

With ties to Old English, Kingsley is a charming name for a baby girl. The meaning of the name is “king’s meadow,” which makes it both a natural and royal choice.

16. Kian

A unisex name, Kian has roots in both Persian and Irish culture. It means “king” or “realm.”

17. Rian

More commonly spelled as Ryan, Rian is a Gaelic and Irish name that translates to “little king.”

18. Aubrey

Aubrey is a name with ties to Old French. This timeless name means “king of the elves.”

19. Rey

Rey is a beautiful and feminine name. It means “king” and has Spanish origin.

20. Cassandra

Known as the name of multiple historic and mythological figures, Cassandra is a name with Greek roots that means “daughter of the king.”

21. Idris

Idris is a rare and unique name that has roots in Welsh and Arabic. The meaning of Idris translates to “ardent lord” or “prophet.”

22. Julian

A name shared by multiple rulers in Rome, Julian is of Greek and Latin origin and means “child of Jove.”

23. Terry

Terry is a unisex name with American roots, which meaning translates to “ruler of the people.”

24. August

A distinctive name for your newborn, August stems from the Latin name, Augustus, which means “exalted” or “great.”

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