45 Unique Names That Mean Poison

Are you on the lookout for baby names with the rarest of meanings? Unique and rare names, with interesting meanings. Well, what about names that mean “poison?” Sounds pretty far-fetched, I know. But do hear me out.

You may be skeptical, but first, check this list out. You are sure to be amazed at what it has to offer. Some of these names are absolute show-stoppers.

You’ll find names rich in culture, names with interesting backstories, and others that simply sound stunning. So hold your thoughts and check this list out.

Girl Names That Mean Poison

Some stunning girl names mean “poison.” Go right ahead and check these out.

1. Adikarah

Adikarah is a name originating from India. It is one of the many names associated with Lord Shiva. A powerful and exotic name with rich historical roots.

2. Halima

Halima is a name with both Sanskrit and Arabic origins. It means “poison spewing” in Sanskrit, and “forbearing,” “gentle,” and “generous” in Arabic. A beautiful name with diverse roots. The contradictory meanings are fascinating too.

3. Majele

Majele is a name of Yoruba origin, meaning “poison.” A unique name with such a pretty lyrical tone.

4. Merizi

Merizi is a name of Amharic origin, meaning “poison.” This one sounds uniquely beautiful.

5. Wininu

Wininu is a name of Aymara origin, meaning “poison.” This one sounds adorable too.

6. Otrova

Otrova is a name of Bulgarian origin, meaning “poison.”

7. Viha

Viha is a name of Divehi origin, meaning “poison.” Is it not a pretty name?

8. Jhera

Jhera is a name of Gujarati origin, meaning “poison.” Quite an unusual, but very pretty name.

9. Mereg

Mereg is a name of Hungarian origin, meaning “poison.” An adorable name, isn’t it?

10. Nimhe

Nimhe is a name of Irish origin, meaning “poison.” It’s a name with such a jolly ring to it.

11. Ivy

Ivy is a name of British origin. It is the name of a toxic plant named “poisonous ivy.“ However, it does have other variations in its meaning, according to Greek culture, “ivy” represents eternity and fidelity.

12. Zehar

Zahar is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “poison.” A really pretty name, isn’t it?

13. Viper

Viper is a name of French origin, meaning “snake.” One cannot deny just how frighteningly cool the name is.

14. Rafflesia

Rafflesia is the name of a rare flower. It is exclusively found in the rainforests of Indonesia.

15. Solanine

Solanine is a name of French origin, meaning “poisonous substance in nightshade.” An exotic name with a modern ring to it.

Boy Names That Mean Poison

The meaning “poison” also offers some very fascinating boy name choices. These names will surely pique your interest.

1. Armitox

Armitox is a name combination of 2 Latin words “armiger” and “to.” Armitox means “poison bearer.” Sure sounds like a force to be reckoned with.

2. Brhadvisa

Brhadvisa is a name of Hindu origin, meaning “extremely poisonous.” A dangerously beautiful name.

3. Fani

Fani is a name of French origin, meaning “snake” or “hood of a poisonous snake.” Despite its cryptic meaning, you can’t deny the name sounds adorable.

4. Hemlock

Hemlock is a name of Greek origin. It is the name of a poison used to kill prisoners who were condemned.

5. Halimaka

Halimaka is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “poison spewing.” This one sounds charmingly mighty, does it not?

6. Herik

Herik is a name of Gujarati origin, meaning “poisonous.” Herik is also used to refer to someone who leads an army. A handsome and unique name.

7. Mamba

Mamba is a name of East African origin. It is the name of a poisonous, fast-moving snake, which is also among the most poisonous snakes in the world. Mamba is also associated with the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant.

8. Veneno

Veneno is a name of Italian origin, meaning “toxic substance” or “stinging sensation.” The name is also associated with the hypercar Lamborghini Veneno.

9. Venom

Venom is a name originating from Latin, meaning “magical charm” or “potent drug.”

10. Ubuthi

Ubuthi is a name of Zulu origin, meaning “poison.”

11. Awuduro

Awuduro is a name of Akan origin, meaning “poison.” Does this not give out such masculine charm?

12. Helm

Helm is a name of Albanian origin, meaning “poison.”

13. Otrov

Otrov is a name of Bosnian origin, meaning “poison.”

14. Hilo

Hilo is a name of Cebuanco origin, meaning “poison.” Sounds adorable, doesn’t it?

15. Velenu

Velenu is a name of Corsican origin, meaning “poison.”

16. Lason

Lason is a name of Filipino origin, meaning “poison.”

17. Jed

Jed is a name of Czech origin, meaning “poison.”

18. Obutwa

Obutwa is a name of Ganda origin, meaning “poison.”

19. Dilitirio

Dilitirio is a name of Greek origin, meaning “poison.” An exotic name, totally giving out masculine vibes.

20. Guba

Guba is a name of Hausa origin, meaning “poison.”

21. Racun

Racun is a name of Indonesian origin, meaning “poison.” This name gives vibes of mischief!

22. Veleno

Veleno is a name of Italian origin, meaning “poison.”

23. Doku

Doku is a name of Japanese origin, meaning “poison.” This is an adorable name.

24. Uburozi

Uburozi is a name of Kinyarwanda origin, meaning “poison.”

25. Rancor

Rancor is a name with multiple origins; English, French, and Latin. Rancor means “bitter, deep-seated ill will.”

26. Spite

Spite is a name originating from Middle English, meaning “insolence, shame, ridicule, anger.”

27. Durvish

Durvish is a name of Indian origin, meaning “cannot be affected by the poison.” A classy and charming name for your baby boy.

28. Garutmat

Garutmat is a name of Indian origin, meaning “winged one who protects against poison.” A name of power, with rich cultural roots.

29. Vish

Vish is a name of Indian origin, meaning “poison.” It’s a pretty adorable name.

30. Visham

Visham is a name of Indian origin, meaning “poison.”

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