Rule the World: Majestic Names That Mean Queen

A queen is a female ruler or a woman eminent in rank, power, or attraction. From the storybooks that you read to the movies you watch or ancient mythology that you are fond of, she is everywhere.  Even in real life, queens are present – with or without a tiara. They are well-respected and loved by their people.

As parents, you want your children to be as confident and as classy as a queen.  You want them to be treated in a way that people will love and adore them. You want them to realize that they can rule their world, capable of making their own decisions as you guide them in their royal journey. Mentioned below are 100 regal names that mean queen appropriate for your little ruler.

Girl Names That Mean Queen

These are queen-related names that your little daughter will surely desire.

1. Dione

Dione is a Greek word that stands for “goddess”. In Greek mythology, the name was used by the first wife of the sky god, Zeus, who was known as the king of all gods – making her the queen. One of the moons of the planet Saturn was also named after this.

2. Elizabeth

Of course, you should not forget about this name when naming your little queen. Considered the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and the second longest-serving monarch in the world, Elizabeth II was the name of the former queen of the UK. She served for 70 years and 7 months.

3. Alexandra

Alexandra is a girl’s name of Geek origin meaning “defender of mankind”. Alexandra of Denmark was also a queen of the United Kingdom and an Empress consort of India who reigned from 1901 to 1910 as the wife of King Edward VII. Additionally, Alexandra is the second name of the former queen of the UK, Elizabeth II.

4. Riona

The female name Riona is of Irish origin translating to “queenly”. Rio would be a cute nickname for this.

5. Queen

The name Queen is of British origin that signifies a female ruler. This is a name that you can consider giving your elegant little queen as she rules her world.

6. Malka

Of Hebrew origin, Malka is a feminine name that means “queen”. Malika is the Arabic variant of this name.

7. Rana

Rana is a two-syllable eye-catching female name of Arabic origin that translates to “queenly”. The name is used by a famous content creator from the Philippines, Rana Harake, who now has 3.29 million YouTube subscribers and counting.

8. Morrigan

The Irish name Morrigan is a name usually given to girls, which refers to “phantom queen”. In Irish-Celtic mythology, Morrigan was the name of the great warrior-queen who was known as the goddess of death, destiny, and battle.

9. Tiana

Tiana is a Slavic name for girls, which pertains to “fairy queen”. It earned more popularity because of the 2009 Disney film, The Princess and The Frog, which has its main protagonist named Tiana.

10. Persephone

In Greek mythology, Persephone was known for being the queen of the underworld and the goddess of spring, harvest, and fertility. If you are a fan of mythologies and you’re a soon-to-parent, then you should consider trying this one.

11. Berenice

Berenice is a female name of Greek origin implying “bringer of victory”. The second queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt was named Berenice I.

12. Rhiannon

Of Welsh origin, Rhiannon is a feminine name meaning “great queen” or “divine queen”. The name was used by the goddess of fertility and the moon in Welsh mythology.

13. Mira

Mira is a girl’s name of multiple origins, which stands for “admirable”, “female ruler”, “peace”, and “ocean”. A notable character who possesses the name is the Academy awardee American actress, Mira Katherine Sorvino.

14. Victoria

Victoria was the queen of the United Kingdom who served for 63 years and 7 months, making her reigning period known as the Victorian era.

15. Saowanee

Saowanee is a Thai name for girls, which means “greeting from the Thai queen”. If you have a thing for Thai culture, then this one is for you.

16. Harriet

The female name Harriet is an English name meaning “estate ruler”. In German, it refers to “home ruler”.

17. Regina

Of multiple origins, Regina is a feminine name translating to “queen” or “the ruler”. It was the name given to the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada, which is often known as the queen city.

18. Iphigenia

Iphigenia is a Greek name for girls, which means “of royal birth” or “born to strength”. In Greek mythology, Iphigenia was the daughter of Agamemnon, whom he was commanded to kill as a sacrifice to allow his ships to sail to Troy.

19. Reinette

The French name Reinette is a name suitable for your daughter, as it stands for “little queen”. Madame de Pompadour, colloquially known as Reinette, was the official chief mistress of King Louis XV from 1745 to 1751.

20. Henrietta

Henrietta is of French and English origins, and a female name that means “estate ruler” or “home ruler”. It is a name derived from its French masculine form Henry.

21. Tiara

Tiara is a Latin name fitting for girls, meaning “crown”, “queen”, or “royalty jewels”. Tiara Andini is an Indonesian singer and actress who has this name.

22. Meredith

Of Welsh origin, the feminine name Meredith refers to a “great ruler”. The name of main protagonist of the American medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith Grey.

23. Raine

Raine is a female name of French origin that translates to “queen” or “she is singing”. You can also use different spellings like Rain, Reine, or Rainey for a more endearing name.

24. Aubrey

The English name Aubrey is a girl’s name translated to “elf ruler”. A notable character who was given the name is the American actress and comedian known for her deadpan style, Aubrey Plaza.

25. Walda

Primarily a female name, Walda is of Old German origin referring to “ruler”.

26. Iolani

Iolani is a Hawaiian feminine name that pertains to “royal hawk”. It was the name of the royal palace which was considered the official residence of the Hawaiian kingdom’s last two monarchs, until Queen Liliuokalani, who became the first sovereign queen and last monarch of Hawaii.

27. Catherine

Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, was the longest-reigning empress of Russia who reorganized the Russian law code.

28. Empress

Empress is an English name signifying a “female ruler of an empire or a vast kingdom”. This name is also used by a multitalented Filipino personality, Empress Schuck.

29. Thema

Thema is a captivating name fitting for your little queen, and is of multiple origins translating to “queen”.

30. Thailah

The feminine name Thailah is of Thai origin meaning “queen”.

31. Geraldine

Geraldine is the feminization of the masculine name Gerald, which stands for “ruler with a spear” or “spear ruler”. Geraldine of Oponice was known for being the first and only Albanian queen in history, in which she reigned for less than a year.

32. Erica

Of German origin, Erica is a lovely girl’s name implying “regal majesty”.

33. Ketevan

Ketevan is a Georgian female name that signifies “queen of the house”. Ketevan the Martyr was a queen consort of a kingdom in Georgia called Kakheti.

34. Federica

Federica is a common name for girls derived from Italian origin referring to a “peaceful ruler”. Rica can make a nice nickname for this.

35. Semiramis

In Babylonian mythology, Semiramis was known as the queen of Assyria and the only woman to ever rule the Assyrian empire.

36. Rory

Rory is a feminine name with Gaelic and Irish roots, which pertains to a “red ruler”.

37. Queenie

The name Queenie is like the cutest version of Queen. If you want a name as quirky as your daughter, then you’re on the right track.

38. Reyna

Reyna is the Tagalog translation of queen, which can also serve as a classic name for your little majesty. You can also use other variants like Raina o Reina if you are craving a name with a smoother aura for your child.

39. Isabella

Isabella was the hereditary queen of Castile from 1474 until she died in 1504. She was also known as Isabella the Catholic.

40. Proserpine

In Roman mythology, Proserpine was the name of the queen of the underworld. It is the equivalent of the Greek Persephone.

41. Isolde

Isolde is a feminine name of German origin translating to “ice ruler”.

42. Aybüke

The female-given name Aybüke is of Turkish origin referring to a “queen as beautiful as the moon”. The name was made more popular by the Miss Earth Turkey 2014 titleholder, Aybüke Pusat.

43. Vasilia

Vasilia is a girl’s name of Greek origin signifying “royal” or “queenly”.

44. Margrethe

Queen Margrethe II has been the first female monarch of Denmark since Margrethe I and is still the reigning queen of the Danish monarchy since 1972.

45. Quenby

The English name Quenby is a feminine name that stands for “queen’s settlement”.

46. Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the queen and the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt before it was annexed as a province of Rome. She was a pharaoh known for being highly intelligent and politically valuable.

47. Roderica

Of German origin, Roderica is a name commonly used by women, which refers to a “renowned ruler”.

48. Ece

Ece is a Turkish name for women, which translates to “queen” or “mother”. In Turkish mythology, it was the name of the goddess of Earth and fertility.

49. Quanda

Quanda is a female-given name of African and American origins, which stands for “queen”.

50. Milcah

Milcah is a Hebrew name for girls, which stands for “queen”. It is a variant of Malka.

Boy Names That Mean Queen

Here are some queenly names perfect for your magnificent baby boy.

1. Alaric

Of German origin, Alaric is a masculine name meaning “all-powerful ruler”. It was the name of the first king of Visigoths, the western tribes of Goths.

2. Quinton

Quinton is a boy’s name of English and Latin origins, which pertains to “queen’s manor”. A notable character who uses the name is Quinton Aaron, an American actor who was known for his portrayal of Big Mike in the 2009 award-winning movie, The Blind Side.

3. Theodoric

The German name Theodoric is a male name referring to  “people’s ruler”. It was the name of the king of the Ostrogoths who believed that it is possible to reconcile Roman and Germanic interests.

4. Eero

Eero is a charming Finnish name for boys, which stands for “eternal ruler”.

5. Derek

Derek is a masculine name of English origin signifying “the people’s ruler”. Derek Ramsay, 46 years old, is a famous British-Filipino actor who uses the name.

6. Vladimir

Vladimir is a Slavic boy’s name implying “great ruler”, “peaceful ruler”, or “ruler of the world”. A well-known character who holds the name is the current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

7. Landry

The name Landry is a male-given name of French and Engish origins, which means “ruler”. The American professional basketball player, Landry Shamet, plays for the Phoenix Suns.

8. King

In context, the king is the male equivalent of the queen. It is a name of British origin that signifies “monarch” or “ruler”.

9. Vasili

Vasili is a Greek name for men, which translates to “royal” or “kingly”. Vasili Zaitsev is a Soviet sniper who killed 40 enemy soldiers during World War II.

10. Zolten

Of Hungarian origin, the masculine name Zolten means “sultan” or “ruler”.

11. Rico

Rico is a Spanish name for boys translating to “dominant ruler” or “brave ruler”. Rico Blanco, a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actor, endorser, and entrepreneur, is a famous Filipino personality who uses the name.

12. Edric

Commonly used by boys, Edric is an English name referring to a “wealthy ruler”. Edric was the name of the mountain king in the third installment of the Dark Parables game, Rise of the Snow Queen.

13. Waldemar

Waldemar is a male name of German origin meaning “famous ruler”. It was the name of the  king of Denmark who was mostly known for reclaiming the lands of Denmark after bankruptcy and mortgaging the country under the previous rulers.

14. Amir

Amir is a boy’s name with Hebrew and Arabic roots, which stands for “ruler”, “prince”, or “treetop”.

15. Richard

The German name Richard is usually given to boys, signifying “dominant ruler”. Richard III was the last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty.

16. Roderick

Of German origin, the name Roderick translates to “famous ruler”. He was known as the last king of the Goths.

17. Walter

Meaning “army ruler”, Walter is a masculine name of German origin.

18. Arrigo

The Italian name Arrigo is a boy’s name meaning “estate ruler”. Arrigo Boito, an Italian poet who is best known today for his libretti, is a historical character who possesses the name.

19. Harry

Hary is a male name of English origin translating to “estate ruler”. A famous holder of the name is Prince Harry, a member of the British royal family and fifth in line for the British throne.

20. Kendrick

Kendrick is a boy’s name with English and Scottish roots, which stands for “royal ruler” or “champion”.

21. Aldrich

Aldrich is a British masculine name signifying “old”, “wise”, “ruler” or “strong as an eagle”. In the animated American television series, Amphibia, the name of the previous ruler of Amphibia is King Aldrich Leviathan.

22. Gerald

Derived from English and Irish origins, Gerald is a boy’s name referring to “ruler with the spear”.

23. Eric

Eric is an Old Norse name for boys, translating to “eternal ruler”. Eric XIV was the king of Sweden from 1560 to 1569.

24. Kenton

Kenton is a common English name for boys, which pertains to “the royal settlement”. A county located in the northern part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky was named Kenton.

25. Bardrick

Bardrick is a Teutonic boy’s name translating to “axe ruler”.

26. Harold

Of Scandinavian origin, the male-given name Harold means “army ruler”. It was the name of the last-crowned Anglo-Saxon king, Harold Godwinson.

27. Czar

Czar is a masculine name of Balkan origin meaning “ruler”. Czar Nicholas II was the last Russian emperor.

28. Henry

Henry is a German name for boys, which translates to “estate ruler”.Known for his tumultuous love life, King Henry VII was the king of England who was credited for the establishment of the Royal Navy.

29. Arnold

Arnold, an English name suitable for boys, refers to “ruler” or “strong as an eagle”.

30. Dietrich

Dietrich is a German name fitting for your son that implies “ruler of the people”.

31. Frederick

Of German origin, Frederick is a boy’s name that pertains to “peaceful ruler”. Frederick II was a king of Prussia who helped expand Prussia’s territories and made Prussia the foremost military power in Europe.

32. Reggie

The Latin name Reggie is a male-given name that signifies “peaceful ruler”.

33. Arne

Arne is a name of Dutch and Scandinavian origins, meaning “ruler” or “strong as an eagle”.

34. Sultan

Sultan is known as the Swahili term for “ruler”. It is a position with several historical meanings.

35. Hank

Commonly used by boys, the German name Hank translates to “estate ruler”.

36. Ricardo

Ricardo is a name with Spanish and Portuguese roots, implying “dominant ruler”.

37. Herrick

The German name Herrick is a masculine name that pertains to a “war ruler”.

38. Ronald

Of Norse origin, the male name Ronald means “ruler’s counsel”.

39. Sire

Sire is a common term used in addressing male royalties. It can be a creative name for your noble little king.

40. Fritz

Of German origin, the masculine name Fritz translates to “peaceful ruler”.

Unisex Names That Mean Queen

Listed below are some noble gender-neutral names that mean queen.

1. Juno

Of Latin origin, Juno is a unisex name meaning “queen of heaven”. It is the name of the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth, Hera.

2. Rani

Rani is a common gender-neutral name of Sanskrit origin translating to “queen”, “she is singing”, or “joyous song”. Rani of Jhansi was an Indian queen and was one of the leading figures of the 1857 Indian Rebellion.

3. Avery

Avery is a name with English and French roots that can be used by both genders. It stands for “ruler of elves”.

4. Royal

The name Royal is an English gender-neutral name signifying “of the king”. Being a royal means having a status of a king or a queen.

5. Donnelle

The Gaelic Donnelle is a unisex name that refers to “world leader”.

6. Raja

Commonly used in Hinduism, the name Raja is a name fitting for both boys and girls, which implies “queen” or “ruler”.

7. Deon

Of German origin, Deon is a gender-neutral name that translates to “divine queen”.

8. Ratu

Ratu is an Indonesian name suitable for both genders, which stands for “queen of men”.

9. Teuta

Teuta, an Albanian unisex name, pertains to “queen”. Teuta was the name of a queen regent of the Ardiaei tribe in Illyria.

10. Ayuke

The Turkish name Ayuke is a name that you can give your child regardless of their gender. It translates to “queen of the moon”.

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