51 Names That Mean Time for Your Boundless Wonder

Looking for a special baby name that will withstand the test of time? Whether you want to express your newborn’s eternal spirit or your excitement to watch them grow and change with the seasons, take a look at these timeless choices.

Time-related names evoke wisdom and the endless cycle of life. They often reflect concepts of the future, longevity, and new beginnings. From Alula to Neon, one of these names is certain to help your boundless baby make an everlasting mark on the world.

So, if you’re ready to explore your options for a classic, trendy, or distinctive time-inspired baby name, look no further.

Girl Names That Mean Time

These names evoke a sense of endless love. If you want your baby girl to represent the beauty of life’s rhythms, consider one of these names.

1. Aroa

Aroa is a feminine name with Basque and Spanish roots. It is derived from the word aro, which means “era,” “age,” and “time.”

2. Aiyana

Aiyana is of Native American origin and translates to “eternal flower” or “forever flowering.” It’s a perfect name for your sweet little girl.

3. Oriana

Oriana is a Latin and Italian name meaning “sunrise” or “dawn.” Oriana brings about the feeling of new beginnings and natural beauty.

4. Cerelia

Cerelia is a modern feminine name of Greek and Latin origin. This name means “relating to springtime” and evokes the feeling of new life.

5. Sesha

Sesha is a feminine name with Arabic origin. It has the meaning “serpant of time” and carries the feelings of strength and wisdom. Though not as popular as some other names on this list, it is definitely trendy.

6. Athanasia

Athanasia is a unique Greek name meaning “eternal life.” It also refers to a beautiful golden flower, and was the name of a Greek saint who was said to perform healing miracles.

7. Chira

Chira is a name of Indian origin that means “permanent” or “lasting a long time.” This name is usually used for baby girls in Hindu families.

8. Amarante

Amarante comes from the Greek word amarantos, which means “unfading.” It is a delicate and unique name, though it is still relatively rare in the U.S.

9. Edeosa

Edeosa stems from Benin and African lineage. It translates to “God’s time.”

10. Erica

Erica is a classic female name that has Scandinavian roots and means “ever powerful” or “eternal ruler.” You could also use the alternative spelling, Erika, to add some uniqueness.

11. Kumiko

A name with Japanese origin, Kumiko translates to “long time” and “beautiful.” It’s a lovely choice for baby girls with Japanese roots.

12. Alula

Alula is a name with Arabic origin, and it means “the first leap.” It’s carries a musical sound and is suitable for first born baby girls.

13. Renee

Renee has its roots in French, meaning “reborn” or “born again.” Also spelt Rene, this name can sometimes be used for baby boys, though it is more often seen in its feminine form.

14. Summer

Summer is a great seasonal name with British roots. It refers to the brightest time of year and the beauty of summer, making it perfect for a balmy baby girl.

15. Afreyea

Also spelt Afryea, this is a Ghanaian name that means “born during delightful times.” This name is certainly unique and great for parents who want to celebrate or commemorate the birth of their daughter.

16. Zara

Zara is an name deriving from Arabic roots, meaning “blooming flower” or “radiance.” Symbolic of the continuous cycle of life, this is a stunning name for a newborn girl.

17. Sybil

Sybil is a name with Greek origin, meaning “prophetess” or “oracle.” A nice match for babies with bright futures.

18. Mirai

A sweet sounding name with Japanese roots, Mirai means “future.”

19. Khalida

Khalida is the feminine version of the popular Arabic name, Khalid. It means “immortal” or “eternal.”

20. Aina

Aina is name with Scandinavian origin, meaning “always.” It is also a name used in Japan where it translates to “love.”

21. Gila

A delicate sounding name, Gila has Hebrew origin and means “everlasting joy.”

22. Dawn

Dawn is a classic and feminine name with Old English roots. It means “the first appearance of light.”

23. Lila

An elegant name stemming from Arabic origin, Lila means “night” and “beauty.”

24. Perpetua

Perpetua is a stunning name with Latin roots. It translates to “forever” or “perpetual.” Certainly fit for a unique baby girl.

25. Tancy

A beautiful name of Greek heritage, Tancy means “immortal.”

26. Mandana

Mandana is a pretty girl’s name with Persian roots, meeting “everlasting.”

Boy Names That Mean Time

Below are some baby boy names that represent the strength of time. Maybe you want the name of your newborn to evoke a sense of new beginnings, or maybe something along the lines of limitlessness. Either way, this list will have you covered.

1. Ambrose

Ambrose derives its origin from the Latin name Ambrosius, meaning “immortal.” It is also related to the Greek word ambrosia, which refers to a sweet nectar known in mythology for enhancing vitality.

2. Javed

A name stemming from Persia, Javed means “eternity” or “forever.”

3. Arius

Arius comes from Greek roots, and means “immortal.” It also has the meaning of “a warlike spirit,” making Arius a name most suitable for baby boys with fiery and strong spirits.

4. Lagan

Originally stemming from Arabic, the meaning of Lagan translates to “right time” or “appropriate time.”

5. Cronus

Cronus is a unique boy name with Greek roots, meaning “god of time.” It refers to Chronos, the Greek god of time, and can also be spelt alternatively as Kronos.

6. Zarvan

Zarvan is a masculine name of Persian origin, and it means “god of time.” A powerful name for your newborn boy.

7. Elam

Elam is a male Hebrew name meaning “forever.” It is also the name of one of Noah’s sons five children in the bible.

8. Issey

Issey is a male name stemming from Japanese origin, translating to “first born.” Also the name of a name designer, this is a name fit for a stylish baby boy.

9. Debare

Debare is a name with Nigerian origin that means “born during good times.” This name serves as a great commemoration of your boy’s birth.

10. Kairos

A name with Ancient Greek roots, Kairos refers to “an opportune time” or “a time of fulfillment.” This is a masculine and powerful name that hasn’t reached popularity in the U.S. quite yet.

11. Neo

Neo is a name stemming from Latin origin, meaning “new life.” Known as the name of the main character in the Matrix movie series, this name is trendy and unique.

12. Neon

Neon originates from a Greak word meaning “new” and “strong.” Also commonly associated with bright lights, Neon brings about an energetic feeling.

13. Elifur

A stylish-sounding name, Elifur has Norse roots and means “once in a lifetime.”

14. Phoenix

Phoenix is a unisex name with Greek origins, referring to the cycle of time of life. Though unisex, it is more commonly used for baby boys.

15. Iffan

Iffan stems from Arabic, and means “time” or “of the season.”

16. Tempo

Tempo is a name of Latin roots. It is used to describe the timing of a beat. Musical in nature, Tempo is a great choice for parents with a passion for rhythm.

17. Horaz

A unique name with origins in Latin, Horaz means “timekeeper.” Other variations include Horatio, Horace, and Horatius.

18. Zaman

Zaman is a name that stems from Arabic, meaning “time, age, and era.” It can also be spelt as Zamaan.

19. Anadi

This magical name has Hindi origin. It means “one who does not have an end, nor a beginning.”

20. Tanek

Tanek is name with Polish roots, and it means “he who is immortal.”

21. Yong

Yong is a popular Chinese name, meaning “perpetual” or “eternal.” It is also sometimes used to mean “brave.”

22. Ananta

Ananta is stylislh a name with Sanskrit roots, and it means “endless” or “limitless.”

23. Winter

A name that can be masculine or feminine, Winter has English roots. It refers to the season and reflects the beauty of the colder months.

24. Epoch

The name Epoch stems from Latin. It means  “age” or “period of time.” Definitely a standout name for a baby boy.

25. Idan

Idan is a unique Hebrew name, meaning “era of time.”

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