100 Names That Mean Blue Inspired by Sea, Sky, and Gems

Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting part of becoming a parent. If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not consider the color blue – the color of the sky, and the sea. It can also be found in nature, gems, and people’s eyes.

Plenty of baby boy names are inspired by the prettiest blue things in the beautiful world around us. For instance, the sky and the sea are two obvious sources of inspiration. Blue-hued things like flowers, gemstones, and fruits can also be great sources for baby names.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 awesome names for your baby girl or boy. From classic names like Blue and Ocean to unique picks like Aqua and Turquoise, there’s sure to be a perfect name you will admire forever.

Here is a myriad of baby names that mean Blue, inspired by the sky, the sea, and all the blue elements of the world known for their magnificence.

Girl Names That Mean Blue

The spectacular baby girl names on our list are some of the more unique ones. If you want to get your hands on a first name or a middle name that means blue, stay tuned!

1. Afina

Galen is a Romanian girl’s name that originated from Hebrew. It means blueberry and is considered one of the top-notch names for adorable baby girls. It’s a name you’d like to sneak a taste of!

2. Maya

A Hebrew name that has its roots linked to Spain and Greece. Maya means water implying the deep blue sea. Maya is abundantly found in Greek mythology. Muslims also name their daughters Maya.

3. Doli

This is a Native American name that means bluebird. The origin of Doli, i.e., Navajo, sets it apart, making it a versatile choice. Indians also use this name for their baby girls. Another meaning of Doli is the gift of god.

4. Azure

As stunning as it sounds, Azure is a Spanish name that means sky blue. Azure originated from France and is a beautiful feminine name for you, little princess. Azure refers to a hue that stands between blue and cyan. People with this name are sophisticated and romantic by nature.

5. Lapis

Lapis is an Egyptian name that refers to the charming deep blue lapis lazuli gemstone. Lapis means dark blue, making a perfect trendy name for girls.

6. Bluebell

Bluebell is an adorable feminine English name that signifies the glorious “blue flower.” The name, just like the ornamental flower, symbolizes gratitude, love, constancy, and humility.

7. Marilee

Marilee is a Welsh name meaning star of the sea. Some related names for Marilee would be Marilyn, Mari, and Mary. You can use them as a short version of Marilee. Marilee also means meadows, giving a vintage vibe. The name has an American origin.

8. Claramay

Claramay stems from English and represents a cheerful combination of Pink and Blue hues. It means “bright, beloved,” exactly how you want your princess to be.

9. Okelani

This is a Hawaiian name that means “from Heaven.” Name your girl Okelani because she’s undoubtedly descended from the heavens to bless your home sweet home. Okelani represents a person with sky-high ambitions and mesmerizing beauty.

10. Atasi

Atasi is an Indian name that came from Hindustan. It refers to the traditional “blue flower” and is an exceptionally delightful name for your little girl. The lucky number for Atasi is 5.

11. Iris

Iris is a Greek name for baby girls. It symbolizes the blue flower, meaning “symbol of power.” Iris also refers to the goddess of the rainbow. Girls named Iris have high self-esteem, independence, and self-assurance. The word Iris is pronounced, “ey-rus.”

12. Sini

Sini is a fantastic name for girls. The word “sini” has been derived from “sinikka,” which is a modified form of “sininen,” meaning blue in Finnish. Sini sounds like a romantic, poetic name. Sini is also found in Malayalam, India, for a girl having a fair skin tone.

13. Neela

Neela, alternatively used as Nila, is a Sanskrit name for girls. Neela has multiple meanings, including bluebird and sapphire blue, all related to the blue color. The word Nila comes from its geographical location, the River Nile.

14. Mazarine

The name Mazarine was born in France, and it refers to an eye-catching deep blue color. Historically, this name was inspired by a French cleric named Mazarin in the 17th century. Mazarine means “dark blue” and refers to the Mazarine Blue butterfly 🦋.

15. Jaibrian

A unique name stemming from Arab, having the beautiful meanings of strength and nobility associated with the bluebird, Jaibrian is sure to make your baby feel exceptional forever.

16. Owaissa

Owaissa is a Native American name that represents the glorious song of Hiawatha, the bluebird. This name is for girls and is primarily found in Judaism. Owaissa’s lucky number is 6. This name also signifies an Indian legend, The Legend of Owaissa.

17. Cyane

Cyane, as the name suggests, is a blueish name derived from Greek. It refers to a bright shade of blue color, and its meaning is “bright blue enamel.” Cyane was also a naiad in Greek mythology.

18. Amrin

Amrin is a Muslim name bearing extreme royalty and giving her a princess feel. As exotic as it sounds, Amrin refers to a lovely princess, which means blue sky. Amrin and Amreen have the same meaning, pronunciation, and personality traits.

19. Firuzeh

Firuzeh is a deluxe name for girls that hails from Persia; hence, the Persian version Piroūzeh. It means turquoise and represents the extraordinary bluish-green gemstone in jewels.

20. Livie

An awe-inspiring name with a Latin background – Livie packs as much love as you have for your daughter. Livie sounds delicate, feminine, and minimalistic at the same time. You can also use it as a nickname for your baby doll.

21. Odeta

What about trying a term with Albanian and Romanian roots? Odeta means blue sea, and this name will surely give depth to your girl’s personality, making her an outstanding, strong woman.

22. Nilam

Nilam, also known as Neelam, is a Muslim name for girls, especially with blue eyes.  It means a lighter shade of blue and blue sapphire. This name is used around the globe for its cool sensation. Nilam hails from Sanskrit.

23. Neelu

Neelu is an adorable Hindu name used as the primary and short lead. Neelu is also a lovely nickname for girls named Neelam or Neela. It means diamond, and it represents a beautiful bluish-green shade on the color palette.

24. Bluesette

Bluesette originated in America. It means blues song and represents the name of instrumental Jazz. This is a fantastic, trendy, and modern name for Christian girls. The name numerology for Bluesette is 1, second to none!

25. Sunila

Yes! Sunila is the female version of Sunil, with a similar background – Hindustan. Sunila is an Indian name for girls. It is expressed in the meaning of sapphire blue for its vibrant blue beauty.

26. Aeluin

Aeluin is a fabulous baby girl representing Australian Mountain Lake or blue lake. It’s pronounced as Ay-Loo-een. This English name signifies beauty, making it a perfect choice for your baby princess.

27. Gormlaith

An Irish name for girls meaning bright blue princess is a great pick in Scotland and Ireland. Gorm comes from Irish, meaning blue, and laith refers to sovereignty. Multiple ways to call this name include GOORM-la, GUR-um-la, and GORM-la.

28. Aquanetta

Aquanetta originated from Latin and gained popularity in Greece, Africa, Spain, and America for its vibrant beauty and cool sensation. Its meaning is a water spirit, representing the blue-green color exhibited by water bodies. The pronunciation is AK-WA-NE-TA.

29. Kehlani

Kehlani comes from Polynesia, and its meanings include sky and sea. It has multiple variations, such as Keilani, Kailani, and Kaylani. The name is pronounced key-LA-nee. Kehlani is a modern-style, trendy name in the States. This name symbolizes love, opportunities, potential, and limitlessness.

30. Azula

Azula represents a cool, strong girl. The name originated in America. In Spanish, Azula means blue. It is one of the rarest names meaning blue. The pronunciation is ah-ZOO-luh, and the name prevails among celebrities like crazy.

31. Larmina

Larmina has a Persian and Afghani background. This miraculous term means blue sky as your sweet girl deserves to be named. The name is commonly found in Muslim communities. Lam-uh-nee is the pronunciation for Larmina.

32. Linna

Linna arises from Scandinavia and has a Swedish background. Linna means small blue flower and is a top pick in German and has multiple name variants like Linnea, Lina, and Linn. You may pronounce it as LEE-NAH.

33. Bluebell

A popular name for girls in England has to do with the amazing bluebell flower. It is ranked among some top names.

Boy Names That Mean Blue

These cool and adorable boy names are a treasure trove for you, allowing you to gain a diverse perspective and name your baby in the best way possible.

1. Ruka

Ruka is a Japanese name of Maori origin. This word has a deep spiritual essence, and its meaning is a bright blue flower. The name is commonly picked for baby boys.

2. Sunil

If you’re looking for something in Sanskrit with a cool meaning, try Sunil, which means dark blue, or the sapphire gemstone. Indians widely use Sunil for their boys because its meaning has a striking resemblance with Krishna.

3. Linnaeus

Linnaeus is from Latin, and this name is inspired by the famous Carl Linnaeus, – Father of Taxonomy. Its meaning includes a blue flower and a lime tree. This name is mostly seen among Christians.

4. Gorman

Gorman is a boy’s name that develops from the Irish form “Gorm,” meaning “dark blue” and “small blue-eyed.” In English, Gorman denotes the master of a household.

5. Marlais

Marlais is a Welsh name that represents the blue color. This name is mostly found in Judaism.

6. Azul

Azul flows from Spanish, and it means blue. For the first time, it was recorded in 1995. Azul is mostly used in Muslim countries.

7. Hinto

Hinto stems from America and is a Native American name that translates to beautiful blue-eyed and blue-haired. Men with this name are likely to have more inspiring traits and optimistic personalities.

8. Neel

Neel comes from Latin and has Irish and Gaelic roots. Its multiple related forms are Neal and Niel, with the same pronunciation. Neel means the bluish color of the sky.

9. Aouli

Aouli means “the blue sky,” and this term was bred by Hawaiian cultures. It is used to express the vastness and razzle-dazzle of the blue sky, especially on a clear day.

10. Manikanth

Manikanth is a Bengali name for boys. It has Hindi origin and indicates a “bright blue jewel.” Manikanth has 1 as its lucky number.

11. Jalaneel

Jalaneel springs from Latin and has a wholesome meaning blue color of the ocean. This name is frequently used in India for baby boys. The lucky number associated with this name is 6.

12. Urdin

Try a Spanish name with the meaning blue – Urdin, a rare name for your lad. Urdin is mostly witnessed in Spanish-speaking countries. It’s verbally delivered as ooh-r-din.

13 Viorel

Viorel is a Romanian male name named after the bluebell flower. Viorel is a modified form of Viorea, which represents the mesmerizing violet flower. Viorel is a rare find for your baby boy.

14. Aravind

Aravind is an Indian name and has the same origin. It’s not popular worldwide but is commonly used in India. The meaning of Aravind is a blue lotus flower. It makes it the best-suited name for a newborn.

15. Bluford

Bluford is a supreme name for boys and has English history. It means the one who came from the blu ford and beautiful fort. This name is pronounced bloo-ford and is quite popular among Christians.

16. Matlalhuitl

One of the rarest names, Matlalhuitl, comes from Nahuatl. It’s an English name for boys. It means blue feather.

17. Nabhas

Nabhas is a sweet-sounding Sanskrit name that means “celestial,” especially related to the moon in a deep blue sky. Nabhas is indeed a profound galactic name.

18. Clodwal

This is an English name most popular among Christians for its special meaning – blue man.

19. Yahto

The literature cites Yahto to having Lakota, Hebrew, or Sioux origin. The name Yahto became popular in Native America. It sounds unique and has the meaning of blue. Its multiple variants that are used worldwide are Yahtoe, Yahtow, Yahtowe. You may speak it in a YAA-tow manner.

20. Žydrūnas

A super unique old Persian name for boys has the meaning light blue and indicates power. It is verbally delivered as ZYH-dru-nas. This name is mostly found in Lithuania.

21. Azraq

Azraq originates from Arab and is considered a highly prestigious name among Muslim communities. Azraq was one of the companions of the Muslim Prophet. The term means pure blue and has 1 as its lucky number.

22. Nabh

A short, heavy-sounding name Nabh refers to the blue space of the sky. This name is used for newborn boys in India and has the same origin. Nabh is mostly found in Judaism.

23. Caeso

Caeso is a historical name in Roman history. It’s a derivative of “caesius,” which means blue-grey. Its meaning is blue, and it’s verbally called KA-SO, with two syllables. Caeso is mostly used as a surname.

24. Cesidio

Cesidio is a Latin name that means blue. Its pronunciation is se-SI-dio. This name is mostly found in Italy.

25. Jainil

Jainil is a gorgeous historical name with an Indian background. Jainil means victory of blue. It’s called JAI-nil and is confined to Hindus only.

26. Gláucio

Glaucio is a Portuguese name that means steel blue-gray. The term comes from Latin and makes a rare name for boys.

27. Cobalt

Cobalt hails from Germany and means blue owing to the appearance of metal. It’s a short, cool, funky name for your baby boy. Cobalt name is common among Christians.

28. Gazir

Gazir has Hindi and Arabic roots. It means “blue, beautiful” and is pronounced as Ga-zir. This name is more common among Muslim communities.

29. Dion

Dion is a short, simple, elegant name for boys. It refers to the blue color of the sky, is mostly used in France, and has a Greek origin.

30. Okko

Okko is a unique Finnish name for boys, meaning the color of blue. It is not a common name. If you’re looking for a unique name, pick Okko. It’s cool, fun, and pleasant. In the speech, it’s called AWK-kaw.

31. Oldrik

This is a German name that means blue hill. Speech requires it to be called as AWLD-rik. The spelling variations of Oldrik include Ulrich and Ulrik. It’s a unique and cool name for your baby boy.

32. Khajag

It’s an Armenian name meaning blue-eyed. This name is perfect for those looking for a nice-sounding, simple, and unique name that means blue.

33. Si Fah

Si Fah is a Thai name that means blue. It sounds adorable and is an uncommon name for your baby boy.

34. Bruno

Bruno is a baby boy’s name that originates from Germany. The term “Bruno” was derived from the German word “brun,” meaning “brown” and “earthy hues.” Hence, the name Bruno refers to a solid blue-brown color. 7 is the lucky number for this name.

35. Coral

Coral is a unisex name that happens to have an English origin. This nature-inspired name means “blue sea” and sea growth.

36. Aohito

Aohito is a Japanese newborn boy name that means blue person. This is a great name used all across Japan.

Unisex Names That Mean Blue

Have a look at these exciting gender-neutral names we’ve compiled for you. So, you can use any of these unique unisex names for your baby girl or boy.

1. Bleu

Bleu is a fantastic name for girls and boys. It has a French origin and has the meaning blue, making it a top pick for parents who want a cool, fun, and blue-inspired name for their baby. Bleu has an amusing flow, i.e., blue, and makes a rare name.

2. Skye

Something that has all to do with the blue elements of nature, such as the sky: Skye is the perfect Scottish name for baby boys and girls for its super-light feel, breezy nature, and coolness. The name is famous worldwide but still stands out as unique.

3. Aqua

Aqua is a unisex Latin name with a beautiful flow and refreshing water vibe. Its meaning is sea blue water; a familiar name adopted worldwide. Aqua is the shorter version of Aquamarine and refers to the goddess of water Akua, who the Axis Order worshiped.

4. Slate

Slate is a gender-neutral name that originated in England. It is an occupational surname that means gray-blue metamorphic rocks. It’s a simple name for your baby that is not so common.

5. Blainn

Blainn is a delightful name stemming from Norse mythology and has a meaning of blue It is specifically associated with power, prosperity, wisdom, and thought. It’s a gender-neutral name that got popular in the category of Nordic names.

6. Bay

Bay is an uncommon Latin name of old English origin. This is a nature-inspired name with meaning blueberry. Bay can be used as a shorter name for Bailey for both girls and boys.

7. Mavi

Mavi arises from Turkish, meaning blue; this gender-neutral name is an evergreen Islamic name but still tops the trend of modern-style names. Its minimalist feel keeps it among the favorite names for babies throughout the Islamic world.

8. Cerulean

Cerulean sounds unique and is among rare unisex names. This name emerged from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning dark blue. Caeruleus flows from caerulum and caelum that mean sky. It also symbolizes the ocean and heavens.

9. Aoki

Aoki refers to the blue tree found on Ryukyu Island, and this name has Japanese roots. It’s mostly used as a surname but also makes an ok first name. It’s believed that every 1 person out of 372 bears this name in Japan.

10. Neeladri

Neeladri is a powerful Hindi name that indicates the Nilgiris, blue mountain. This name is mostly used for Indian boys but is a unisex name in Bengal. The name length includes 3.5 syllables.

11. Nakesha

Nakesha grows from Sanskrit and refers to the popular Hindi god Indra. Nakesha means the lord of blue havens and is used for girls and boys throughout the region.

12. Thanh

You can use Thanh as a unisex name with Vietnamese origin. It means blue and shares multiple pronunciations, such as TIENG and TAN, depending on your country, race, and culture. Thanh is found in China as well.

13. Chimalus

The origin of Chimalus is Delaware Native American. It refers to the bluebird and is used in speech as Chim-a-lus. This cool, unisex name is unique and nature-inspired.

14. Juggy

Juggy is an Indian name meaning victory of blue. It’s a unique and creative name that sounds and looks pleasant. It’s pronounced as Juh-GEE. You can also use it as a nickname.

15. Gökçe

Gokce is a splendid traditional Turkish unisex name that means blue it is mostly found in Turkey and is pronounced: “juuk-jeh.”

16. Hyacinth

Hyacinth makes a striking, beautiful name for girls and boys. It’s an English name of Greek origin. The term implies the blue larkspur flower. There are two variations of this name, i.e., Hyacintha and Hyacinthia.

17. Juno

It’s Juno with a Y at the start. Sounds like a cool name? This unisex name is the perfect bliss for your baby girl or boy. Juno hails from Latin and refers to the sky-blue color of the heavens. Considering Roman mythology, Juno was the better half of Jupiter and the queen of the heavens.

18. Bich

Bích is a unique, unisex Vietnamese name meaning blue and jade. It’s a short, cool, adorable name for your little one.

19. Royal

As the name implies, Royal or Royale means the color blue. Call it roi-al, and it sounds amusing. Royal is a top unisex name in the US.

20. Teal

The word Teal has been derived from tele, signifying teal-colored ducks. Owing its meaning to its name – Teal refers to the Greenish-Blue color. Teal is an English name, and its other forms include Teel and Teale. In the speech, it’s simply called TEEL.

21. Paine

Paine is a nature-inspired, adorable name for your newborn, meaning sky blue in the Mapudungan language. The name is simple and can be used worldwide for its unique pronunciation.

22. Navy

The name speaks volumes about its meaning. Navy originates from English and means marine blue color. It’s a common name in the USA but not in other regions of the world. There is another variant of this name which is Navie.

23. Aoi

A short, simple name with Japanese roots – Aoi means blue; in older times, this was one of the most famous names for girls. Today, it is used all around Japan for both sexes.

24. Zeru

This is a top-trending unisex name popular for its fashionable feel. The term comes from the Basque region and means blue.

25. Aciano

Aciano is a gender-neutral name that stems from Spain. It means blue and is considered an excellent pick in English countries, China, and Japan.

26. Jayvee

Jayvee has now become an international unisex name for newborns who have anything in common with the blue color or blue jaybird.

27. Spinel

This is a beautiful Latin name that is attributed to the blue mineral. It’s a stunning name for girls and boys and sounds urban and futuristic.

28. Nilamegh

This term comes from India and represents blue clouds. It sounds pleasant and unique.

29. Lynae

Lynae is a delicate Scandinavian name with meaning small blue flower. It suits boys and girls equally and sounds fantastic.

30. Robin

It is an English name with an excessive charm associated with it. Robin indicates the sweet bird Robin 🐦 that lays dazzling blue-colored eggs.

31. Herodias

Herodias is derived from the technical name of the great blue heron. This name comes from Greek origin and gives a heroic feel.

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