27 Names That Mean Crazy for Your Little One

Looking for a powerful name to match the whirlwind energy of your newborn? Whether you’re searching for a name that captures their dynamic intensity, or you want a name that reflects their natural strength, there are plenty of names that mean crazy to choose from.

Names related to craziness are often related to themes of nature, warriors, and passion. If you want to give your child a name that will empower them throughout their life, then consider one of these names. From Ares to Asani, there are a multitude of unique names to test out.

If you’re ready to check out some stylish, interesting, and rare names that mean crazy, take a look at this list of options.

Girl Names That Mean Crazy

Little girls can cause chaos like no other. For parents hoping to find a name that matches the amazing and powerful nature of their daughter, one of these names might be the one.

1. Briar

Briar is a name that stems from English origin and means “thorny bush of wild roses.” The wild and thorny appearance of this plant is beautiful yet disorderly, making it the perfect name for a little girl.

2. Eris

Derived from Ancient Greek origin, Eris is a feminine name that means “strife.” In Greek mythology Eris was the goddess of strife and discord. In recent years, the goddess Eris has been transformed into a popular disney character, known as Maleficent.

3. Tempest

A crazy weather-related name, Tempest is of English origin. It means “turbulent” and “stormy.”

4. Rogue

Rogue is a trendy name with English roots. The meaning is “unpredictable” and “mischievous.” Though Rogue is traditionally a boy name, it would make a cute name for a baby girl as well.

5. Aella

Aella is a beautiful feminine name of Greek origin. The translation of the name is “whirlwind,” and Aella was the name of a powerful Amazonian warrior in Greek mythology.

6. Lilith

Lilith is a classic-sounding name of Assyrian origin. It means “night monster, “storm monster” or “storm goddess.” In Jewish folklore, Lilith was the name of a powerful female demon.

7. Kolohe

A super sweet name for a baby girl, Kolohe is of Hawaiian origin and means “mischievous,” “rascal,” or “rogue.” It’s similarity to the name Khloe makes this a cute choice.

8. Imelda

This powerful name is of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning “warrior woman” or “powerful fighter.” Though a commonly known name in Europe, it is less popular in the United States.

9. Polni

Polni is a feminine name stemming form Czech origin. It means “wild,” making it a suitable choice for a fierce little girl.

10. Jinx

Jinx is of Latin origin and means “spell” or “charm.” This is a cute and unique choice for a rebellious or mischievous girl.

Boy Names That Mean Crazy

Baby boys are a bundle of joy and mischief. If you’re looking for a name to match, try one of these.

1. Ares

Ares is a name of Ancient Greek origin. It means “throng of battle,” “war,” and “ruin.” In Greek mythology, Ares was the name of the god of war and was known for his courage fiery temperment.

2. Wily

A trendy masculine name, Wily is of Scottish origin and means “devious,” “tricky,” or “cunning.” This name is perfect for a child who is both mischievous and smart.

3. Alastor

Alastor is a name of Greek origin. A stylish choice that is relatively uncommon, the meaning of this name is “man’s defender” or “avenger.”

4. Gunner

A masculine name with Scandinavian roots, Gunner means “bold warrior.” The etymology of the name comes from the Old English word for cannon.

5. Prett

Prett is a name that originates from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain and means “a cunning individual.” A great choice for parents with calm but mischievous baby boys.

6. Pyro

Of Greek origin, Pyro is a baby boy name that means “strong fire” Suitable for parents who see their son as a blazing flame of energy.

7. Iniko

Iniko is a name derived from Nigeria origin. It means “time of trouble,” and is usually used to name a child who was born during chaotic times.

8. Terach

A unique name of Hebrew origin, the meaning of Terach translates to “wild goat.” A cute name for a playful baby boy.

9. Brutus

A strong masculine name, Brutus is of Latin origin. The meaning of the name is “masculine” or “brutal.” Definitely a name suited for a powerful newborn.

10. Breaker

Breaker is a stylish and unique name with origins in English. It means “a wave crashing on the shore.”

11. Alonso

A masculine name stemming from Spanish origin, Alonso means “noble” and “ready for battle.” A name fit for a king and a warrior.

Unisex Names That Mean Crazy

Whether you’re having a boy or a girl, one of these craziness-inspired names is sure to match your baby’s dynamic personality.

1. Asani

Asani is a gender-neutral name with Swahili roots. It means “rebellious,” making it a great fit for a baby born into a trendsetting family.

2. Rebel

A stylish unisex name, Rebel is of English origin. It means “a defiant person.” This is definitely a name fit for a little rule-breaker.

3. Storm

A name that has recently started becoming more popular, Storm is of British origin and means “tempest” or “violent weather.”

4. Loki

Loki is a cute boy’s or girl’s name of Norse origin. The meaning of Loki translates to “airy,” but it is also the name for the Norse god of mischief.

5. Wilder

Wilder is a gender-neutral baby name of English origin that means “untamed.” Traditionally a baby boy’s name, it has recently started to become more commonly used for baby girls as well.

6. Aidan

A name of Gaelic and Irish origin, Aidan means “little fire.” This name is perfect for a boy or girl who is small but mighty. A similar name with the same meaning and origin is Egan.

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