95 Names That Mean Empty or Nothing for Your Everything

Are you searching for names that mean empty or nothing for your little pumpkin who’s about to arrive?

Everything has a meaning, and even though many parents might not know what it means for a name to have a certain meaning, there is always a meaning behind the different options. Whether this meaning comes from something historical, the attributes of well-known people who had that name, or simply from a wish to show attachment to a name, the point is that most names have some kind of meaning attached to them.

The ideal option if you are searching for a name that means nothing or has no meaning is to choose a genuinely unique name. Even if you look deeper, you might find it used in another culture where it has some meaning. For instance, the American name Kancy means nothing, but in India, this name means honest. In this article, we have listed 95 names that mean nothing, empty or hollow.

Boy Names That Mean Empty or Nothing

These are some unique baby names for boys if you are searching for a first or a middle name with a mysterious meaning.

1. Demar

Demar is inspired by French history. This name generally means nothing and is a short form of the desmarais or demarais. In some other origins, it means marsh or mareis.

2. Holden

Holden is an English name from the famous J. D Salinger’s name, Holden Caufield. This name generally appeared when Salinger saw a movie poster with the name William Holden in.

3. Cash

This name means nothing; people often relate it to the economic value of cash, and some people relate it to the famous American Johnny Cash. Since then, we can see this name in several movies and as a surname of various celebrities.

4. Cory

Cory is a famous name, and it means nothing. People came up with this name by changing the spelling of the name Corey. This name is famous in America and originally belonged to the Irish civilization.

5. Cassius

Cassius means nothing, and people are attracted to this name from Shakespeare’s writings. After that, we can see this name as the famous revolutionist in history like Cassius Dio, who came up with different reports regarding Roman history.

6. Cassian

Cassian and Cassius have the same history and are a variation. This name belongs to Latin origins.

7. Hale

Hale is a name with no particular meaning and generally creates a sense of warmth to listen to. The only relation with this name is the war hero, Nethan Hale.

8. Bing

Bing word has no meaning and usually came into being as a nickname. People liked this name so much that they started using it. Kate Hudson gave origin to this name by calling her son Bing.

9. Cavan

The name Cavan came into being as a variation of the name Kevin. This Irish name originated when Breton Kevin wrote Kavan instead of Kevin with his name.

10. Bingham

Bingham also came into being through Kate Hudson. They used this name for their son, which has roots in their ancestors. It’s commonly used as a surname.

11. Putnam

Putnam is a name that has no meaning and is a combination of two different places called Puttenham. It’s a combination of Putan word meaning bird and Ham meaning homesick; collectively, this name means nothing.

12. Dearrius

Dearrius is the variation of the name darius. It’s a surname of Roman legends and has roots in the German, Romanian and Indian civilizations. It’s usually classified as a royal name.

13. Bukki

Bukki is a Christian name and it’s derived from the Bible. In the Bible, it means void or nothing, but it’s generally known as the name of the priest and father. This name also has roots in Israel and different Christian countries.

14. Cony

Cony does not mean anything, but it’s a variation of the old English word called config, which generally represents rabbits. This term is usually used for people who can run faster. This name has roots in Britain.

15. Cowan

Cowan is a British and Irish name that has no meaning. However, it is used as a symbol of bravery because warriors in ancient times were known as Cowans. It’s generally derived from the words Maceoghain and Maceoin.

16. Holdin

Holdin is a variation of the name Holden derived from the character of a famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye. People became so enamored with the character’s name that they began naming their children after him.

17. Hwertun

It’s an English name that was used for the Warriors. Each letter of this name has a particular meaning and astrology and represents the qualities a leader should have. The general meaning of this name comes from the word hollow.

18. Whitcomb

It’s a spelling variation of Whitcombe or Witcombe. It was a particular word that people used for those belonging to a particular region, and in this way, it became the surname. It’s now commonly used as the surname of the predecessors of the Whitcombe family.

19. Korey

The name Korey belongs to Irish civilization. In some books, it has a meaning called ravine, but as it’s a variation of the other word, it generally has no meaning.

20. Stanhop

This name has its origins in Durham and is a collection of two different words: stan, meaning rock or brick, and hop, meaning a hollow space or a valley. It collectively has no meaning. And it was generally related to the warriors.

21. Shobek

Shobek is a beautiful name that was derived from the Bible. It usually means void, but in some origins, this word was used as a surname to classify people based on their unique abilities, for example, red hair, brown hair, etc.

22. Yunksu

It’s a Chinese name, and there is no particular meaning to this name, but it relates to different words. In some writings, it has been linked to cloudy emptiness.

23. Wharton

This name has ties to an old village in the doomsday book that was called Waverton. People customized this name and started relating it to those in that region.

24. Dell

It’s a kind of surname used in England and the nearby areas. There is also a feminine name related to it, which is called Della. It came from the word del. You can now see different companies named after this word.

25. Holgata

Holgata is the derivation of the word hollow. It’s a name for people who live near a hollow or a road in a specific region. There are even some places that are named Holgate.

26. Houlegate

It was the name of a village near a hill, which you can call a valley. As the town progressed industrially, the people living there were called Houlegates, and even some had such a name.

27. Weller

This word is a derivation of the English word well. We all know that a well is a hollow space from which we can get fresh water. This name was commonly used to classify people who lived near a well.

28. Wampel

This name originates from Canada. It generally classified people in Devan who were either royals or members of any of these organizations.

29. Outis

Otis is a Greek name that originates from the word Otis, meaning nothing. You can see this name in various Greek writings.

30. Wukong

Wukong is a Chinese name that means to rise from emptiness. It’s a collection of 2 words: Wu, which means rise, and Kong, which means hollow.

31. Zero

Zero is a well-known word that means empty or nothing, and it is derived from the Arabic language. This name is most common in Italy and the nearby areas.

32. Cashus

Cashus is a Latin word related to the name Cassius, which is used in the writings of Shakespeare. People have modified the name according to their accent, meaning hollow.

33. Finneas

Finneas is a word that is derived from the Italian name Phineas. The word Phineas has the meaning of dark people or dark regions. But Finneas is a derivation of this word; hence, it has no meaning.

34. Abnus

It’s a Persian and Muslim name. It’s related to a wood called ebony, and the word Abnus is derived from it.

35. Blake

This name has several meanings in some writings. It has the meaning of dark, brown, or shining things, but as a name, it has no meaning because it’s a derivation of the word blac.

36. Rinku

Rinku is an Indian nickname. This name has no meaning, but people usually use it to call their loved ones.

37. Floyd

Floyd, in particular, is of Welsh origin. There are so many famous people named Floyd; that’s why it became a sensation in various regions worldwide.

38. Azubah

Azubah originates from the Bible and generally means left, empty, and without a will. It’s a Christian name.

39. Logan

Logan is a Scottish name that means hollow and has roots in Ayrshire. This name was derived from the word lag, which generally means hollow. You can also write this name using Logon, Logyn, etc.

40. Quilla

An English name came into being when a heroine used it in her writings. She used the quill pen to write her name; since then, people have called her Quilla.

Girl Names That Mean Empty or Nothing

These nothingness-inspired girl names can be a fantastic choice for your little princess to stand out and get the spotlight.

1. Binga

Binga is a beautiful name that has a German origin. It means a curved, hollow space.

2. Anjal

Anjal is an Indian name. You can see this name in different variations, for example, Anjali, a famous name. The word Anjal means free-flowing water that has no end.

3. Della

It is a Greek word derived from dell. But in some writing, it has a meaning which is noble.

4. Sierra

It’s a name also used as a surname in different regions. It originates in Spain and generally relates to the people living in the northern areas of Spain.

5. Alma

The name Alma has no particular meaning. It derives from the Latin word almus, which is used for kind-hearted people.

6. Casiah

Casiah is a word with Latin or English roots that signifies a certain kind of cinnamon flavor but means nothing.

7. Kerry

Kerry is an Irish royal surname. There was a kingdom called Ciar, and the king of that region gave a special name to the people living there.

8. Dearria

The name Dearria has no particular meaning; it’s very common in the American region.

9. Deashley

It’s a name that has no specific meaning. It has a good relationship with numerology, which is 7. It says that the people with this name are kindhearted and loveable.

10. Decota

Decota is a variation of the name Dakota, which is very famous in the USA. This name is associated with a friendly nature and is very soothing to the ears.

11. Deelda

It’s an American name and is extremely rare. It comes from the United States, and each letter of this name is linked to a phrase describing the person who has this name.

12. Deerika

It’s an Indian Vedic name that has to do with water and shows how smooth a person’s personality is. But as an abbreviation, it does not have a specific meaning.

13. Dehja

Dehja is a French name. It has no meaning but is related to a phrase that denotes something experienced.

14. Deimy

Deimy is the name associated with the Americans and Mexican people because of their fair color; in particular, this name means nothing.

15. Deirore

This name originates from the Irish civilization. It’s related to those girls that do not have particular feelings or emotions in their hearts, and it generally means hollow.

16. Delavina

It’s mostly used as a surname. It originates from Canadian families, and because of the migration, people in America also have this name.

17. Delayla

Delayla is a nickname that a warrior used to call her lover. This name is associated with the word delicate.

18. Delcia

Delcia is a feminine name deriving from the word delight, which means happiness. But as this word is an abbreviation, it does not have a specific meaning. That’s why we generally consider it to be a hollow name.

19. Delba

Delba is a historical name used for people living in specific regions. But now, because of its popularity, people name their daughters Delba casually.

20. Delinia

Delinia is a name that either means nothing or is bright. It’s a German name, and it was used to categorize the people of a particular tribe as being extraordinarily fair.

21. Dnyla

This name originated in North America. It’s not very common in America, but people with this name are considered rare, and it has a great place in numerology.

22. Divinity

Divinity is a word derived from the word divine and refers to godly qualities. However, because of its pronunciation and context, divinity became a common name in America.

23. Haelen

This name originates from the village of Gregoria. This village is called Haele, and after that, people associate this name with the people who belong to that village. Now it’s a common name in the Gregorian regions.

24. Hailon

Hailon is derived from the word hollow, and it has no meaning. This name originated in the United States. In astrology and neurology, this name has great importance.

25. Idelia

Idelia is a word that originates from the Greek word that means sunshine. Because of its connection to the Greek word Idalia, people believe this name has a significant impact on the person.

26. Idessa

Idessa is an English name, and all the words in this name have separate meanings. It is associated with the attributes of a person named Idessa; it’s a girl’s name and has no meaning.

27. Nala

This name was inspired by the film The Lion King. It was the name of Simba’s female friend, and in the film, they associated her with motherly nature and kindness. Since it doesn’t come from anywhere, we usually think of it as a meaningless name.

28. Naleah

Naleah is a derivation of the word nala, which is considered a sip of water in Arabic and African languages. In Sanskrit, it’s called a hollow reed; in some other languages, it means queen. But it’s a name of Indian origin, which is why it’s considered a hollow name.

29. Nalla

This name is of Arabic and African origin; it means stem in the Sanskrit language. In other languages spoken in Africa, this name means successful woman and lion.

30. Sanjali

Sanjal is a delicate name associated with Hindi and represents luck.

31. Nalya

The origin of this name is African. It’s taken from the Arabic name Naila. The meaning of this name is a successful person or an achiever.

32. Pranjali

Hindus mostly use this name because it’s trendy in the Hindu religion. It’s the name of a Hindu girl. The meaning of this name is self-respecting, honest, and soft.

33. Nalia

It’s a female name with Arabic origins. This name means one who attains, one who achieves, and one who is successful.

34. Nalijah

This name means white and fair, and it’s popular in America.

35. Hoyle

The origin of this name is England, which is for the person living in a round hollow or near a pit.

36. Hyden

It’s an ancient origin name and comes from a nearby family who lives or hides. This is a surname given to people who lived near a natural feature, such as a hill.

37. Haylin

This name is associated with Greek origins, which means bright and shiny. It comes from the name Helena.

38. Holyn

The name comes from the holy plant. It means eternal life; the origin of the name comes from the English word holegn, as it’s not a particular word, which is why it’s meaningless.

39. Hommy

The meaning of this name is a person who attracts success and money. This name is especially given to girls and represents a lover of nature who does not depend on others.

40. Hulices

This name is mostly used in Greek. There are also many more countries where this name is used, but it’s rare for baby boys. It denotes a caring and heartwarming individual.

41. Jacarry

The meaning of this name is the seeker of success and a person who thinks very quickly.

42. Lofi

Lofi is a rare name that means a person who walks like a wolf, the wolf hunter, or the one who follows wolves’ tracks. This name is derived from the old German name Wolfgang. It’s not a particular word; hence, it relates to nothing.

43. Binge

This name comes from a family where an open manager lives. This name is derived from the old English name beginnings, the name of someone who lives near stables. It’s an associative name and does not have a meaning.

44. Garnet

It’s a name of Middle English origin. This name is derived from the dark red gemstone. Garnet means pomegranate. It’s also considered an ornamental name that describes beauty.

45. Ocean

It’s a Greek name that can be used for the neutral gender. The meaning of this name is the sea, which is commonly used in English. It’s derived from the old Greek name Oceanus. It’s the name of a fundamental element. That’s why it has no meaning.

Unisex Names That Mean Empty or Nothing

There are plenty of lovely-sounding unisex names that mean nothing. For more ideas for your mysterious characters, take a look here.

1. Sol

This is an extremely popular Spanish name that means sun. The name reminds the person of the beauty of the stars in the sky, which keeps the world going. As the universe is a void, it belongs to the category of hollow names.

2. Cypress

The meaning of this name is strong and muscular. This name is derived from the French word kyparissos. In French, it has a meaning, but generally, it’s a hollow name.

3. Cove

This name is for the neutral genders, and it means small bay. It is of English origin. It’s the 2027th most popular name in the world. But you can also come across the females, who are called Cove.

4. Blank

Blank is a nickname for a person with white hair or fair hair. It’s a German and Dutch name. It’s derived from the German word blanc. But in English, blank means an empty place or thing.

5. Null

It’s an Irish name mostly used as a surname for the neutral genders.

6. Void

It’s a name of English origin. It means to fill the emptiness within yourself. But in general, a void is a space.

7. Jessi

This name is derived from the feminine Jessie and Jessica, which mean foresight and the ability to see the future. It has no meaning as it comes as a nickname.

8. Carrie

This name is a short form of Caroline or Carol. The meaning of this name is free.

9. Cleo

This name is derived from the ancient Greek word kleos. It means to celebrate or to make famous; this name is gender-neutral. It’s not very famous among people and has a lot of meanings, one of which is void.

10. Agartha

This name comes from the Sanskrit language of Indian origin, and the meaning of this name is inner soul. Hindus mostly use this name to name their children.

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