50 Adorable Names That Mean Fat or Chubby

Everybody loves to be surrounded by babies. Who doesn’t? Their cute faces, plump cheeks, belly rolls, and sneaky toothless smiles. They are the exact definition of perfection.

Babies, however, always look so adorable. There’s never a time that they do not. Most often, chubby babies are the most loved and adored. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect name for your bubbly baby, then don’t worry. We got you! Enumerated below are various names for your charmingly chubby bundle of joy that will surely pique your curiosity.

Girl Names That Mean Fat or Chubby

Here are the names that you should take note of when choosing a name for your tubby princess.

1. Monica

The name Monica was made popular by a character in the American television sitcom, Friends. Monica Geller was known for being a perfectionist, bossy, and competitive person who was said to be overweight as a kid.

2. Rebekah

Of Hebrew origin, Rebekah is a biblical feminine name meaning “fat”, “fattened”, or “quarrel appeased”. You can use Rebecca as an alternative for this name.

3. Winnie

You can use the name Winnie if you are looking for a name that will satisfy your captivating child. This name made this list because it was also the name of a fictional fat and cuddly bear named Winnie the Pooh.

4. Yebetu

If you desire to give your cute little daughter a chubby-related identity, the Benin name Yebetu which signifies a “beautiful chubby girl” would be a great fit.

5. Callie

One witty name that you can designate your plumpy baby is the feminine name Callie, short for calories. Cal would make an appealing nickname for this.

6. Kibibi

Of Runyankore origin, Kibibi is a name suitable for girls meaning “beautiful fat girl”.

7. Fatricia

The name Fatricia would make a simple but elegant name for your bouncing baby girl. It is like the name Patricia but the letter P is replaced by F.

8. Amy

Fat Amy was the nickname given to Patricia Hobart, a comedic member of the Bellas in the 2012 American musical comedy film Pitch Perfect.

9. Mashauva

Considered a Jamaican name, Mashauva is a feminine name referring to chubby cheeks. You can use Mash or Masha as a nickname.

10. Sanra

Sanra is said to be the Yoruban way to say fat. It is one of the epithets of the Greek goddess Hera.

11. Graxa

The female-given name Graxa is of Galician origin translating to “fat”.

12. Babli

Babli is a Sikh name meaning “lovely” and chubby. This name will surely suit your bubbly little girl.

13. Kessie

Kessie is a Ghanaian name fitting for your newborn as it means “fat at birth”. One notable character who uses the name is Franck Yannick Kessié, an Ivorian professional football player who plays for the Spanish La Liga club Barcelona.

14. Fett

The female-given name Fett is a German name referring to “a fat man”.

15. Tai

Of Chinese origin, the name Tai, which translates to “big, fat, and bold”, can be an appropriate choice for your chubby baby girl.

16. Bathseeba

If you want a rare name for your big baby, this one is for you. Bathseeba is an American name signifying “fat”.

17. Gavanaugh

The name Gavanaugh is of Irish origin meaning “chubby” or “comely”. You can use the shortened way Gav as a nickname.

18. Roseneder

Roseneder is an Arabic feminine name that means “fat annoying person”. Although your daughter is far from being annoying, this creative name will surely justify the cuteness of your child.

19. Portia

Considered the feminine version of the Roman family name Porcius, Portia refers to a “pig” – which we can all assume is fat.

20. Rease

Rease is an elegant female name that can be derived from the English word grease, the oil or fat used or produced when cooking. You can use other spelling like Reese as a variant of this name.

21. Fatima

A combination of the word fat added by the letters -ima, you can already create Fatima, a pleasant name appropriate for your comely baby.

22. Mai

Of Hausa origin, the feminine name Mai translates to “fat” or “oil”.

23. Merryweather

Merryweather is known as the chubby fairy from the Disney film entitled Sleeping Beauty. She was one of the three fairies who took care of Aurora since she was a baby.

24. Ursula

Ursula is a feminine name used by the fat sea witch in the 1989 Disney film “The Little Mermaid”.

25. Grasa

The female name Grasa is a Spanish word that means “fat”. In the Philippines, it refers to grease.

Boy Names That Mean Fat or Chubby

Cited below are the different names that may spark your interest as you choose the most marvelous name for your bulky little prince.

1. Potiphar

The name Potiphar is a biblical masculine name that refers to an “African bull” or a “fat bull”. It is the name used by a figure in the Bible known as the captain of the Pharaoh’s guard who is said to have purchased Joseph as a slave.

2. Thor

It may sound unusual to you because Thor was supposed to be the mighty god of thunder so why is he here? At the end of the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, Thor failed to prevent the destruction of Asgard, which soon resulted in depression. He tried to hide his depression by being an alcoholic, causing him to gain weight.

3. Lardo

Lardo is an Italian name signifying an overweight person. Also, it is the name of pork fat stored after salting or smoking.

4. Goliath

The name Goliath was famous for being the name of the Philistine giant slain by the young David in the Bible. The name also describes “a very large and powerful person”.

5. Ahlab

Ahlab is a biblical name that translates to “made of milk” or “made of fat”. In Tagalog, it means flame.

6. Magnus

Magnus is a Latin name that would make a perfect fit for your chubby baby boy. It means “large”.

The name was used by a famous alternative rock and pop band in the Philippines, Magnus Heaven.

7. Maui

Maui is a character known in the famous Disney’s 2016 animated movie Moana as a demi-god who has a massive physique and is said to be larger-than-life in size.

8. Gifford

You can never really go wrong with the handsome name Gifford. It is of French origin referring to chubby cheeks. You can use Guifford as an alternative for this name.

9. Marulo

Marulo is a proto-Celtic language that describes a “big, fat kid”, and is a  suitable name for a young little boy.

10. Azam

Of Muslim origin, Azam is a masculine name that represents the “greatest” or the “biggest”. Azam F.C. is a professional football club based in Tanzania.

11. Loki

In Norse mythology, Loki was the name of the giant god of mischief and was the brother of Thor. If you have a thing for Marvel movies, then this one is an excellent choice for you.

12. Grasso

One name that you can choose from when choosing what to designate your charming son is Grasso, an Italian word meaning “fatty” or “greasy”.

13. Aapeen

A male name that can catch your attention is Aapeen, an Indian name that translates to “fat”, “stout”, or “robust”.

14. Greix

The eye-catching name Greix is a Catalan word that pertains to “grease” – which, by the way, is associated with fats.

15. Albert

Albert was known as the name of an animated character who emerged from his television universe into the real world in the 2004 comedy movie entitled “Fat Albert”.

16. Oslin

The masculine name Oslin is derived from Scotland, meaning “big warrior”.

17. Potipherah

Potiphera is a biblical name for boys which means “the fat”.

18. Okiro

The male-given name Okiro is of Benin origin which translates to “a child with fat cheeks”.

19. Pete

Pete was the name of the arch-nemesis of the protagonist Mickey Mouse, normally characterized as a fat cigar-smoking thug with a ruthless and tyrannical personality.

20. Gordo

Gordo is a Spanish name referring to “fat”, “overweight”, or “plump”, appropriate for your squishy munchkin.

21. Fatrick

A creative way of naming your child and making sure that he will stand out in the crowd is by addressing him with an unusual but unique name like Fatrick. It resembles the name Patrick, it’s just that the letter P is replaced with F.

22. Breidr

The male-given name Breidr is a Norweigan name meaning “fat”.

23. Louie

Louie is considered a big, fat Italian man with fat hairy muscles and long hair in Disney’s Oliver and Company.

24. Ralph

Ralph is the gigantic but soft-hearted protagonist in Disney’s 2012 animated film entitled “Wreck-it Ralph”.

25. Vishal

Of Indian origin, Vishal is a male-given name that translates to “huge”, “giant”, “massive”, “large”, or “broad”.

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