Lift Your Hope: 60 Names That Mean Hope

Baby names and their meanings have become quite a fad over the last few years. Gone are the days when you see the baby for the first time at the hospital and think “Oh, he seems like a jack or a John”. Months of contemplation and hundreds of veto’s go into coming up with the perfect name for their bundle of joy.

Names with spiritual connotations are considered very de rigeuer at the moment. Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”. How spiritual is that! Just like hope, kids are what help us stand strong in the toughest of times. If you want to go for a name that radiates positivity here’s a list of names that mean “hope” which will remind you that your baby is that silver lining in the hazy clouds.

Girl Names That Mean Hope

These super cool girl names will give you all the sanguine vibes and warm you up with the pure bliss.

1. Aurora

The Disney fan in you immediately made you think of sleeping beauty didn’t it? However, Aurora actually springs from Latin origin, from the Roman goddess of sunrise. The name literally means “dawn”, and nothing brings more hope than the rising of a new day.

2. Dream

Of American origin, the name Dream was put on the map as a celebrity baby name by Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna when they named their baby girl Dream Renée Kardashian in 2016. The name represents hope and aspiration, making it ideal for your dreamy baby.

3. Soleil

Punky Brewster-Soleil Moon Frye’s may have faded off the T.V charts somewhere in the 90’s but she certainly left that first name in the unique baby name charts. In French, Soleil means “Sun”, giving it a warm and fuzzy feeling making it a perfect name for your little “ray of sunshine and hope”.

4. Nadia

Although the name Nadia has several connotations, in Slavic languages it takes its inspiration from a female name Nadezhda of Russian origin meaning “hope” or the feeling of the fulfillment of something you have yearned for.

5. Faith

From Faith Evans to Faith Hill to Faith Prince, this name of English origin is clearly popular in the music business, but it was first made popular in the 17th century by the English Protestants. The name is self-explanatory and is associated with hopefulness.

6. Esmeralda

Yet again, taking this moment to thank Disney for familiarizing us with all of these exotic names. Esmeralda comes from the Latin word smaragdos meaning “emerald”, a green stone which is thought to symbolize hope, good fortune and romance amongst other things.

7. Chloe

Chloe stems from Greek origin and has the literal translation of “young green shoot”, which according to Greek mythology is interpreted as a kind of hope. Chloe is ranked one of the 30 most popular names amongst the Gen Z in the US.

8. Violet

Making its way in the top 100 most popular names since the early 2000’s the name Violet comes from a purple flower. The symbolic meanings attached to this flower are those of hope and joy.

9. Amal

Amal is of Arabic origin and has the meaning of “hope”. Very popular in Asia, Amal also translates to “aspiration”, “desire” and “pure”; all that you would want featured in your baby’s life.

10. Tamanna

Pronounced like “tuh-ma-nuh”, this beautiful and unique female name comes from the Arabic and Indian origin and has the meaning of having a strong hope or desire for something.

11. Amaani

Amaani pronounced like “A-maa-nee” means aspirations, desires and wishes in the Arabic language.

12. Nadine

Originating from the French language and now a very popular name in many parts of the world, Nadine has the spiriting lifting meaning of “Showerer of blessings and hope”.

13. Zita

In Espaniol, the name Zita means “Little hope”. Talk about exotic and meaningful!

14. Inara

With the literal translation of “bringing light into darkness”, Arabic name Inara stimulates nothing but hope within us.

15. Laelynn

Beautiful Native American name Laelynn means “Flower of hope”.

16. Evangeline

Evangeline stems from Latin origin and has the meaning “messenger of good new”, which symbolizes great hope. It can also be shortened to Eva or Angie.

17. Saki

A popular choice in Japan is the botanical-inspired name “Saki”, which means “Hope blossom”.

18. Vera

Vera Wang fan? This beautiful Slavic name means “Faith”, and let’s face it, what’s a better way to pay tribute to your favorite gown goddess than to name your baby after her.

19. Emela

If you fancy the name Emily but want to want to add a little funk to it then Emela is a unique substitute for it. This Bosnian name means hope and inspiration.

20. Akanksha

In Sanskrit, Akanksha means a hope or a desire, a beautiful option for people who are inspired by the Indian culture.

21. Fe

Fe, meaning trust and hope, gives off such super model vibes! Give your baby girl this Spanish name if you love striking and rare names.

22. Hachilah

Speaking of quirky names with deep connotations, Hebrew name Hachilah has the beautiful meaning of, “My hope is in her”.

23. Yuki

One of the most popular names hailing from Japan, Yuki means “gentle hope”.

24. Hope

What can be more hope-giving than the very name “Hope”. Self-explanatory, simple and adorable.

25. Femi

It is the era of unique names and the more peculiar the better. Femi from Egyptian origin, means “love and hope”. This name screams individuality and definitely has a lot of character.

26. Rajwa

Arabic name Rajwa, takes its title from a mountain in Madina and has the meaning of hope.

27. Aisling

Of Irish origin, this name means a hopeful dream, so “top of the morning to ya” if you name your baby Aisling!

28. Brayleigh

This name of American origin, meaning “Ray of hope” can be shortened to Bray and seems like a fitting choice for your little ray of sunshine.

29. Amnati

This rare name is of Arabic origin and it means “my hope and wish”.

30. Esperenza

With the meaning of “our lady of hope”, this Spanish Christian name is a glamorous choice to give your little lady.

Boy names that mean hope

These are some groovy choices if you are looking for cool names with deep meanings that kindle hope and make you feel inspired!

1. Dylan

Dylan (Pronounced di-luhn) is of Irish origin, and it has the meaning of both “son of the sea” and “ray of hope” making it perfect pick for baby boys with Irish or Welsh roots.

2. Omid

Omid (pronounced as O-meed) is a Persian name that has a noble aura to it. By definition “to have Omid” means “to have hope”. Astrologically having this name is believed make a person stay optimistic through the challenges in life, and it’s always a nice way to honor your roots if you are of Persian descent.

3. Bodhi

Speaking of trending celebrity baby names, this one became all the rage when cool cat Megan fox gave birth to her gorgeous son in 2014 and named him Bodhi Ransom Green. This name is of Sanskrit origin and the Buddhist notion behind it is “enlightenment”.

4. Von

If you’re looking for a striking butch name then Von is the way to do it! Of Old Norse origin, this name meaning hope can be a cool way to honor your little soldier making him feel strong and forceful.

5. Amil

Of Arabic origin and having the meaning of “the one who hopes”, Amil is a beautiful name to give your baby, as it exudes brightness and optimism.

6. Jonah

Ranking in the top 200 names in USA since years, Jonah is of Hebrew origin. This name is derived from the Hebrew word “Yonah” meaning dove, which serves an emblem for peace and hope worldwide.

7. Kibou

Anime fan? This Asian name is a super snazzy option for you then. Kibou is a noun with the literal translation of “hope” in Japanese.

8. Phoenix

Coming from Greek mythology, Phoenix is the legendry bird that rose from its ashes thus representing hope and immortality.

9. Arman

Stemming from Persian roots, Arman is a Muslim name with meanings including desire, wish and yearning all words synonymous with hope.

10. Makas

Biblical names have been considered extremely à la mode this decade and Makas is great choice if you want something unique and scriptural. This Hebrew name means “growing hope” and can be a perfect embodiment for your feelings as your baby grows.

11. Phelipe

This name of the Spanish origin meaning hope has such a royal air to it and the distinctive spellings make it extra special for your prince.

12. Matthan

If you want to grace your little one with a religious name, Matthan is a fantastic pick with the special meaning of “the hope of God”.

13. Spero

With the pronunciation “Spair-o”, this name sounds like one straight out of a some Italian action film. Of Greek/Italian origin, this name means “I hope”.

14. Kit

Another religious option which is small and pleasant but has a powerful meaning to it. Kit stems from the Greek origin and means “carrier of the Christ”.

15. Baren

Baren, which is pronounced like “Bear-en”, is of Indian origin and has the meaning of “wish, desire and hope”. It can also be turned into an adorable nickname like bear.

16. Raza

Raza is an Arabic name meaning “agreement and also one who brings hope”.

17. Dijon

Not so common, Dijon is of American origin with the meaning “God’s gift of hope”.

18. Kazuki

Another popular name in Anime, Kazuki is of Japanese origin and has multiple meanings including “brightness”, “peace” and “hope”.

19. Barloc

An extraordinary Native American name and has been described as a tough warrior of love and hope, giving connotations of desire and strength.

20. Espoir

A French word and male name with the meaning of “hope”.

21. Callahan

Although this is more commonly popular as a last name, but was particularly popular as a first name in the late 90’s. This is of Irish origin and has the meanings of “hope and bright-headedness”, making it the best option for a witty boy.

22. Raja

This name is of Arabic origin, and according to the Quran it is said to be one of the pillars of worship based on love and hope.

23. Chilson

This biblical name meaning “hope and trust” is the perfect preppy choice for your little boy.

24. Meyer

This biblical name though has the exact meaning of the “bringer of light”, but it is said to be an implication and symbolization of hope.

25. Toivo

This name is a good idea for people who want to give their little one a name with a foreign tone. Toivo (toy-vo) is of finnish origin and means “hope, wish and desire”.

26. Day

This unisex name of the American origin was previously more popular as middle name but is now catching on as a first name since the 2000’s. It’s short and spirited and has the meaning of “light and hope”.

27. Amanaki

One of the most popular Polynesian names, Amanaki means hope and has a very striking sound to it.

28. Sampson

This was one of the most popular names in the 1900’s in America, and has the meaning “Hope of the sunny” and can be shortened to Sam.

29. Asher

Of Swahili and Hindi origin Asher means “hope and life”.

30. Jahleel

Both in Arabic and Hebrew languages Jahleel has the profound meaning of “Hope in God”.

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