100 Frosty Names That Mean Ice, Snow, or Winter

There are so many things to experience with snow, so many ways to look at it, and so many chances of changing the world with this phenomenon. It can be full of wonder, enjoyment, and excitement.

From watching it from your window pane to engaging in fun and entertaining snowball fights, you can name it all! It provides so much joy to people, most especially, children. Playing in the snow gives children their own space and the energy to play, offering them memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Cited below are some frosty names that your little snow angel will enjoy.

Girl Names That Mean Ice, Snow, or Winter

Here are some chilly names for your snow princess that mean ice and snow.

1. Crystal

Derived from the Greek origin krystallos, the name Crystal is a female name that means “ice”. It can also refer to a mineral formed into a crystalline structure.

2. Eira

Of Welsh origin, Eira is a girl’s name that translates to “snow”. One notable character who possesses the name is the Norse goddess of medicine and health known as Eir.

3. Chione

Chione is primarily of Greek origin meaning “snow”. In Greek mythology, she is known as the goddess of snow.

4. Havaska

Of Hungarian origin, Havaska is a feminine name that refers to “snowdrop” or “snowy”.

5. Snow

If you want your newborn to be named after the snow, the word itself can be an intelligent way of giving her the lifetime identity that she deserves.

6. Noelle

Derived from French origin, the name Noelle is a feminine form of the male name Noel, which means “Christmas”. It means the “Lord’s birthday” in a biblical sense.

7. Amihan

Amihan is a female name of Filipino origin meaning “winter storm”. One notable character is Sang’gre Amihan of Lireo, a protagonist in the popular Philippine TV series, Encantadia.

8. Talvi

Primarily a feminine name, Talvi is of Finnish origin which translates to “winter” or “born in winter”.

9. Natasha

Mainly used in Hinduism, the name Natasha is a Russian name for girls which means “born on Christmas day”. Short but cute nicknames for this can be Nat or Tasha.

10. Kalda

An Old Norse name that translates to “cold” or “chill”. It is also used in other countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

11. Hima

Hima is a Sanskrit name that means “snow”. A mountain range in Asia known as the Himalayas is a derivative word of the said name.

12. Edurne

Considered as the feminine form of Edur, Edurne is a Basque name meaning “snow”.

13. Morana

In Slavic mythology, Morana is the name of the pagan goddess of winter and death. She died at the end of winter.

14. Fanney

Of Icelandic origin, the name Fanney is a female name that refers to island snowdrifts.

15. Fuyuko

Fuyuko is a feminine Japanese name that translates to “winter child”.

16. Frostine

The name Frostine is a French name meaning “freezing”. It is the name of the queen of Candyland.

17. Gwyneira

A Welsh name that can be given to girls is Gwyneira. It means “blessed snow” or “white snow”.

18. Aneira

Used in the 20th century, Aneira is a Welsh feminine name that means “much snow”.

19. Drifa

Of Old Norse origin, Drifa is a girl’s name meaning “drift”, “snowdrift” or “fall of snow”.

20. Neva

The name Neva is of Mexican and Spanish origins. It is a female name meaning “snow”.

21. Haunani

Derived from Hawaiian words, hau meaning “snow”, and nani meaning “beauty” or “glory”, Haunani is a girl’s name that refers to “beautiful snow”.

22. Epiphany

The name Epiphany is a Greek name meaning “appearance” or “manifestation”. It refers to a Christian winter holiday, celebrated 12 days after Christmas.

23. Haukea

Haukea is a Hawaiian name for girls which means “snow white”. Yep, just like the Disney princess.

24. Bora

Bora is an Albanian name that means “snow”.

25. Kirsi

Originating as a short form of Kristiina, the Finnish version of Christina or Kirsikka, Kirsi is a feminine name meaning frost.

26. Turquoise

The name Turquoise is a name derived from the winter birthstone. It is considered a national treasure in Tibet, believing that it grants health, good fortune, and protection from evil.

27. Elsa

Elsa was the name of the queen of Arendelle who was born with the power to manipulate ice and snow in Disney’s 2013 animated film “Frozen”.

28. Fjolla

Pronounced as Fee-olla, Fjolla is a female given name that translates to “snowflake”. It is of Albanian origin and is mostly used in Kosovo.

29. Hulda

The name Hulda was used in a Germanic fairytale entitled “Mother Hulda” or “Old Mother Frost”.

30. Sarmite

Derived from the Latvian word sarma, Sarmite is a feminine name meaning “hoarfrost”.

31. Miyuki

Miyuki is a Japanese name that can either refer to “beautiful snow” or “beautiful happiness”, depending on the kanji used.

32. Skadi

In Norse mythology, the name Skadi was the name of the goddess associated with skiing, bowhunting, winter, and mountains.

33. Piren

Piren is a Mapuche word and a feminine name meaning “to snow”.

34. Flykra

Particularly used as a Faraose word, Flykra is a female given name that translates to “flake” or “snowflake”.

35. Nivea

Of Latin origin, Nivea is a girl’s name that means snow. One famous brand having the same name is a German personal care brand that specializes in skin and body care.

36. Marzanna

Marzanna is portrayed as the Slavic pagan goddess of winter and death.

37. Nilak

Originating from Greenland, Nilak is a feminine name referring to “a piece of fresh-water ice”.

38. Eirwen

Eirwen is a Welsh female given a name meaning “white snow” or “blessed snow”.

39. Berfin

Of Turkish origin, the name Berfin means “snowdrop flower” or “snowflake”.

40. Cherith

Originating from Hebrew-speaking countries, Cherith is the name of a winter stream or the intermittent seasonal stream mentioned in the Bible.

41. Lumi

The female given name Lumi is of Finnish origin meaning “snow”. In Old Norse countries, it refers to “light bringer”.

42. Isolde

Of German and Welsh origins, Isolde is a feminine name that translates to “ice ruler”.

43. Beira

Considered as the goddess of winter and the mother of all gods and goddesses, Beira is a Scottish personification of winter.

44. Nieves

Nieves is a Spanish female given name derived from the title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de las Nieves also known as “Our Lady of the Snows”.

45. Poli’ Ahu

In Hawaiian mythology, Poli’ Ahu was known as the snow goddess of Mauna Kea.

46. Carol

If you want a name that signifies a happy song for your baby girl, Carol is the best choice.

47. Merry

Merry is a beautiful choice to consider using for your daughter if you are looking for a snow-related designation with shorter but meaningful names.

48. Lucia

The name Lucia is derived from the festival of St. Lucia, which is traditionally celebrated on the 13th of December and marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Swedish custom.

49. Icylyn

Having the root word ice in the name, Icylyn can be a great fit if you are looking for something that exudes magic and enchantment.

50. Nieva

The Spanish name Nieva which means “snowing” is an appropriate choice for your snowy baby girl.

51. Alaska

Alaska is a land of snow-covered mountains, making it an excellent pick for your ice princess.

52. Lixue

The name Lixue is a Chinese boy’s name that refers to “beautiful snow”.

53. Zima

In Slavic languages, Zima is a male given name meaning “winter cold”.

54. Wynter

Of British origin, Wynter is a gender-neutral name meaning “born in winter”.

55. Endzela

Commonly used by girls, Endzela is an alluring name of Georgian origin that stands for “snowdrop”.

Boy Names That Mean Ice, Snow, or Winter

Listed below are some wintry names that your ice prince will surely appreciate.

1. Kari

Considered a Turkish name, Kari means “covered with snow”. In Scandinavian mythology, he is the god of the north wind, a powerful spirit of the wind, snow, and frost.

2. Jack

Jack was the first name of the main protagonist in the movie Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost, who was an immortal being who possessed power over ice and snow.

3. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is the alternative name of Santa Claus, who was known as the father of Christmas.

4. Pyry

Of Finnish origin, Pyry is a male given name meaning “snowstorm” or “blizzard”.

5. Yule

If you’re looking for a beautiful snowy name, Yule is an English name that can be a great fit.

6. Boreas

In Greek mythology, Boreas was the name of the personification and the god of the north wind.

7. Edur

Edur, the masculine name for Edurne, is of Basque origin referring to “snow”.

8. Fannar

The name Fannar is an Icelandic name that means “snowdrift”.

9. Morozko

In a Russian folk fairytale, the name Morozko refers to “father frost”. It means “born in the cold”.

10. Urmas

Derived from the dialectal Estonian word urm, the male given name Urmas means “frost” or “catkin”. One notable individual who owns the name is the current archbishop of Tallinn, Urmas Viilma.

11. Boris

Of Turkic origin, Boris is a male name referring to “wolf” or “snow leopard”.

12. Aquilo

In Roman mythology, Aquilo is the god of the north wind. In Latin, it means “eagle”.

13. Tushar

Of Indian origin, the male-given name Tushar means “ice”, “frost”, “snow”, “mist”, “winter”, or “mist”.

14. Hermant

Hermant is a name derived from the Sanskrit word hemanta, which refers to the winter season in India.

15. Vinter

The masculine name Vinter is a Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish word for winter.

16. Warrin

A name that you can offer to your winter baby boy is Warrin, a Pitjantjatjara word translating to “cold months”.

17. Barys

Barys Astana is a professional ice hockey team based in Kazakhstan. If you want your child to channel his inner sporty personality, choose this chilly name for him.

18. Vetle

Of Old Norse and Norweigan origins, the male given name Vetle means “one winter old bear” and “winter traveler”.

19. Rudolph

Rudolph is depicted as the youngest of Santa Claus’ reindeer. He has this luminous red nose which he uses to lead and guide Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve.

20. Yukio

The male given name that you can call your newborn is Yukio, a Japanese name meaning “snow” or “fortunate”, depending on the kanji used.

21. Bylur

In Iceland, Bylur is a name meaning “snow storm”. On the other hand, in the Old Norse, it means “gust of wind”.

22. Fraser

Fraser firs are one of the strongest and long-lasting options for building your Christmas trees.

23. Albus

If you want something that does not exactly mean “snow” or “ice” but is related to these words, try naming your son Albus, a Latin word for “white”.

24. Everest

One unique name you can give your baby boy is by naming him after the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. It is a mountain covered in snow.

25. Noel

Noel is the masculine form of Noelle, which means “Christmas”.

26. Caldwell

Caldwell is of English, Irish, and Scottish origin meaning “cold spring” or “cold steam”. This is a masculine name that your ice prince will enjoy.

27. Colden

With the root word cold, it is no surprise that giving the name Colden is the best way to welcome your snow king into the outside world.

28. Ayaz

Of Turkish and Azerbaijani origins, Ayaz is a male name implying “frost”.

29. Chion

Chion is an eye-catching boy’s name of Greek origin signifying “snow”.

30. Jaki

Commonly used by boys, Jaki is an Icelandic name that translates to “iceberg”.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Ice, Snow, or Winter

These are some cold-blooded unisex names suitable for your little snowball.

1. Gabriel

A Hebrew unisex name meaning “God is my strength”, Gabriel is the name of the archangel who announced the birth of Jesus on Christmas.

2. Aspen

Aspen is the name of a city located in Colorado famous for its skiing and breathtaking ski resorts.

3. January

Named after the Roman god of new beginnings Janus, January is considered a winter month in the northern half of the world.

4. Storm

A storm is defined as an extreme weather condition with strong winds and heavy rain or snow. It is a name that can be used by both genders.

5. Vale

Vale is derived from Vail, a small town in Colorado that serves as a gateway for world-renowned winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

6. Cypress

Also known as the Concolor fir, Cypress trees got everything you need for a perfect Christmas tree. It can also make an icy name for your newborn, regardless of their gender.

7. December

If you are looking for a chilly name for your kid, you can use December, the month which often marks the beginning of snow.

8. Robin

Robin is a name related to American songbirds which appear at the end of the winter season.

9. Frost

Of English origin, Frost is a gender-neutral name meaning ‘freezing’. It was used as a last name by Jack Frost, a personification of frost, ice, winter, snow, sleet, and cold, in the movie Rise of the Guardians.

10. Nevada

Nevada is a unisex name derived from a Spanish adjective that translates to ‘snow-covered’ or ‘snowy’. The famous Sierra Nevada is a mountain range located in the Western United States that holds the name.

11. Andri

Andri is a gender-neutral Old Norse name meaning ‘snowshoe’.

12. North

North is a unisex name that serves as an indication of cold weather and the winter season.

13. Winter

Referred as the coldest season of the year, Winter is an English gender-neutral name meaning “time of water”.

14. Chiyuki

Chiyuki is a captivating Japanese name for both girls and boys. It stands for “thousand snow”.

15. Glacier

Of French origin, Glacier is a unisex nature-related name referring to “ice”.

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