35 Amusing Names That Mean Joker or Jester

Jokers and jesters are known to be the highlight of any event. They bring lots of laughter, joy, happiness, and humorous pranks.

Everyone loves to be around people who crack funny jokes, and many people have names inspired by a joker. From a Queen’s daughter name, Beatrice, to Maximon, the god of mischief, the possibilities of names inspired by a joker or jester are many.

Whether you want to incorporate the joy that a joker brings or the humorous pranks that a jester does, we have compiled a list of names associated with them.

Girls Names That Mean Joker

Whether she fills the room with laughter or is known for her harmless pranks, listed below are some cute girl’s names that mean joker or jester.

1. Maeve

The enchanting name Maeve is of Irish origin, meaning “cause of great joy” or “intoxicating.” In Irish mythology, Maeve is known to be the name of the Queen of Connacht and the name of the queen of the fairies. It makes a lovely name to give your little princess.

2. Adelyte

This exquisite name, Adelyte, has a German origin and means “has good humour”. Most Christians are found to have this name.

3. Geila

Originating from Hebrew, Geila means “unexpected joy.” It is also the name of a successful and highly recognized singer in Japan, Geila Zilkha. This graceful name is sure to reveal the amusing side of your girl.

4. Beatrice

With a certain allure to it, this beautiful name, Beatrice, is of Latin origin, meaning “she who brings happiness.” Beatrice was also Queen Victoria’s youngest child’s name and the name of the guide in the classical poem, The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri. Beatrice is also the humorous and charming heroine in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

5. Adallyn

Having roots in France, Adallyn means “of good humour,” “serene,” and “of the nobility”. Boost the humorous side of her personality by giving her this beautiful name. Other variations of the spelling are, Adalyn and Adalynn.

6. Eurora

Eurora is an Aboriginal name meaning “joyful.” Not only does this name have a beautiful ring to it, but it will also bring out the joker in your little girl.

7. Aashi

The delightful name, Aashi, has its roots in India. Aashi means “smile, laughter, cheerful and happy”. Invoke the funny side of a jester by giving your girl this lovely name. In Sanskriti, Aashi means “blessing”.

8. Aleeza

This sweet name has a distinctive alluring sound to it. Originating from Hebrew, Aleeza means “joyful” or “unexpected joy”. It is a popular name amongst Jewish. Your daughter is sure to be the most joyous of all. Another variation of the name is Aliza.

9. Adelee

Adelee is a German name meaning “of good humour”. Once your daughter embraces this beautiful name, explain to her the positivity of spreading joy and happiness.

10. Hasvi

The Hindi-originated name, Hasvi has a beautiful ring to it. It means “laughter.” It is one of the most popular names in India.

11. Haashini

Haashini is of Hindi origin and is derived from the Tamil word meaning “smiling girl”. It is also associated with meanings of “joyful” and “happiness”. Haashini is sure to be the star of any event.

12. Fathiya

Fathiya is a Muslim name which means “spreading joy,” “happiness”, and “new beginning”. This unique name originated in Urdu; the Arabic variation of the name means “victory.”

13. Haasika

Derived from the Hindi word “hansi”, meaning “smile”, the name Haasika is of Indian origin, meaning “laughter.” Your beautiful girl is sure to bring lots of laughter and joy anywhere she goes.

14. Farrah

The lovely Arabic name Farrah means “happiness” or “to rejoice.” It is fairly popular amongst Muslims. This was also the name of a renowned American actress, Farrah Leni Fawcett.

15. Hasanmukhi

Having roots in India, Hasanmukhi means “one who has a smiling face” or “full of laughter.” This unique name will bring along a lot of joy and smiles.

16. Haseeni

Haseeni is a short Hindu-originated name meaning “delightful.” It is derived from the ancient Mahabharata, where Haseeni was a supernatural female dancer and entertainer. Another variation of the spelling is Haasini or Haasiny. The name Haseeni is also used by Muslims.

17. Khushali

Khushali is an Indian-originated Hindi name meaning “spreading happiness all around.” This lovely name is derived from the Hindi word Khushi, which means happiness. It is very popular in India.

18. Amarajothi

The unique name, Amarajothi, originates from India, meaning “joker” or “the one who jokes”. Amarajothi is a wonderful name to give to your little prankster.

Boys Names That Mean Joker

Witty, charming, and mischievous, these names for boys that mean joker and jester are sure to fill any event with laughter, joy and fun.

1. Huzair

Huzair is an Arabic name meaning “laughter” or “one who laughs”. It is a popular name amongst Muslims.

2. Ike

The bubbly name Ike has a Hebrew origin, which means “laughter.” Although it is usually used as a nickname for Isaac and Isadore, the charming ring to Ike has established it to be used as a first name too. Another variation of the spelling is Ikee and Ikey.

3. Heyoka

Having French origins, the amusing name, Heyoka is mostly popular as a surname in Indonesia and as a first name in Germany. Heyoka means “jester.” It is also known as a sacred jester in the culture of the Lakota people.

4. Isaac

Originating from Hebrew, the name Isaac means “one who laughs” or “one who rejoices.” It is found in the Bible as the name of the firstborn son of Abraham. This name holds immense importance to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

5. Vikadan

Originating from India, this charismatic name, Vikadan, means “joker” or “the one who jokes”. This is a rare Hindu boy’s name.

6. Maximon

The fascinating name, Maximon, is mostly used as a surname. It is the name of one of the gods in Mayan folklore, who was known as a trickster.

7. Aizik

The name Aizik is from the Hebrew Yitzchaq. It means “he laughs” or “laughter.” It is popular in Afghanistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iraq, Indonesia, and other Muslim countries.

8. Rogue

The name Rogue is most famously known as the name of the fictional character in X-men. This gender-neutral name is of English origin, meaning “mischievous” or “unpredictable”. This name will unleash the prankish side of his personality.

9. Binod

Binod is a Sanskriti name, originally having roots in India. Bindo means “happiness,” “joy,” and “enjoyment”. Most Hindus are found to name their boys Binod.

10. Gester

The name Gester is usually used as a surname; it has its roots in Holland, dating back to 1840. Gester means “the one who jokes”.

11. Marnin

The exquisite name, Marnin, is of Hebrew origin, meaning “one who creates joy” or “gives great joy.” Although this lovely name is primarily a boy’s name, it can also be used to name your baby girl.

12. Jett

Jett is a modern English name meaning “fast-paced”, “black stone”, or “full of wit”. It also has Hebrew origin meaning “excellence” or “abundance”. Another alternate spelling is Jet. The name Jett is often used as a surname.

13. Dolos

In Greek mythology, Dolos is known as “the spirit of trickery” or “the god of mischief.” A perfect name for your little master of mischief and pranks.

14. Kolohe

The Hawaiin-originated name, Kolohe, means “rascal or mischievous”. A unique name to give to your little jester.

15. Chicot

Chicot was the name of the sharp-tongued jester of King Henry III of France and later Henry IV. His real name was Jean-Antoine d’Anglerais.

16. Loki

The name Loki is a gender-neutral name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “trickster,” a quality a mischievously funny person needs to thrive.

17. Attahasa

Attahasa is a Hindu boy’s name. It means “someone who has loud laughter.” A great name that will enhance your boy’s humorous side.

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