Blessing to Behold: 30 Names That Mean Lamb

Babies are born innocent. They’re pure, gentle, and tender. A lamb is a representation of all of these qualities. It’s the reason why newborns are sometimes referred to as “little lambs”. Most of us picture lambs as fluffy white animals frisking in a field full of grass.

Giving your baby a lamb-related name is something to be proud of because it signifies purity, divinity, sacrifice, and forgiveness of God. Check out these victorious names that we’ve listed for your innocent little lamb.

Girl Names That Mean Lamb

Enlisted below are the names that mean lamb suitable for your gentle princess.

1. Tahlia

Of Hebrew and Arabic origin, the name Tahlia is a female name that means “dew of God”, “lamb”, and “to bloom”. You can also use other name variants such as Taliah, Taaliah, Taaliyah, or Thalia for extra spice.

2. Rachael

Rachael is a feminine name of Hebrew origin meaning “ewe” or “little lamb”. Although the name Rachel has become the preferred spelling of this name, Rachael is still the spelling that has been around since at least the 19th century, putting a slight English twist on the Old Hebrew version.

3. Aneska

The name Aneska is of Hungarian origin. It is a name for girls which translates to “lamb of God”. It also has its Greek roots, meaning “pure” and “gentle”.

4. Carmi

Derived from its Hebrew origin, Carmi is a female name meaning “my vineyard” and “lamb of the waters”. Be creative and name your newborn, Carmi, as you celebrate the birth of your child, and express the most important blessing given to you by God.

5. Nessa

Nessa, a feminine name, is of Latin origin and translates to “lamb”. In Irish mythology, Nessa was known to be the princess of Ulaid.

6. Ines

Considered as the Italian, Spanish, and French form of Agnes, the name Ines is a Latin version of the Greek word “hagni”, derived from the word “hagnos”, which means “chaste” or “holy” – which can be directly associated with lamb, representing Jesus Christ, who became the sacrifice and propitiation for the sins of humankind.

7. Kori

Of Greek origin, Kori is a female name meaning “lamb” and “maiden”. In 2018, Kori entered the top 1000 of Most Popular Names, ranking 696th.

8. Una

An Irish feminine name, the name Una means “lamb”, deriving from the Irish word uan. In Irish mythology, Una was known as the queen of all fairies and is said to be the most beautiful of all women.

9. Agnete

Agnete is a girl’s name that originated from both Ancient Greek and Latin. In Ancient Greek, the word agnete means “chaste” or “sacred”. On the other hand, in Latin, it means “lamb”, deriving from the word agnus.

10. Oona

Of Scottish origin, the name Oona is a feminine name that means “one” or “universal”. It is also the Anglicized form of the Irish name, Una, which means “lamb”.One notable person who possesses the name is Oona King, a former member of parliament of the United Kingdom.

11. Juno

Juno is an Irish name that means “lamb” and “together”. In Roman mythology, Juno was an ancient goddess, known as the protector and special counselor of the state.

12. Raoghnailt

Considered a Scottish name, the name Raoghnailt is a feminine name meaning “lamb”.

13. Ona

Ona is a female name derived from multiple origins resulting in a wide array of meanings across different cultures. In the Irish language, it refers to lamb. Of Slavic origin, it means “grace”. In the Bible, it translates to “God was gracious”.

14. Elisha

Elisha is of Hebrew origin, and a girl name which means “God is my salvation” – an acknowledgment of how Jesus became our sacrificial lamb as he offered himself for the atonement of our sins.

15. Agnes

The name Agnes is the feminine form of Agnus, which means “lamb”.

Boy Names That Mean Lamb

Get a glimpse of names that will exhibit your baby boy’s wholesomeness.

1. Agnus

Agnus is a male name of Latin origin, meaning “lamb”. It is the masculine form of Agnes. In Greek, it means “pure” or “holy”.

2. Gil

Derived from Greek and Hebrew origin, the name Gil is a boy’s name which translates to “small goat”. It is the Spanish name for Giles.

3. Miel

Miel is a masculine Romanian name that means “lamb”. It is of Spanish and French origins and is most widely used in France.  In Spanish, the name Miel means “honey”.

4. Lam

The male name Lam is of Old Norse origin, meaning “lamb”. In Vietnam, it refers to woods or forests. Nicknames for this name can be Lammy or Lammie, especially when you want to call your son sweetly and gently.

5. Kharouf

Kharouf, an Arabic-originated name is a masculine name that translates to “lamb”. It is one of the most famous Muslim names that parents want to give their newborn child as a lifetime address to their son.

6. Lamb

If you are looking for an effective way of addressing your child with names associated with “lamb”, whether it will be used as a symbol or not, you can directly make use of  Lamb, which pretty much looks simple and unique.

7. Hamal

Primarily a male name, Halal is of Arabic origin, meaning “lamb”. In Middle Eastern countries, it refers to a porter, a bearer, or servant.

8. Immer

Immer is a biblical masculine name that translates to “saying”, “speaking”, and a “lamb”.

9. Cordero

Cordero is a Spanish and Italian name that means “young lamb”, from the Latin word cordarius. Biblically, it means “lamb of God”.

10. Oan

Of Breton origin, Oan is a boy’s name which means “lamb”.

11. Kreios

Derived from Ancient Greek, the masculine name Kreios refers to a ram or a male sheep.

12. Ram

If you are looking for a short but unique name for your innocent newborn son, Ram is a perfect fit for you. It is another term that refers to a male sheep.

13. Lambert

It may not have a meaning that refers to a lamb, but one way to name your kid is by forming a name from combinations or the addition of a few more letters. One example is the name Lambert, Lamb being the root word, followed by a suffix -ert.

14. Ramon

Just like the name Lambert, Ramon is a boy name created from the root word, Ram, and the suffix, -on.

15. Azazel

Of Hebrew origin, the name Azazel refers to the sacrificial lamb in the Old Testament.

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