72 Dangerously Cool Names That Mean Monster

names that mean monster
names that mean monster

Monsters are made-up entities that appear in works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, folklore, and religion. Monsters are frequently portrayed as being hostile, dangerous, and having an odd, monstrous look.

Monsters can also be portrayed as friendly, misunderstood creatures that fear people without meaning. They can be so big, strong, and powerful that they accidentally hurt people.

Usually, parents do not want to give their children names with a negative impression or connotation, like a monster. However, people have a blatant fascination nowadays with demons because they are the most incredible creatures in the fictional world. So, here are 72 names that mean “monster” that can create an extraordinary and fascinating life for your little one.

Girl Names That Mean Monster

Look at the following list of frightening yet enticing girl names that mean “monster.”

1. Lusca

Lusca is a unique girl name that describes a “sea monster.” Lusca looks like a spirit, a dragon, or an octopus, and it resides in the Caribbean.

2. Makara

Makara in Swahili means “monstrous sea dragon.” At the same time, in India, the emblem of Kamadeva, the Vedic god of passion and love, represents the Capricorn sign. It is also a name that means “blessing” in Hebrew.

3. Nessie

This girl’s name originated in Greece, and it is the byname of the Loch Ness monster, a gigantic marine creature believed by some people to live in Loch Ness, Scotland.

4. Graeae

Graeae is a firm name from Greek mythology, which means the “three monstrous witches” who share a body and have one side-eye.

5. Asura

It is an Indian name that is best known in Hindu mythology as a “big monster with extraordinary powers.”

6. Hydra

This name has Greek and Roman roots, meaning “water monster” or “water serpent.” It is one of the most ferocious and terrifying monsters ever.

7. Medusa

Originating from Greek, the beautiful name Medusa means a “monstrous jellyfish.” Medusa was also derived from “medo,” meaning “to protect, to rule over.”

8. Wendigo

Of Algonquian origin, Wendigo means “cannibalistic monster.” It is said to dwell on the east coast of Canada and other parts of the United States.

9. Antuara

This enchanting girl’s name came from Anglo-Saxon, meaning “monster.” It is also a name derived from a Greek word that means “a light breeze.”

10. Lilith

Lilith is of Hebrew origin that means “night monster.” It is an evil spirit dwelling in the body of a witch.

11. Maleficent

This popular girl’s English name means “horned witch monster.” It is the name of the iconic villain in the Disney film Sleeping Beauty.

12. Chimera

A name that is of Greek origin means a “fire-breathing monster” found in Greek mythology.

13. Empousa

Stemming from Greek origin, meaning “monster goddess.” Empousa, Hecate’s monster daughter, used to spend the evenings sipping young men’s blood.

14. Lamia

Soft and very feminine, Lamia is a Greek name that means a “mythical monster” that preyed on humans and sucked children’s blood.

15. Scylla

Charming and enticing, this girl’s Greek name means “sea monster.” Scylla is actually a beautiful nymph who was turned into a monster. Its variation is “Cylla,” which originated from the English language and can be used by either boy or girl.

16. Siren

Alluring and captivating, Siren is of Greek origin that means “hybrid monster” or “singing monster.” It is a dangerous monster whose voice tempted people to kill themselves.

17. Cruella

Cruella comes of English origin and is obviously derived from the English word “cruel.” It is the “fictional monster and villain” from the popular children’s book that turned into a film titled “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.”

18. Jezebeth

Meaning “monster of the falsehoods and lies.” Jezebeth is a girl’s name of Latin origin. It is an excellent name if you want your baby to be optimistic, outgoing, and expressive.

19. Echidna

This adorable girl’s name has roots in Egypt, Latin, and Greek, which means “mythical monster.”

20. Cath

Derived from Arthurian Legend, Cath is actually a girl’s name that means a “monster.” In French, Irish, and Latin, this name also means “pure, clear.”

21. Gorgon

The Ancient Greek name Gorgon is a vicious feminine name that means a “winged monster with snakey hairs.” It also means “grim” or “dreadful.”

22. Chimera

Of Greek origin, this feminine name means an “imaginary monster of incongruous parts” or a “she-goat.” It also means an “illusion.”

Boy Names That Mean Monster

Names that mean “monster” have surprisingly a long list of boy names that are mythic and legendary.

1. Cetus

Of Greek origin, Cetus is a boy’s name that means a “large fish” or “sea monster.” It is associated with constellations, and its variations are Catus or Cete. So if you want your little one to be an astronaut, this is the correct name.

2. Champ

In Cryptozoology, Champ with variations “Ceamp” or “Chaia” means a legendary “lake monster.” It is also the short form of the champion, and it came from Middle English, meaning “warrior.”

3. Arges

This mighty name is of Greek origin, meaning a “monster with one hundred eyes.” It also means “bright” or “shining.”

4. Balor

Balor is of Irish origin, which means a “large one-eyed monster” than would create havoc in the world whenever it opens his eye. It also comes from Common Celtic, the “flashing one.”

5. Fachan

Fachan has a Celtic origin, meaning “half of a human being monster.” It is also a name that represents compassion, creativity, reliability, generosity, loyalty, and love for domestic life.

6. Hagen

Of Norse origin, Hagen means a “one-eyed Burgundian monster.” It also has roots in Irish and German heritage, which means “youthful one.”

7. Hitotsume-Kozo

A distinct-sounding boy’s name of Japanese origin means “one-eyed monster” or “one-eyed priest boy.” It is often depicted as a mischievous bald-headed child with one eye on the center of its forehead.

8. Likho

This masculine Slavic name means a “monster of evil fate and misfortune.” It also means “there is hope” in its African origin.

9. Abchanchu

A rare name with no particular origin, Abchanchu means a “shape-shifting monster” in Bolivian legend.

10. Ojancanu

Ojancanu has a Cantabrian origin meaning “monster of cruelty.” It is said to be the strongest monster in Cantabrian mythology, about 10-16 ft tall, and can bring misfortune to the people.

11. Psoglav

Of Serbian origin, Psoglav means an evil “one-eyed dog monster.” Serbian mythology describes it as having iron teeth and horse legs with a human body.

12. Snallygaster

A striking boy’s name, Snallygaster, originated from America, meaning a “one-eyed monster.” It is characterized as a half-bird, half-reptile that is claimed to prowl the streets of Maryland and Washington, DC.

13. Steropes

The origin of this uncommonly used boy’s name Steropes is Greek, meaning “lightning” and a “one-eyed monster” in Greek mythology.

14. Tepegoz

Tepegoz is of Turkish origin, meaning “king of one-eyed monsters,” which appears in the Book of Dede Korkut. It is an exciting name associated with having a solid sense of organizational skills and harmony.

15. Dragon

This legendary name came from Asian and African origin, meaning a “mythical monster” or a “fire-breathing creature.” In some East Asian cultures, this name symbolizes good fortune and fertility.

16. Leviathan

This scriptural male name of Judeo-Christian origin means a “sea monster.” It is used and mentioned in various scriptures, meaning “the great intuitive human unity.”

17. Phoenix

Phoenix is primarily a gender-neutral name but is mainly used for boys. It has Greek and Egyptian origin meaning “monstrous immortal bird,” and is a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

18. Cerberus

Of Greek origin, Cerberus is a great boy name that means “monstrous watchdog of the underworld.” It also means “spotted” or “covered.”

19. Darius

This vigorous male name is of Japanese origin, meaning “form-shifting monster” that can morph between human and chimera forms. It is the famous villain character in the comic “Blood Noxus,” and it also means “rich and kingly.”

20. Furfur

Furfur is a Christian boy’s name that implies a “lightning and thunder monster.” In Latin, this name means “bran” or “grain.”

21. Lucifer

A commonly devil-associated masculine name, Lucifer is of Latin and Christian origin. In Christianity, it means a fallen angel that turned into an “inhuman monster.” At the same time, in Latin, it is a “light-bearer” or “morning star.”

22. Zagan

Like Lucifer, Zagan is an Anglo-Saxon name that means an “inhuman fallen angel monster.” It is also an Arabic boy’s name equal to the word “beautifier.”

23. Typhon

Of Greek origin, Typhon with variations “Typhaon” or “Typhoeus,” which means “grisly monster with a hundred dragons’ heads.” In Greek mythology, Typhon was also the father of Cerberus, Chimera, and Sphinx.

24. Shadow

Mainly a unisex name of English origin, this dreamy name means an “invisible monster” and “shade from the sun.”

25. Balam

Balam is of the Semitic root meaning “possessor” or “monster prince of hell” that has three heads. In Muslim, a boy’s name represents “jolly.”

26. Forneus

Of Latin origin, Forneus means a “sea monster.” Boys with this name can be successful because this name represents ambition, independence, strength, and determination.

27. Lestat

This masculine fictional name was derived from Old French, which means “state, status.” However, it was popularly used as the name of one of the “blood-eating monsters” in the novel series The Vampire Chronicles.

28. Naberius

Of Christian origin, Naberius is derived from Cerberus and means a “three-headed dog monster.” People with this name have bold and robust willpower traits, typical for a leader.

29. Kabandha

Kabandha is a boy’s name of Indian origin that means “ugly giant” or “ugly monster.” People with this name are loving, caring, and responsible individuals.

30. Aegir

This enamoring boy’s name is of Norse origin meaning “water giant” or “sea monster.” It also means “ocean” in modern Icelandic.

31. Argus

This daunting yet solid name has Greek and Danish roots, meaning “monster” or “monster with 100 eyes.” Argus also means “watchful guardian,” so naming your little boy can make him an observant and attentive person.

32. Chapalu

Of Scottish origin, this fabulous masculine name means “a monster” in Arthurian Legend. People with this name are cheerful and friendly.

33. Fenris

Fenris is a male name of Norse origin that means “mythical monster wolf.” Such a legendary name to give your baby boy.

34. Geryon

Of Greek origin, Geryon is a masculine name that means a “winged three-headed monster” killed by Hercules. This name is also associated with Greek words that mean “earth” and “singing.”

35. Knucker

Knucker is an adorable boy name of Old English origin that means “water monster” or “hippopotamus.”

36. Samael

This alluring masculine name of Hebrew origin means “monster of darkness.” In Jewish Lore, it is said that Samael was the serpent who tempted Eve to sin.

37. Basilisk

Of Greek origin, Basilisk is a mighty name meaning “serpent king” or “monster with killing stare.” It also signifies “little prince” or “young ruler.”

38. Nasnas

Nasnas, an Arabic name meaning “monstrous creature” or “half a human being; having half head, half a body.” Having this name ensures an adventurous and energetic personality.

39. Eligor

Eligor is a manly name of English origin meaning “alligator monster” or “reptile monster.” Eligor also embodies an optimistic and extroverted personality.

40. Rasputin

Of Russian origin, Rasputin is a man’s name that means a “monstrous Russian healer” or a “badly behaved child.”

Unisex Names That Mean Monster

If you’re still undecided about what name that means monster you should give to your little one, here are some gender-neutral names you can try.

1. Jian

The Chinese name Jian means “bird monster with one eye and one wing,” “to see,” and “health.” Though it is mainly used for males, this name can be used by any gender.

2. Ghoul

Of Arabic origin, Ghoul is a “monstrous humanoid” preys by sucking blood and eating human flesh. It also means “goblin,” and people with this name are romantic and sensitive.

3. Kraken

The name Kraken emerged from Scandinavian countries, which means a “gigantic sea monster.” It also connotes “like a book or an anchor.”

4. Xenomorph

Of Alien origin, Xenomorph is a unisex name that means “ugly, vicious alien monsters.” Xenomorphs originally appeared in the science fiction horror film “Alien.”

5. Shinigami

This name came from Japan, meaning “death god,” “death monster,” or “grim reaper.” It is commonly used in the famous manga Bleach, so if you’re a fan, you should consider naming your little one after this.

6. Harpy

Harpy is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, meaning a “Half woman and half bird monster.” It is also believed to be the goddess of sweeping storms.

7. Sphinx 

Sphinx is a fictitious name of Greek origin, meaning “winged female monster.” It is believed that the name Sphinx signifies mysteriousness and quietness.

8. Yeti

Of Indian origin, Yeti is a cute name that is used chiefly for girls but can also be used for boys. It means an “abominable snowman” or an “ape-like monster” existing in the Himalayan ranges.

9. Kasa Obake

It is a name that originated in Japan and means “umbrella monster.” It is a ghost that sprang from an old or broken umbrella and typically had one eye, one limb, and a lengthy tongue.

10. Chessie

Chessie is a name that has Slavic origin and the alternate form of Chelsea that means “at peace.” In Cryptozoology, it means a “legendary sea monster.”

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