115 Radiant Names That Mean Moon

The moon is a celestial body that has been used as a topic for stories, songs, and myths since the beginning of humankind. As time goes by, its influence began to widen, becoming a subject of religious ceremonies, rituals, fairy tales, and romance. Our fascination with the moon also enables astronomers to dig deeper into the hidden gems of the solar system, resulting in the discovery of other moons and stars outside the Earth.

The moon became a symbol of love for people who are always in awe of how mysterious the moon is. Even when choosing a name for their newborn child, some people consider names related to the moon. If you’re one of these people, then you’re on the right track. We’ve compiled various moon-related names fitted for your little stargazer. Check it out!

Girl Names That Mean Moon

Here are some captivating lunar-related names for your gleaming night princess.

1. Phoebe

Known as the byname of the goddess of moon and hunting, Artemis, the female given name Phoebe is of Greek origin meaning “radiant, shining one”.

2. Bianca

The name Bianca was given to one of the moons of Uranus, named after the sister of Katherine in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

3. Mayari

In Philippine mythology, Mayari was the goddess of the moon and the deity who rules the world during nighttime. She is said to be the most charming among all the goddesses.

4. Titania

Considered the largest moon of Uranus, Titania is the name given to the eighth-largest moon in the solar system.

5. Yereah

One of the rarest names that you can give your daughter is Yereah, a Hebrew name that translates to “moon”.

6. Namaka

Namaka is a feminine name derived from the inner moon of the trans-Neptunian dwarf planet called Haumea.

7. Nikini

One name associated with the moon that is suitable for your lovely girl is Nikini, a Sri Lankan word referring to the full moon.

8. Portia

Portia is known as the second-largest moon of the planet Uranus which was discovered on the 3rd of January 1986. If you are looking for moon-related names appropriate for your moon princess, this could be a great choice.

9. Ophelia

Of Greek origin, Ophelia is the name of another moon of Uranus. The name was popularized by a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”.

10. Larissa

A name that relates to the moon is Larissa, which is known as the name of one of Neptune’s moons. It is also the name of the capital and the largest city of the region of Thessaly in Greece.

11. Diana

Diana is the Roman goddess of fertility, childbirth, hunting, and the moon. It is a feminine name with multiple origins, meaning “divine”.

12. Artemis

In Greek mythology, Artemis was known as the goddess of wild animals, hunting, chastity, childbirth, vegetation, and the moon.

13. Amaris

Amaris is a female-given name that means “child of the moon”. In ancient Hebrew, it means “given by God”.

14. Luna

In Roman mythology, Luna was referred to as the goddess of the moon. It is a female given name of Italian, Spanish, and Latin origins translating to “moon”.

15. Neoma

Of Hebrew and Greek origins, Neoma is a name fitting for your little moonbeam that means “new moon” and “pleasantness”.

16. Selene

Selene is a Greek name that translates to “the moon”. She was known as a Greek lunar deity and the daughter of Hyperion and Theia.

17. Cynthia

Referred to as an epithet of Artemis and the twin sister of Apollo, the feminine name Cynthia is of Greek origin meaning “moon goddess” and “from Mount Kynthos”.

18. Altalune

Of Latin origin, the feminine name Altalune means “over the moon”.

19. Dia

Dia is the name of the moon orbiting the planet Jupiter. If you want a short but charming name for your little ray of moonlight, you can go for this one.

20. Lona

In Hawaiian mythology, the name Lona was used by the goddess of the moon. She fell in love and married a mortal named Aikanaka.

21. Mahina

Mahina is a female given name meaning “moon” or “moonlight”. It is the Hawaiian version of the Roman goddess Diana.

22. Margaret

The feminine name Margaret made this list because of Margaret Hamilton’s contribution to developing the Apollo moon program.

23. Esmeray

Of Turkish origin, Esmeray refers to a “dark moon”, and can serve as a captivating name for your adventurous baby girl.

24. Charon

Charon is considered the largest of the five moons of Pluto. It is the sixth-largest known trans-Neptunian object.

25. Raith

Raith is a Sanskrit girl’s name that translates to “Lord of the full moon light”. Raith Rovers is a Scottish football club that uses this alluring name.

26. Deva

Of Hindi origin, the name Deva was the Sanskrit name of a moon deity. It means “shining one” and “divine being”.

27. Feray

The female name Feray is of Turkish origin which means “radiance of the moon”. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a name that exudes purity and positive energy.

28. Selenite

The name Selenite comes from a Greek word meaning “moon stone”. This can also be directly associated with the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.

29. Elara

Elara is the name of the eighth largest of 79 moons orbiting Jupiter. It is the alternative name of the mortal princess in Greek mythology, Larissa.

30. Helene

One of the 83 moons of Saturn is Helene. It is said to be named after Helen of Troy.

31. Natsuki

Of Japanese origin, the name Natsuki is commonly used by women which translates to “moon”.

32. Losna

Losna was known as the goddess of the moon in Etruscan mythology. It is the equivalent of the Roman embodiment of the moon, Luna.

33. Dione

Dione of one of the moons of the planet Saturn. It was named after a Titaness in Greek mythology.

34. Alcmene

In Ancient Greek mythology, the name Alcmene was known as the mother of Heracles, son of Zeus. This name means “might of the moon”.

35. Channary

Channary is a female given name of Khmer origin referring to “full moon” or “moon girl”. One notable fictional character that possesses the name is Channary Blackburn of the novel series entitled “The Lunar Chronicles”.

36. Indumathi

The name Indumathi is a Sanskrit name applicable to your dazzling baby girl meaning “full moon”.

37. Ilargi

Ilargi is a Basque name for girls equivalent to “moon”. You can use either Ile or Ilazki as an alternative for this enthralling.

38. Mona

Mona is an old English feminine name referring to “moon”. One of the most valuable paintings in the world named Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

39. Hala

If you love watching anime, the name Hala might sound familiar to you. Yep! It is the name of a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

40. Isone

Isone is the name of one of the 80 moons orbiting Jupiter. If you have a growing fascination with astrology, then this one is for you.

41. Menodore

Menodore is an ancient Greek name for girls meaning “moon gift”.

42. Thebe

Considered the planet’s seventh-largest moon,  Thebe is a female name that refers to a moon orbiting Jupiter.

43. Aiday

The name Aiday is a Kazakh name meaning “moon child”. Aside from being a pageant titleholder, Miss Kazakhstan 2013 Aiday Isseva also holds this beautiful name.

44. Hanwi

Hanwi is a Siouan feminine name translating to “night sun”. She is the moon goddess in Sioux mythology.

45. Purnama

Purnama is a Malayan name that refers to the “full moon”.

46. Aydan

Of Turkish and Azerbaijani origins, the female name Aydan means “from the moon”.One notable character who uses the name is the Australian singer Aydan Calafiore.

47. Hilal

The name Hilal is of Turkish origin referring to the “crescent moon”.

48. Mawu

In Dahomey mythology, Mawu was known as the moon goddess who causes the night and its coldness.

49. Luisine

Luisine is an Armenian female name that translates to “moon”.

50. Nuray

One name to address your intelligent ball of moonshine is by naming her Nuray, a Turkish name that means “bright moon”.

Boy Names That Mean Moon

Discussed below are some heavenly names that mean moon – prepared specially for your moon prince.

1. Titan

Titan is the name of the largest moon orbiting the planet Saturn, and the second-largest moon in the whole solar system. It may not exactly mean moon, but it would be a great choice if you’re looking for moon-related male names.

2. Rakesh

Of Indian origin, the masculine name Rakesh means “ruler of the full moon”. One of the users of this name is a popular billionaire and Indian business magnate, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

3. Linus

Linus is known as an asteroid moon orbiting 22 Kalliope. Since the latter was named after Calliope, the Greek muse of epic poetry, the former, then, was named after her son.

4. Thomas

Thomas made this list because of an English astronomer named Thomas Harriott who contributed to the history of Earth’s moon. His drawings of observations of the moon were considered the first recorded telescopic observations that have ever been made.

5. Crescent

If you’re a moon lover and you are looking for a fitting moon-related for your moon prince, then the name Crescent is for you. The symbol crescent has been frequently used as the symbol for the moon.

6. Jericho

Of Arabic origin, Jericho is a male-given name referring to the “city of the moon”. It is also the name designated as the oldest city in the world.

7. Atlas

A name that you can give your dark and handsome boy is the name given to one of Saturn’s moons, Atlas. In Greek mythology, he was the titan that led a rebellion against Zeus.

8. Bulan

Of Indonesian origin, Bulan is a masculine name meaning “the moon”, and is the primordial god of the moon in precolonial Philippine mythology.

9. Francisco

Francisco is a little moon that orbits the planet Uranus irregularly or opposite the direction of other regular moons and the planet’s rotation.

10. Apollo

The name Apollo was derived from the famous Apollo 11, which was the American spaceflight that first landed humans on the moon from 1968 to 1972.

11. Arche

Of Greek origin, Arche is one of the most charming names that you can name your moon boy. It is the name of a moon that orbits Jupiter.

12. Midnight

The mere fact that the word “night” is in the name of Midnight is already a good idea to welcome your baby boy to the real world. A last-quarter or third-quarter moon is said to be rising around midnight.

13. Deimos

Deimos is one of the two known moons of Mars, named after the son of Ares and the personification of dread and terror.

14. Elatha

In Irish mythology, the name Elatha was the name of the god of the moon.

15. Nidi

Nidi is a male-given name of Old Norse origin that refers to the darkness during the new moon.

16. Gunay

The name Gunay is a Turkish name meaning “moon seen in daylight”.

17. Oberon

Derived from a Shakespearean character, the masculine name Oberon was made popular by the king of the fairies in a comedy entitled “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

18. Tarkik

Of Inuktitut and Iñupiaq origins, Tarkik is a male name referring to the “moon”.

19. Dal

Dal is a Korean name for boys translating to “moon”.

20. Badru

Of Arabic origin, the male-given name Badru means “full moon”.

21. Thyone

Thyone is one of the retrograde irregular moons rotating around the planet Jupiter.

22. Mani

Commonly used in Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, Mani is a masculine name of Old Norse origin meaning “moon”. An alternative name for this is Maney.

23. Loge

One of the moons of the planet Saturn is named after a fire giant in Norse mythology, Loge.

24. Luan

Luan is a male name of multiple origins, referring to a “warrior”, “lion”, “moon”, and “bird”.

25. Meztli

The name Meztli was known as the god of the moon, the night, and the farmers in Aztec mythology.

26. Carpo

Carpo is the most distant known moon with a prograde orbit of Jupiter.

27. Getsumei

Formed from the combination of Japanese words getsu and mei, the masculine Japanese name Getsumei means “bright moon” or “moonlight”.

28. Tuncay

Of Turkish origin, Tuncay is a charming name for your little ray of moonlight which translates to “bronze moon”.

29. Sharad

Sharad is a Sanskrit name that refers to an “autumn moon”, and can be an awesome way of addressing your bright baby boy.

30. Polydeuces

The name Polydeuces was given to a small moon of Saturn co-orbiting with another moon, Dione.

31. Ehann

The name Ehann is an Arabic name that you can make use of when naming your luminous newborn. It refers to a full bright moon.

32. Iah

Iah was the name of the god of the moon in Egyptian mythology. Additionally, it is an Egyptian name meaning “moon”.

33. Aegaeon

Another moon orbiting Saturn was named Aegaeon, which by the way, is a name that you can use for your son, too.

34. Narvi

Pronounced as Nar-vee, Narvi is a name used to designate one of Saturn’s 83 moons.

35. Wadd

Wadd was the national god of the Minaeans. His magic formula written in amulets and buildings is often accompanied by a crescent moon symbol with a small disc of Venus.

36. Chan

Of Khmer origin, the male–given name Chan means “Monday” – which can be directly related to the moon.

37. Mwezi

Mwezi is a Swahili masculine name referring to the “moon”.

38. Bahloo

Bahloo is the name of the masculine spirit representing the moon in Gamilaraay mythology.

39. Albek

Considered a Kyrgyz name, Albek is a name used to address baby boys which translates to “moon master” or “moon chieftain”.

40. Abylay

A Kazakh male name that refers to “father of the moon” is Abylay.

41. Chandra

Chandra is known as the Hindu god of the moon and is associated with plants, night, and vegetation. Soma is the Sanskrit version of this name.

42. Isildur

Isildur is a Quenya name for your glowing son meaning “servant of the moon” or “devoted to the moon”. The name was made popular by a fictional character in the television series, The Lord of the Rings.

43. Agharna

Of Indian origin, the masculine name Agharna refers to “the moon”.

44. Enceladus

Enceladus was the name given to the sixth largest moon of the planet Saturn, having a surface covered with water ice.

45. Ihan

If you have a thing for celestial bodies, the name Ihan, an Arabic name meaning “full moon”, is ready to serve your newborn son.

46. Ayberk

Ayberk is a masculine Turkish name that bears the meaning of “lightning like the brightness of the moon”.

47. Caliban

One of the moons orbiting around the planet Uranus was named Caliban. It was recognized as the second-largest irregular moon of Uranus.

48. Anningan

The name Anningan was known as the moon god of some of the Inuit folks living in Greenland.

49. Chandrakant

Derived from the Sanskrit words chandra and kantra, the male-given name Chandrakant means “beloved by the moon”.

50. Telesto

Telesto is of Saturn’s moons. It is a part of Tethys Trojans as it circles Saturn together with the moon Calypso in the same orbit as the moon Tethys.

Unisex Names That Mean Moon

These are some splendid gender-neutral names appropriate for your little ray of moonlight.

1. Halo

Derived from the ancient Greek hálō, the gender-neutral English name Halo refers to a ring or disc around the moon.

2. Ariel

Ariel is known as the fourth largest moon circling the planet Uranus.

3. Moon

The name Moon is an excellent choice for a genderless name as an identity for your moonchild.

4. Kuu

Known as the moon goddess in Finnish mythology, Kuu is a name that can go with both genders which translates to “moon”.

5. Cupid

Cupid is one of the inner moons of Saturn and was named after a character in Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens.

6. Aytac

Of Turkish origin, the name Aytac is a unisex name meaning “crown of the moon” or “crown moon”.

7. Callisto

Callisto is one of the 80 moons orbiting around Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei. It is a gender-inclusive Italian name meaning “fair” or “good”.

8. Marama

In Maori mythology, Marama was known as the lunar deity; her name referred to moonlight.

9. Neso

The irregular moon Neso is known as the outermost moon orbiting the planet Neptune.

10. Dawa

The name Dawa is a Tibetan unisex name that means “moon” or “month”.

11. Sponde

Sponde is a genderless name that was used as a designation for one of the moons revolving around the planet Jupiter.

12. Jaci

Jaci is a native American gender-neutral name that translates to “moon”. It is pronounced as Jack-ee.

13. Triton

Triton is considered the largest among Neptune’s 13 moons. Also, it was the first planet of Neptune to be discovered.

14. Nereid

The second Neptunian moon to be discovered is Nereid, the third largest moon rotating the said planet and the most eccentric orbit among all the moons in the solar system.

15. Monday

You reading this means that you’ve enjoyed choosing a name for your child, so let’s increase your growing interest as we offer you this name. Derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “the moon’s day”, Monday is a name suitable for babies of both genders. The second day of the week Monday has been considered the moon’s day ever since the time of the Babylonians.

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