51 Enchanting Names That Mean Night

Night, the time of day that signifies darkness, the setting of the sun, and the loss of light. Yet exuding an intrinsic brightness, captivating in its beauty. Capable of offering that priceless ambience, a time when the calmness of the inner and outer world are in sync with each other and you feel your present existence.

Baby names inspired by night time or astral names associated with the night time can be beautiful choices to consider when naming your little one. Some of these names despite being breathtaking on their own also hold deep cultural and historical connections that just amplify their beauty.

Girl Names Meaning Night

You will find an array of uncommon and exotic baby girl names associated with ‘night time,’ names filled with cultural and historical value. Here are a few listed below.

1. Celeste

The name Celeste in it’s Latin origin literally means “Heavenly.” This name is such a vibe, with it’s soft and heavenly overtones. The name comes with  a number of other variations such as; Celestine, Celestia or Celestial.

2. Ciara

Ciara is a name of Irish origin, meaning “night” or “little dark one.” A name so adorable yet elegant. The name is quite famous in Ireland where it is Anglicized to Kiera or Keira.

3. Layla

Layla is a name with roots in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian languages. It is derived from the semantic element layl, meaning “night.” The name “Layla” totally gives out stylish and trendy vibes.

4. Amaya

Amaya is a name of Japanese, Basque origin, meaning “night rain.” The Spanish version of the name roots from the Spanish mountain and village of Amaya, in which context it would mean “mother city.”

5. Estelle

Estelle is a name of French origin, meaning “star.” It is a name of such elegance and charm. Other variations of the  name include the Latin version, Estella, Estrella (this one’s trendy!), and Estela.

6. Koko

Koko is a name of Japanese origin meaning “stork; night.” This funkier yet adorably cute and trendy version of Coco, may appeal further to those with Japanese of Native American heritage.

7. Twyla

Twyla is a name of English origin, variant of Twila, meaning “twilight,” early evening. Imagine the enchanting beauty of the glowing sky at twilight. The beauty of the name alone makes up for it’s somewhat simple origin.

8. Miyako

Miyako is a name that originates from Japan, meaning “beautiful night child.” Despite being common in Japan in the mid-20th century, it simply sounds charminly adorable and trendy to the ears of the West.

9. Ratree

Ratree is a name that is of Thai origin. Its from the name of a flower, the night jasmine, and also a poetic name for “night.” This absolute delight of a name, not only sounds exotic, the night jasmine is such a enthralling and unique species, adding much value to the name.

10. Esther

Esther is a name of Persian origin, meaning “star,” derived from the old Persian word stara, meaning star. Ester is an underused biblical name (a major female figure in the Bible) yet with strong history and serious image.

11. Amaris

Amaris is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “promised by God.” It is a rare gift of a name with profound beauty.

12. Aylin

Aylin is a name of  Turkish origin, meaning “of the moon,” A stunningly, mystical name with exotic roots.

13. Bellatrix

Bellatrix is a name of Latin origin, meaning “female warrior.” A passionate and powerful name, Harry Potter fans may be familiar with.

14. Nisha

Nisha is a name from the Sanskrit, directly translating to “night.”

15. Hesper

Hesper is a name originating from Ancient Greek, meaning “evening star.”

16. Selena

Selena is a name of Greek origin meaning “moon.” It’s a beautiful and elegant name, derived from the word selas, meaning “bright.”

17. Luluna

Luluna is a name of African origin, meaning “shining moon.” A lyrical name with exotic roots.

18. Lyra

Lyra is a name of Greek origin, straight out of Greek mythology. It’s a melodic name, meaning “harp.”

19. Jemisha

Jemisha is a name originating from the Sanskrit. It’s a powerful name, meaning “queen of the midnight darkness.”

20. Liviana

Liviana is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “white moon.”

21. Astraea

Astraea is a name of  Greek origin, meaning “star-maiden” or “starry-night.” Astraea is a name with mythical roots, that would make an elegant and trendy name choice.

22. Sidra

Sidra is a name of Latin origin, meaning “of  the stars.”

23. Indu

Indu is a name of Indian origin, meaning “moon.” It’s a beautiful name with a whimsical undertones.

24. Nyx

Nyx is a Greek name, meaning “night,” a trendy name with mystical vibes.

25. Yvaine

Yvaine is a name  of Scottish origin, meaning “evening star.”

26. Shirina

Shirina is a name of Hindi origin, meaning “night.” It’s an exotic name with a hint of elegance.

27. Samar

Samar is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “evening conversation.”

28. Vesper

Vesper is a name of Latin origin, meaning “evening.” A beautiful and melodious name.

29. Indigo

Indigo is a name of English origin, referring to the colour of the night sky.

Boy Names Meaning Night

The “night time” also offers a range of dashingly, handsome baby boy names, that simply ooze with charisma. Check out some of them below.

1. Nishant

Nishant is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “end of night” or “daybreak/dawn.” It is a compound of two words; Nisha and Ant, meaning “night” and “end” respectively. It would indeed make a handsome, yet exotic name for your baby boy.

2. Raka

Raka is a name of Sanskrit origin, and translates to “full moon.” Despite it’s pure meaning of “full moon,” it totally gives out rustic chic vibes. Tell me this name does not ooze masculinity!

3. Aibek

Aibek is a name originating from Turkey, meaning “noon ruler.” Ay meaning “moon” and beg meaning “chieftain, master.” It’s a powerful name oozing with masculine energy.

4. Namid

Namid is a name originating from Native America, meaning “star dancer.” It is a name not so popular, yet rich in culture and heritage. It would make an excellent name choice for a charismatic young man.

5. Ciaran

Ciaran is a name of Irish origin, directly translating to “black” or “little dark one,” It’s a name with a powerful, elegant and mysterious aura, due to it’s connections with Greek mythology and history. Any child carrying a name with this much might, would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

6. Orion

Orion is a name of Greek origin, meaning “rising in the sky” and “dawning.” It’s a Celestial name, with much prominence in Greek mythology. Orion is considered one of the brightest constellations in the sky, an alluring  name with a mysterious edge.

7. Tynan

Tynan is a name of Irish origin, meaning “dark, dusty.” It’s a modern name wrapped in mystery with an exotic touch.

8. Nadir

Nadir is a name of Arabic origin, referring to the sun’s lowest point also known as “solar midnight.” A handsome name that totally gives royalty vibes.

9. Luan

Luan is a name with diverse origins. Luan means “moon in Portuguese, “warrior” in Irish, “lion” in Albanian, and “justice and ethics” in Vietnamese. A surprisingly diverse and stunning name with exotic and rich roots.

10. Hoku

Hoku is a name of Hawaiian origin, referring to the “night of the full moon.” It’s a name rich with tradition and culture, yet quite trendy and fitting to the Western tongue.

11. Gau

Gau  is a  name of Basque origin, meaning “Night.” Simple, but with a powerful undertone.

12. Nash

Nash comes from the middle English phrase “by the ash tree,” Ash trees are also known for their healing properties. It makes an elegant and charismatic name.

13. Orpheus

Orpheus is a name of Greek origin, meaning “darkness of night.”

14. Otieno

Otieno is a name of African origin, meaning “born at night.” Literally an ideal name for babies with night time birth.

15. Tarek

Tarek is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “morning star.” A masculine and majestic sounding name.

16. Yiska

Yiska is a name  of Native American origin, meaning “night is over.”

17. Samir

Samir is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “a friend to talk with in the evening.” It’s a charming name with undertones of kindness and gentleness.

18. Nox

Nox is a name of Latin origin, meaning “night.” It would make an excellent and trendy name for your little one.

19. Qamar

Qamar is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “brighter by the light of the moon.” It’s a handsome and masculine name with a beautiful meaning.

20. Rajnish

Rajnesh is a name of Sanskrit origin, with a powerful meaning, “the lord of the night.”

21. Izar

Izar is a name of Basque origin, meaning “star.” It’s a simple yet powerful sounding name.

22. Darcel

Darcel is a name of French origin, meaning “dark.” This one just oozes charisma with that soft and melodious undertone.

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