100 Names That Mean Peace for Your Little Charm

A name is the first gift parents give to their children. As we come from the elements, giving your child a beautiful name can be the most remarkable tribute. We choose baby names for different reasons, some we like for their sound, and others we adore for their definition.

Check out these baby names that mean peace; one of these might be the one you choose for your little bundle of joy.

Boy Names That Mean Peace

The unique baby names for boys on our list are some of the most wonderful ones; if you are on a hunt to grab a first or middle name that means “peace,” read on!

1. Galen

Galen is a boy’s name having its origin in Greece. It means calm, and it’s likely to have a serene impact on your little one’s personality.

2. Jeff

Jeff is an English name that refers to the god of peace. Jeff, a name that surely escalates the ranks of your baby as it’s an evergreen yet trendy name that stays on the top for its simplicity and great meaning.

3. Aman

Aman is a heartwarming Indian name. It means peace and is widely used by Asians as a peace-filled baby boy name.

4. Casimir

Your baby boy brings happiness, and what could be better than naming him just like that? Casimir is a Polish name that means peace bringer and is the supreme choice for baby boys.

5. Humphrey

It’s an English name for baby boys. Humphrey means peaceful warrior and is best suited for those looking for a potential name that means peace.

6. Noah

Noah is an eloquent Hebrew name. It takes the meaning of peace to the next level as the word itself means peaceful rest hence super-riched with tranquility. It is a manly name that adds charm to the personality of a boy named Noah.

7. Miro

A simple, stylish, and classy name choice for baby boys – Miro is a Slavic name. Its meaning is peace, and it’s a cool, fun name that comes in handy.

8. Paz

Paz is a Spanish name for baby boys that will add a cool vibe to your baby’s name if used in the middle. It’s a cute first name that can also be used as a nickname.

9. Oliver

Oliver is a blend of French and Latin words used for the olive tree. Olive and Oliver both symbolize peace and make the best baby boy name for your little charm.

10. Baris

Baris is a gorgeous Turkish name that is unique. It’s a baby boy name that means peace and is a beautiful pick for people belonging to Asian cultures.

11. Giotto

Giotto is an Italian name that has been on the hit list for its fantastic pronunciation and inspirational meaning. It means a pledge of peace and is a heart-favorite of parents when it comes to naming their baby boy.

12. Jonah

Jonah originates in Hebrew, meaning dove; people believe it as a bird of peace, prosperity, and tranquility.

13. Luam

The name Luam belongs to Africa and is widely used in African countries as a symbol of love, peace, and calm.

14. Kazuki

Kazuki, as the name sounds, is of Japanese origin. It means the hope of peace and is a super-appealing baby boy name, meaning peace.

15. Imhotep

This Egyptian name descends from Egypt and has more to its meaning than you might imagine. Imhotep means he who comes in peace which suggests it’s specifically a baby boy’s name and is enriched with peace.

16. Saladin

Saladin is an Arabic name. It’s a wholesome choice for religious parents who want to bring peace and joy to their life by naming their blessed baby Saladin meaning peace through faith.

17. Manfred

Manfred is steeped in Germany and means man of peace. Surely, no parents would not like to make their boy a man of peace!

18. Fritz

Fritz is a stellar short form for Frederick. The name has its roots in Germany and has a glorious meaning of peaceful ruler. How about it?

19. Ireneaus

If you’re looking for a baby boy name in Spanish, Ireneaus awaits you! It means peace and is a little-known name across the world. Steal right away!

20. Udoka

Unlike other Nigerian names, Udoka is a short and simple-to-use name for a baby boy. It means peace is great and comes with super-easy pronunciation.

21. Rongo

Rongo is a super-unique boy named inspired by a Maori god of peace & food. It sounds straightforward and can be used by any civilization.

22. Sheehan

Sheehan is an Irish name. It’s a delightful name that means peace and looks and sounds exceptional.

23. Heddwyn

Heddwyn is a Welsh name. It symbolizes fair peace and is perfect for those looking for a baby boy name that means peace.

24. Bohumir

Bohumir is a Czech name unique in its meaning. It refers to the peaceful world and ensures your little boy brings peace to your world.

25. Aaru

Aaru originates from Egypt and holds extreme minimalism. Its meaning is peaceful, just like your baby boy is for your eyes. Boys named Aaru are more growth-driven, strong, and open-minded.

26. Mircea

Mircea, a Romanian name for boys, is derived from a Slavic word – Mir, which means peace. Mircea was the name of a famous ruler of Wallachia in the 14th century.

27. Pazel

Pazel is a stunning boy name that means peace and god’s gold. Its roots originate from Hebrew, Spain. Boys with this name are likely to have a balanced and steady personality.

28. Feie

Feie is an incredible Dutch name that means peace. It’s a great choice if you’re looking forward to naming your baby boy.

29. Ping

Ping is a Chinese name for boys. It means peaceful and is a minimalistic, cool name that can also be used as a nickname.

30. Rinji

Rinji is a Japanese name that means peaceful forest. It’s a unique name for boys; you won’t find it often elsewhere.

31. Stellan

Stellan is a stellar boy name with Scandinavian roots. It means peace, and its celestial feel casts a superstar impact on your baby boy as he grows up.

32. Zalman

Zalman is a Hebrew name that denotes peace. It has been extracted from the name of the great king david, who had the ability to communicate with animals. His son’s name was Zalman.

33. Damba

Damba is an African boy’s name that means peaceful. It’s also less commonly used in the Philippines due to Damba Marquez – the famous Filipino actor.

34. Erasto

Belonging to Africa, Erasto is a boy’s name that means peace. It has its roots associated with Latin as well.

35. Islam

Islam is a Muslim boy’s name coming from Arabic origin. Its meaning is peaceful. The name is frequently used by Pakistanis, Arabs, Bengalis, and Indian Muslims.

36. Suluhu

It’s an African name for boys, meaning peacemaker. The name stems from Swahili regions and is commonly used in East Africa as a first name. The lucky number associated with this name is 3. People with this name are found to have great sense of humor and leadership skills.

37. Jawara

The name Jawara came from Africa. Its meaning is peace-loving and is also found in some American Christians. Some famous names associated with this name include Jawara and Jawara Duncan. Both were famous American TV actors.

38. Aiyetoro

Aiyetoro is an African name that hails from Yoruba. It means peace on earth and is an exquisite name for baby boys.

Girl Names That Mean Peace

These calming girl names are no less than some meaningful sensations.

1. Salome

Salome is a soft-sounding feminine name. It is the modified version of Shalom which means peace.

2. An

An is a super-short, cool name for baby girls. The word An hails from China, and it means peace.

3. Erin

The word Erin comes from Ireland. This is an Irish name for a princess, which means peace.

4. Frida

Frida is a marvelous term with a certain charm attached to it. It’s a Scandinavian name that means peaceful and is the absolute best designation for baby girls.

5. Alanna

Alanna, as delicate and feminine as it sounds, is a Gaelic baby girl name that means serenity. Alanna will surely bestow your home with peace and prosperity.

6. Akudo

This is a Nigerian name for girls, and it means peaceful wealth. How about making your little princess bring wealth plus peace to your household?

7. Evania

Evania is a magnificent name used for girls all across the world. The word means goodness and peace, and it has its foundation native to Greece and Spain civilizations. It’s mostly witnessed among Christians.

8. Kazu

Kazu is a simple name most commonly witnessed in Japanese girls. The word emerged from Japan, and it means harmony and peace. The name is influenced by princess Kazu.

9. Lana

Lana – a Hawaiian name meaning as calm as still water is a superb name choice for those who want a term that packs preciousness, blessings, peace, and light. Lana makes a perfect nickname for Svetlana. Lana has Slavic roots.

10. Mirembe

The word Mirembe stems from Uganda. It’s a charming name for girls and means woman of peace. The word Mirembe is derived from the Luganda term “Emirembe,” which means quiet. This name has been commonly observed in Baganda folks.

11. Alafia

This Yoruba name with Nigerian background is an all-time favorite name for baby girls. It means peace. Alafia is used for Arab girls as well, and they believe it to be a representation of sociability, fun, peace, and expressiveness.

12. Shanti

The word Shanti is commonly used in Hindustan, signifying peace. The name has been extracted from the word shanit in Sanskrit, which also means peace.

13. Quibilah

Quibilah is a one-of-a-kind English name used by Christians. It is a feminine name that means peaceful. The nomenclature is believed to have a lucky number 7.

14. Mira

The name Mira originated from Eastern Europe. In south Slavic languages, it has a beautiful meaning of a peaceful ocean. It’s often pronounced as Mir-ah. Mira makes a trendy yet contemporary nickname and even a first name.

15. Paccia

Paccia is a Latin name for girls. It is famous worldwide and has a wholesome meaning of peace. Paccia might sound similar to Paz and Pax, but it’s pronounced Pach-ee-a. Paccia is considered to have 6 as its lucky number.

16. Tullia

Tullia is an aspiring Roman name for girls inspired by Tullia Minor. She was the last queen of pre-republican Rome. Tullia connotes peace.

17. Olivia

Olivia is a Latin name for girls derived from olive, signifying peace. Certain short forms, such as Liv, Livia, Livi, Olly, Livy, etc., are connected to Olivia.

18. Jemima

Jemima is a Hebrew name that implies doves – the indication of peace. So, Jemima indicates peace. It’s an adorable name for girls, and it alternatively means the most beautiful woman referring to Jemima, one of the three daughters of Job in the Old Christian Testament. The name gained popularity during the Victorian era.

19. Aquene

Aquene is a Native American name that implies peace. Its various transcriptions include Aqueena, Aqueene, and Aqueen. It’s a rare find, so do not miss this one.

20. Irena

Irena is a Greek name that means peace and harmony. Irena comes from Eirene – the Greek goddess. It’s popular worldwide, especially in Russia. This is one of the topmost-ranked girl names around the globe.

21. Zuelia

Zuelia is an Arabic plus Persian name for girls having meaning of peace in Arabic and bright in Persian. It’s pronounced Zu (e) Lia and has 2 syllables.

22. Rangimarie

A girl name of Maori origin, entailing peace. Rangimarie is a first-class choice for parents to baptize their little princess. The name is used few and far between.

23. Shula

Shula is an outstanding girl name having of Hebrew origin. The word shula has been derived from shulamit, meaning peace. This name is commonly found in Arabian girls. Its modified form – Sula, is used in Palestine.

24. Jenifry

A dazzling name for girls – Jenifry – shares Cornish origin. It is a Welsh name that means white peace. Jenifry is a total charm for parents looking to naming their newly born baby snow-white.

25. Airini

An admirable variant of Eirene – Airini has Maori origin and means peace. The Greek goddess of peace inspires the name. During the 19th century, Airini Donnelly got famous as a Maori rights activist.

26. Femke

A Dutch name for girls implies a woman of peace. The name is mostly picked by Christians.

27. Paloma

Paloma is a flabbergasting Spanish name for girls. It signifies the dove which symbolizes peace. The name can be used as a middle name as well.

28. Salama

An African name that implies peace, security, and safety is great for your baby girl. Salama has an Arabic origin, and this name is used worldwide, including in African communities.

29. Nalani

Nalani is a Hawaiian name for baby girls, meaning peaceful sky. It’s used worldwide but has been commonly found in African and American regions since 2016.

30. Naima

Naima is a powerful girl name used in Asia, especially India and Pakistan. As one-of-a-kind as it sounds, its meaning is also not belonging to anyone. Naima also means peaceful.

31. Yasu

The Japanese name Yasu means peaceful. This is a sweet, short, minimalist-style name that’s used around the globe as a first name or nickname.

32. Karinya

This Australian name means peaceful home and is an excellent name choice. It represents a baby girl bringing happiness and blessings to your home.

33. Concordia

Concordia, as the name represents, means peace and harmony. The name stems from Latin and is loved by people worldwide. Concordia is specifically a baby girl’s name.

34. Anathi

Anathi is a cheerful name for girls and essentially refers to peace. The name has Indian origin and is used among hindus worldwide.

35. Rica

A sweet Japanese name, Rica, means peaceful ruler. This name prevails in Indian and Japanese lands. There were multiple TV actresses with the first name Rica in the Philippines, India, America, and Japan, due to which this name became famous worldwide.

36. Shizuka

The name Shizuka has its primary origin in Japan. You may be familiar with the doraemon cartoon character Shizuka. Shizuka represents peace. This name has been used in multiple countries, including India and Saudi Arabia.

37. Herena

Herena is a Greek name for a baby girl that means peaceful. It is an adorable name for your baby girl that will surely mesmerize everyone.

Unisex Names That Mean Peace

Have a look at these exciting gender-neutral names we’ve compiled for you. So, you can use any of these unique unisex names for your baby girl or boy.

1. Noe

A Spanish baby name that’s unique in its pronunciation, Zoe is a beautiful indication of peace and rest. So, if you’re looking for a subtle and stylish choice of name for your girl or boy, Noe would be perfect.

2. Pax

Pax is a gender-neutral Latin name meaning peace. It’s inspired by the Roman goddess of peace and is picked by people worldwide as a sophisticated name for their little ones.

3. Columba

As amusing as it sounds, Columba is a Latin word that means dove – the bird of peace. It’s a unisex, versatile name loved and cherished by multiple English nations.

4. Tully

Tully is a short, fun Irish name for girls and boys. It means quiet, and it sounds simple and nice.

5. Zuma

Zuma is a delightful Arabic name steeped in Aztec origins. It’s a gender-neutral name that got popular in California and is now used worldwide. Zuma means peace.

6. Bem

With African origin, this cute unisex name means peace. This name is commonly used in Brazil. It’s pronounced as Beh-M. The lucky number of this name is 11.

7. Maluhia

Maluhia is a unisex name that emerges from Hawaii. It means peacefulness and serenity. This name is common among Christians. People with this name tend to be intuitive, gentle, diplomatic, and cooperative.

8. Fen

Fen is a native name of England. It means peace or marshland. It’s alternatively used as Finn – a more trendy form used by the Chinese. In Uzbekistan, Fen is used as a surname.

9. Shiloh

Shiloh is a gender-neutral name that claims its origin in Hebrew. The name conveys the meaning of a peaceful one and a gift from god. Shiloh also refers to a biblical place penned down in Genesis 49:10.

10. Xola

An exotic African name that signifies staying in peace – indeed, a unique meaning in this list. The name originates from South Africa and is unisex in nature. Xola is also used in the USA. People with this name are believed to be philanthropic, kind, and humane by nature.

11. Eir

A deluxe name of Scandinavian origin, Eir is a unisex name. It signifies mercy and peace. According to Norse mythology, Eir is the goddess of protection.

12. Amani

Amani comes from Swahili and indicates peace and faith. The name is frequently used by Indian and Arabic folks. English countries use it as a unisex name. Amani refers to a person with desires and aspirations in life.

13. Cheydan

Afghani name with a beautiful meaning, peaceful and patient, is commonly found in Muslim regions. Cheydan works best for both baby girls and boys.

14. Xolani

Xolani is an African name that’s gender-neutral, stylish, and sounds cool. It originated from a zulu tribe and proclaimed forgiveness and peace.

15. Salim

Salim is a ravishing unisex name that means safe and peaceful. It’s an Arabic name used worldwide, including in the USA. Salim is a biblical place name.

16. Dragomir

A Slavic name that’s unique, trendy, and sounds pleasing – Dragomir means whom peace is precious. It works well for both genders.

17. Malu

Malu is a Hawaiian unisex name that means peace. The vibe of this name is cool and funky. It can be used as a nickname for girls and boys.

18. Placido

Placido is a Spanish name that means peaceful, calm, and serene. If you want a subtle and sweet-sounding name for your little one, Placido is a great idea.

19. Amneet

It’s an Indian name used for girls and boys. It means peace, and now this name is also gaining popularity in other patches of Asia.

20. Nan

Nan is a unisex name with a Japanese background. It means peace, and so far, it’s found in American, British, Canadian, Scottish, African, Hungarian, Chinese, and Japanese cultures. Most of the population employing this name is christian.

21. Miwa

Miwa is an American name that means peace and harmony. It’s widely used in Japan, USA, and Australia.

22. Rumi

Rumi descends from Arabic cultures and is wholeheartedly welcomed in all parts of the world. The name is inspired by the world-renowned saint – Jalaluddin Rumi. It signifies peace and grace.

23. Aalin

It’s a unisex name derived from Islam. Aalin means peace. The word Aalin also has Greek origin, meaning fair and forgiving.

24. Yen

Yen is a gender-neutral name that originated in Vietnam. It refers to safety, peace, and stillness. It’s a beautiful surname, first name, middle name, and even nickname. Yen has a cool vibe and stands among the list of contemporary names that mean peace.

25. Dhin

Dhin means calm, and it has Vietnamese origin. It is mostly used for baby boy names but as a girl name in various regions worldwide.

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