64 Passionate And Energetic Names That Mean Red

Red is the color of determination and optimism and is often associated with passion. In ancient history, people saw red as the color for power and fire. Why not incorporate the vibrancy of the color in your little one’s personality?

Whether your baby is a redhead or it’s one of your favorite colors, names that mean red are alluring and beautiful. From unique names like Cerise to more common ones like Adam, countless names mean red.

We’ve made an extensive list of fantastic names that mean red for your little bundle of joy.

Girl’s Names That Mean Red

Sweet, passionate and full of energy, below are a list of girls’ names that mean red that will help incorporate the deepness of the color into her personality.

1. Miaka

The youthful and vibrant name Miaka originated from Japanese meaning “beautiful red” or “beautiful and bright”. Your little girl is sure to brighten everyone’s life with her vibrancy.

2. Scarlett

The name Scarlett reflects passion and love. Having French origins, this beautiful name means “red.” It was commonly used as a surname before Scarlett O’Hara, the fictional character in Gone with the Winds, made it to box office hits in 1939.

3. Cerise

Originating from France, Cerise means “cherry red”. Your little girl will be like the delicious, vibrant, fresh fruit.

4. Auburn

In Old English and French, Auburn means “reddish brown” and is a fantastic name for your girl with this shade’s locks.

5. Phoenicia

Having roots in Israel, the Biblical name Phoenicia means “reddish purple.” If you love a unique name, then Phoenicia is a great choice.

6. Omaira

Having an Arabic origin, the name Omaiara means “long life” and “red”. It is one of the most common names amongst Muslims.

7. Lalima

The alluring name, Lalima, is a Hindi-originated name meaning “redness” or “beauty”, expressing the gracefulness of your little girl.

8. Roisin

The exquisite name, Roisin, is of Irish Gaelic origin meaning “little rose” It is derived from the Irish word “ros”, meaning “rose”. It was also the name of Irish singer and songwriter Roisin Murphy.

9. Rosa

Originating from Mexican and Rome, the exquisite name Rosa means “rose.” If you love flowers, this is the perfect name for your little girl, which symbols love and passion.

10. Akane

Having roots in Japan, Akane means “deep red.” It is primarily used as a name for a girl; however, it is also a common surname. It is sometimes used in manga and is commonly used as a name in Japanese cartoons.

11. Fuchsia

The elegant name Fuchsia originates in German, meaning “a flower or color.” Evoke the vibrancy of her personality by giving her this lovely name.

12. Poppy

Hailing from Latin and old English, the name Poppy means a flower that is known for its delicate and beautiful petals.

13. Ruby

The Latin-originated name Ruby means “precious red stone.” It is derived from the Latin words “ruber” and “rubrum”, meaning “red”. If your precious little gemstone loves shiny things, then the name Ruby is perfect for her.

14. Ginger

Originating from English, although the name Ginger means “pure and chaste”, it is commonly used as a nickname for a redheaded child. It was also the name of the American dancer and actress Ginger Rogers.

15. Akako

The unique name, Akako, is derived from the Japanese word “aka”, meaning “red”, and “ko”, meaning “child”. Perfect for a baby girl with rosy cheeks or red hair.

16. Chibeni

The rare name, Chibeni, has roots in Japan, meaning “red as blood.” Chibeni can easily be shortened to Beni for a cute unisex name.

17. Lalamani

This exquisite Hindi-originated name has a lovely ring to it. Lalamani means “ruby”. Your little gem will be the light of everyone’s life.

18. Dandan

Having roots in China, the beautiful name Dandan means “cinnabar red.” It also has an alternate meaning of “dawn” or “early morning.” The Chinese actress and aviator Lee Ya-Ching was known by her stage name Li Dandan.

19. Flanna

Having Irish roots, Flanna has a fairytale ring and means “red-haired”. This beautiful name is derived from the word “flann”, meaning “crimson”.

20. Humaira

Originating from Arabic, Humaira means “reddish.” Humaira was the nickname given to the Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aiesha, because of her rosy cheeks. This sophisticated name is perfect if you belong to a Muslim religious family. Another variation of the spelling is Humayra.

21. Rossa

The name Rossa is of Italian origin, meaning “red”. The Gaelic meaning of the name is “headland”. The name is primarily found in Europe.

22. Sienna

Having roots in Italy, this lovely name Sienna means “orange-red”. Other variations of the name are Siena and Sienah.

Boys Names That Mean Red

Whether you want him to be fiery or a symbol of optimism and positivity, here are some great names that mean red for your little bundle of joy.

1. Rohit

Rohit symbolizes red and is derived from Sanskrit. Rohit is a popular name in India. Rohit Sharma is the name of a famous Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian team.

2. Aiden

Aiden, which means “small fire,” has its origins in Irish mythology. Aodh is the Gaelic name for the Celtic deity of the sun and fire. A fiery name to give your little firecracker. It is also the name of an American actor, Aidan Gallagher, who played “Five” in the Umbrella Academy.

3. Derry

The name Derry stems from Irish and Gaelic origins, which means “oak grove”.

4. Vermilion

It comes from vermeillon, an Old French word that was itself derived from Latin. Vermilion became popular as it had the same color as a red dye made from an insect.

5. Sohrab

The name Sohrab means “hot red water,” like the present-day Persian term “sorkh-ab”. Another variation of this name in Georgian is Zurab, which was also the name of the former Prime Minister of Georgia, Zurab Zhvania.

6. Adam

Originating from the Hebrew word “adamah”, meaning “earth”. The Hebrew name, Adam, refers to the “son of the red earth.” This is also the name of a famous American actor and comedian, Adam Sandler.

7. Leroux

Leroux comes from the form Le Roux from South Africa. Leroux is a French name for a man with reddish hair.

8. Corcoran

This interesting name is of Irish origin and is used as a surname. The Gaelic form of Corcoran is O’Corcrain which means “reddish”.

9. Rowan

A traditionally male Irish and English name. Rowan is derived from Ruadan, which means “red-haired” in Ireland. Initially used as a surname before becoming popular as a first name. The actor and comedian who brought the legendary Mr. Bean to life is named Rowan Atkinson.

10. Flann

In Gaelic, the meaning of Flann is the “red-haired one.” a perfect name to give your red-haired boy.

11. Gulzar

Gulzar is an Iranian Muslim name that means “from the garden of roses”. Give your boy this lovely name to incorporate a rose’s beautiful features.

12. Flynn

Derived from Flann, Flynn is an Irish name meaning “the son of the red-haired one”. It is more commonly used as a surname instead of a first name. It is also the name of an Australian American actor, Errol Flynn, who rose to prominence in Hollywood’s Golden Age.

13. Radley

Radley is a British boy’s name derived from the pastoral environment of Ancient Britain. The name originates from the Old English term redleah, which means “red meadow”.

14. Keegan

Derived from the Anglicization of an Irish clan name, Keegan means “fire” or “fiery”. It is now often used as a first name. It is also the name of American actor and comedian Keegan Michael Keybest, known for the series Key & Peele.

15. Radcliff

A name of English origin, Radcliff means “Red cliff”. The most famous person having this name is Daniel Radcliffe, who played the famous Harry Potter.

16. Reed

Originating from the Old English word read, the Reed means “Red” or “Red-haired boy”.

17. Harkin

A unique Irish and Gaelic name for boys, Harkin refers to “Dark red”. Thomas Richard Harkin has this name who was a United States senator and member of the Democratic Party.

18. Russell

Having French roots, Russell means “Little red”. A famous person with this name is Russell Crowe, an actor from New Zealand best known for his performance in the film Gladiator.

19. Fulvio

The alluring and unique name Fulvio originates from Italy and means “A reddish-haired boy”.

20. Rogan

A boy’s name of Irish origin, which is derived from the word “ruadh”. Rogan means “The redheaded one”. It is often used as a last name. It is also the name of an American UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, who hosts his podcast for events and discussions.

21. Gilroy

Of Irish and Gaelic origins, Gilroy means the “Son of the redhead”.

22. Ruaidhri

A common name in Ireland and Scotland, Ruaidhri translates to “Red king”. A renowned Scottish cricket player is named Ruaidhrí Smith.

23. Rufus

Derived from a Latin word, Rufus means “Redheaded”.

24. Gough

Gough originates from the Welsh word “coch,” meaning “Red”. It was initially used as a nickname for someone with rosy or red skin but eventually became a surname.

25. Akashi

Originating from Japan, Akashi refers to a “Vermilion or crimson color”.

26. Rumo

With Cornish roots, Rumo is used in Dutch and German-speaking countries. It means “Red”.

27. Roth

Hailing from Germany and often used as a surname, Roth refers to a person with red hair. The lead singer of the world-famous band Van Halen was named David Lee Roth.

28. Reading

Used as a boy’s name, Reading has Old English origins. It means “Son of the Red-Haired”. Commonly used as an English surname.

29. Homair

Homair refers to “A reddish man”. It stems from Saudi Arabia and is a Muslim name.

30. Roslin

The red color-inspired name, Roslin, has its roots in France. Roslin means “Red Haired”.

31. Aarnes

Hailing from Indian origins, the charming name Aarnes means “Red Silk”.

32. Falguna

Falguna has Indian origins and is the name of a Hindu month. Falguna means “Someone red” or “Reddish like some fruit”.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Red

There are many names that can be used for both girls as well as boys. We’ve compiled a list of unisex names that have the radiants of the beautiful color red.

1. Clancy

Originating from the Irish, this gender-neutral name means “Red-haired warrior”. Bring out the passionate fighter by giving this name to your baby with red locks.

2. Reid

A name of British origin, Reid means Red Headed. It is also the name of the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Garrett Hoffman.

3. Phoenix

The enchanting name, Phoenix, has long been related to the magnificent mythological bird that emerges from the ashes in the form of rebirth. Phoenix is derived from the Greek term phoenix, meaning “Crimson” or “Dark red”. The most well-known person with this name is Joaquin Phoenix, an American actor known for portraying dark characters in films.

4. Blaze

The gender-neutral name, Blaze, means “Fire” and comes from Latin. The fictional comic book character Ghost Rider’s human name is Johnny Blaze.

5. Rory

Rory is an Irish gender-neutral baby name. It means “Red King”. It is an Anglicized form of the Irish word ruadh, which means “Red,” and the Old Irish name Ruaidhr, which means “Red king”. This is also the name of an Irish professional golfer, Rory Mcllroy, who has been formerly ranked number one in the Official World Golf Rankings.

6. Rusty

Having American origins, the name Rusty means “Redheaded”. Rusty is commonly used as a nickname in America for someone with red hair. This was also the name of the gold-winning 1984 NASCAR cup, former American NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace.

7. Garnet

Derived from dark red gemstones, Garnet is a Middle English word that refers to the pomegranate seeds that the garnet crystals resemble.

8. Mekaisto

Originating from Native America, Mekaisto is a unique name that means “Red Crow,” fitting for a unique little red head.

9. Sorrel

Having French roots, Sorrel means “Reddish-brown color”. A lovely name to give to an autumn baby.

10. Ikiaq

Having roots in Inuit, the unique name Ikiaq means “Red spruce.” It is mostly used as a surname.

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