55 Names That Mean Sky for Your Precious Little Wonder!

A name is the first gift parents give to their children. As we come from the elements, giving your child a beautiful name can be the most remarkable tribute. We choose baby names for different reasons, some we like for their sound, and others we adore for their definition.

Whatever your reason, we have thoroughly researched and cross-checked baby names that mean sky, wind, or storm. The sky has an absolute presence and can tremendously influence when you pick a meaningful name for your newborn. If you are a nature lover and you fancy spending time watching the sunrise, sunsets, moon, and starry nights, you will love these names.

Check out these baby names that mean sky; one of these might be the one you choose for your little bundle of joy.

Boy Names That Mean The Sky

These are some unique baby names for boys if you are searching for a sky-inspired first or middle name.

1. Ouranos (Uranus)

It’s a Latin name that means sky or heaven. It represents the primordial God of the sky. The Greeks believed the sky was a sturdy dome of brass embellished with stars. This name in Egyptian depictions of their sky-goddess Nut describes that Ouranos was a star-spangled, gigantic man with an arching body raised to create the sky’s dome. According to the Roman era, Ouranos is usually presented as Aion, the God of eternal time. 

2. Asvin

Asvin is another charming name for boys that means sky. The word “Asvin” represents “light,” “first star in the sky,” and “possessor of horses.” Other variations for this name are “Aswinkumar” and “Aswin”; both carry the same meaning.

3. Amphorn

This name has a Thai origin, and it means “sky.” In Bangkok, Thailand, Dusit Palace accommodates a few royal palaces. Among them is one with the name Phra Thinang Amphorn Sathan, meaning “royal seat in the sky,” and this palace is the home of the former king of Thailand.

4. Aelous

It’s a Latin name representing the Greek God, keeper of the winds, and King of the Aeolia. You can also spell it as Aillos.

5. Caelus

It’s a Roman name that defines the sky. This word has been originated from the English word celestial. Caelus is a Roman word that means “connected to the heavens and the sky.” The name also relates to the Latin Caelum, which means sky, heaven, or the abode of the Gods.

6. Gökcan

It’s a Turkish name that means sky. In Turkish Istanbul, the International Gökcan College organizes children’s folk dance every year. So the name is pretty famous.

7. More

More is a Burmese name that means sky or rain. This Burmese name is unique from the English language names. More is a short version of Morris or Maurice.

8. Myrsky

This Finnish name means sky. The name got famous because of the World War II fighter and recognizance aircraft “VL Myrsky,” built and designed in Finland for the Finnish Air Force.

9. Keyne

It’s a Celtic name that means “man of the eastern sky.” The English meaning of Keyne is “warrior,” which is another positive thing. With unique spellings of this name, your son would stand out from the crowd.

10. Moe

As short & concise as the word sky itself is, a super-cool petty name awaits you – Moe which means “the sky.” It’s a Burmese name, and it also refers to rain. It’s a frequently used baby boy name across multiple regions and races.

11. Nathaniel

A classy and contemporary name for your little boy aimed at “sky” meaning is Nathaniel. Daniel and Emanual are so familiar. It’s time to set trends for new, modern, unique names with pleasant pronunciation and wonderful meaning. The name stems from Herbrew and has a glorious meaning of “gift from God.” It’s a timeless delight that will never go out of fashion.

12. Payne

Sounds like Pine? It’s cooler, brighter, and more vibrant. The Mapudungan name Payne means “sky blue,” which refers to the highness of the sky and the hue. Naming your baby boy Payne, will make him feel great about himself.

13. Goku

If you’re a fan of Dragonball Z, you might be familiar with the best of the best characters – Goku. As adorable as it sounds, it has much more to its meaning. Goku is a Japanese name, and it means “sky-high.” If you want your baby boy to always stick to heights and be on top of the world, name him Goku; how cool is that!

14. Gaganpreet

If you are looking for something unique to name your baby boy, Gaganpreet is an Indian name that’s most popular across India. It has a beautiful meaning “sky lover.”

15. Michewa

It is one of the rarest names used for baby boys. Michewa is a Tibetan name that means “Sent from the sky.”

16. Ongela

A baby boy’s name is said to be derived from a past version called Angela. Ongela has a Greek origin. It means “God’s messenger.”

17. Dyumani

The Indian name Dyumani is said to be originated from Sanskrit. It is most commonly used in India. The meaning of this name is “jewel of the sky.” This is a powerful baby boy’s name.

18. Horus

Horus is an Egyptian name that means ‘God of the sky. It is most commonly used for baby boys in several countries of the world. Pick this one if you want a baby boy’s name that means sky.

19. Ociel

Ociel hails from Latin, a unique name for baby boys. It means the baby is “from the sky.” It sounds so good and gives a cool, fun vibe.

20. Celeste

Celeste is a French Latin name used for boys in the western world. The name is super-appealing as it gives a festive feel. Its meaning is “of the heaven or sky.”

Girl Names That Mean The Sky

These sky-inspired girl names can be a brilliant choice for your little princess to celebrate the diverse shades of nature.

1. Sema

Sema is a Turkish name that means sky. When work starts on any new Buddhist temple in Thailand, the stones used to name the boundary of the sacred ordination hall are called sema hin.

2. Rakia

It’s a Hebrew name that defines sky or heaven. The term “Rakia” represents “fruit brandies” in Balkan countries, with the most common flavors being plum and apricot.

3. Nuit

This name has taken from ancient Egypt, and it defines the sky. The ancient Egyptians wrote a set of astronomical texts and created a book named “The Book of Nuit,” or The book of Nut. In the book, they have written about the movement of planets, the sun, the moon, and the cycles of other stars.

4. Kailani

It’s a Hawaiian name that means heaven, sky, and sea. Hawaiian names have surprisingly become popular lately, and we have discovered that this name was ranked at number 350 in the popular and most used girls’ names list for 2019. In the U.S., 898 newborn baby girls were named Kailani in 2019.

5. Haneul

It’s a Korean name that means sky or heaven. This name is gender-neutral, but in Korea, only a few boys are named Haneul, so it is often believed to be feminine.

6. Dangira

This Lithuanian name also means sky. It is pronounced as dahn-GHEER-ah with an emphasis on the second syllable. This lyrical girl’s name is virtually unheard of outside of Lithuania.

7. Cielo

This is a Spanish name that describes the sky. Cielo is also the name of a Chilean-Canadian movie that was shot in Chile’s Atacama Desert. This film is about the incredibly clear and charming sky and its influence on the local population.

8. Azure

It’s an English name that means blue sky. The Latin word lazuli was mistakenly translated as l’azure in Medieval France. This was related to lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone.

9. Ahana

Ahana is an awe-inspiring name for baby girls with its roots affiliated with Japanese mythology. It sounds so high, delicate, and feminine. Ahana has an adorable meaning – “sky flower.” Naming your princess Ahana will make you feel more confident about her.

10. Innana

As gorgeous as it sounds, Inanna is a fabulous Sumerian name for newly born baby girls. Innana means “the lady of the heavens,” and it refers to the goddess of love, fertility, & war in Sumerian mythology.

11. Seline

Similar to serene, “Seline” is a baby girl’s name with a skyful meaning. Since a daughter descends from the heavens and brings tons of joy to a family, Seline is one of the most perfect names for her. Seline originates from Latin and it means “heavenly moon” just what a daughter is born to be.

12. Tsisana

A super-unique and enchanting name, Tsisana, with a delightful meaning, “of the sky,” adds bundles of worth to your baby girl’s personality. The word Tsisana is of Georgian origin and refers to forget-me-nots due to their appealing and exceptional sky-like appearance.

13. Leilana

A Hawaiian name never fails to top the list when naming baby girls with adorable names. A name filled with sky beauty and grandeur, Leilana means “flowers that grow in heaven.” It sounds like someone got the best baby girl name to outperform everyone else!

14. Araceli

Arcelu is a Spanish name that refers to the altar of the sky. It is pronounced as a-ra-THEH-lee in Europe. In America, it is mainly pronounced as a-ra-SEH-lee. Parents of newly born baby girls can pick up Araceli for its awesome meaning and cool essence and pronounce it however they like.

15. Audra

If you’re on the hunt for a fantastic Lithuanian name filled with power, grandeur, and strength, Audra is the one for you. It means “sky storm” and has a wholesome vibe. Audra is a modern name that is taken up by various cultures and races across the globe. English netizens have commonly used Audra and Audrey.

16. Ciela

A heavenly Esperanto name that means “from the sky” is a superb choice for parents while opting for an excellent, pleasant, and worthy nomenclature for their newborn baby girls.

17. Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a phenomenal name with Japanese roots. It refers to something that “shines from the sky.” In this way, it represents light, brightness, height, and greatness. The name is inspired by the Japanese sun goddess in the past: Amaterasu.

18. Jenil

It’s an Indian name for baby girls and it means “peaceful sky.” Considering its unique pronunciation and oh-so-good meaning, it also gained popularity in America. The name has the potential to gain popularity worldwide and accommodate itself in multiple cultures.

19. Lania

The most precious gift for a daughter is the confidence that you give her. Why not name her to empower her personality. Lania, as the name implies, the epitome of beauty and an absolute winner, is an American baby girl name that means “sky,” It has also been significantly used in Hawai regions.

20. Vyona

Vyona is a majestic name that means “graceful” “sky” and “fair woman.” All the meanings of this wonderful name speak for its value. Vyona has Indian roots but is commonly used in British and American countries.

Unisex Names That Mean The Sky

You can use these unique unisex names for baby girl or baby boy.

1. Anu

Anu means sky, and it represents the king of Gods in Mesopotamian mythology, which is about the heavens and sky.

2. Ciel

A French name that means “from heaven” or “from the sky.”

3. Social

With Latin origin, this beautiful unisex name means the sky.

4. Miku

Japanese name meaning “beautiful sky.”

5. Sky

Sky Masterson, a character in “Guys and Dolls,” was the first to use this beautiful name. This name sounds more wide-open and less hippyish than names like Rainbow and Starlight.

6. Skyler

This name is used to represent the sky. This name has been used in plenty of movies and television shows. And it’s also the name of a singer’s brand.

7. Zeru

It’s a Basque name, an exotic spin on the nature name, and was a massive hit with hippies. But its association with zero might get annoying sometimes.

8. Van

Sounds so automative, right? Van hails from China, and its roots are also shared with Burmese origin. It means “heaven” or “sky” so you could put your baby girl or boy on top and feel confident about them. Van also makes a stylish statement with several surnames.

9. Sama

A short and pretty name for girls and boys of Arabic origin and excellent meaning – Sama enables you to give the best name to your newborn. It carries the meaning of “the sky.” It is used in English countries as well as in Islamic countries. Some people use it as a short form of Samantha for girls, while some modify it to Sam for boys. No matter what, the name stands for fantastic, deluxe, and unbeatable.

10. Ke’alohilani

It’s a Hawaiian name which means “bright sky” and is one of the rarest finds. If you want to name your little one in the most unique way, go with Ke’alohilani.

11. Indigo

Indigo is an English name that’s gender-neutral and exotic. Its cool vibe, pleasant pronunciation, and unique feel make it a favorite name. Indigo is a dark inky blue shade and the night sky color.

12. Lani

Something short and sweet always works when picking an exciting name for your little one. Lani is a gender-neutral name commonly used in both Japanese and Hawaiian regions. It means “sky” or “heaven.”

13. Neven

This is a unique Slavic name that works for both boys & girls. It is a pleasant-sounding name that means “sky.”

14. Sora

Sora makes you think about “soar,” and so the “sky,” and yes, it also means “sky.” It’s a Japanese name that can be attributed to boys and girls. Its simple, soft, and smooth pronunciation make it a heart-favorite name worldwide.

15. Zenith

Zenith is a high-end name with a spiritual vibe. It has an English origin and is related to the ascent, cosmic stuff, and sky.

We hope you have found a potential name for your newborn. Let the wondrous skies encourage you as you search for the right name for your adorable little marvel!

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