18 Bright Names That Mean Sunflower

Newborn babies are full of sunny and joyful energy. What better way to capture that brightness than by choosing a name inspired by sunflowers? Whether you’re looking for a name that showcases your child’s brilliant aura or one that highlights their beauty, one of these will surely do the job.

With plenty of names related to the sunflower species, as well as unique names that reference the flower from around the world, there are a variety of great choices to pick from.

So, if you’re interested in finding a vivid name for your newborn, consider one of these sunflower-inspired names.

Girl Names That Mean Sunflower

If you’re searching for a brilliant and floral name for your baby girl, take a look at these choices.

1. Mirasol

Also spelled as Marasol, this name stems from Spanish origin. The meaning of this name translates to “beautiful sunflower,” and it reflects the strength and growth of this bright plant.

2. Clytie

Clytie is a fantastical name of Ancient Greek origin, meaning “sunflower.” In Greek mythology, Clytie was a water nymph in love with the god of the sun, changing into a sunflower to face him every day.

3. Nanala

A sweet-sounding girl name, Nanala is the Hawaiian word meaning “sunflower.” This name is also used to refer to someone who gazes at the sun.

4. Calanthe

Calanthe is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning “beautiful flower.” It is often used to mean sunflower but can be applied to all pretty flowers.

5. Vanalika

Vanalika is a pretty name with Indian roots. It means “sunflower,” and is usually used for Hindu baby girls.

6. Hinata

Hinata is a beautiful name that stems from Japanese origin. The meaning translates to “sunflower” and “facing the sun.” A common name in Japan, it is yet to become popular in the west, making it a trendy choice.

7. Chaitna

Chaitna is a feminine name of Hindu origin, meaning “a sunflower seed.” A cute choice for baby girls who are sure to bloom into beautiful flowers.

8. Chrisanna

A name of Greek origin, Chrisanna means “marigold,” a pretty flower that belongs to the sunflower family.

9. Himawari

Himawari is a lyrical girl name of Japanese origin. It means “sunflower.”

10. Helia

Helia is a feminine name stemming from Ancient Greek origin. It refers to Helios, the Greek god of the sun, meaning “sun” and “sunflower.”

Unisex Names That Mean Sunflower

No matter the gender of your bundle of joy, one of these sunflower-related names could be the perfect choice for your sunny newborn.

1. Helianthus

Helianthus is a royal-sounding name of Greek origin. The meaning translates directly to “sunflower,” as it combines the greek word for sun, helios, and anthos, flower.

2. Solros

Solros is a unique name stemming from Swedish origin, and meaning “sunflower.” It comes from the Old Norse words sol and ros, meaning durable and lofty.

3. Maximilian

Originally of Latin origin, Maximilian translates to “the greatest,” and is also the name of a sunflower species. Though commonly a male name, it is increasingly being used for baby girls.

4. Aster

Also Aster is a name of Hebrew origin. It means “like a star” and “flower.” You can also add an “a” to the end, making it Astera, to sound a bit more feminine.

5. Girasoli

Girasoli is an interesting name of Italian origin, which translates to “sunflower.”

6. Alizeti

A serene-sounding name, Alizeti comes from Swahili origin and means “sunflower.”

7. Harpalium

Harpalium is another name of Latin origin and is the name for a special variety of sunflowers. You can also go with Harper, for short.

8. Tournesol

Tournesol is a name of French origin. The meaning translates to “sunflower” or “sunflower seeds.”

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