30 Captivating Names That Mean Trapped

Being trapped is one of the worst feelings you can ever feel. You may feel powerless, incapacitated, and wounded. Negative thoughts slowly fill up your mind, taking all the positive energy away. However, there are also times when being trapped is a gift, especially for parents who are expecting to welcome a new “blessing” in their family.

Are you familiar with the so-called “parenthood trap”? Parents experience this phase in their life where they will learn how to be a parent – from changing diapers to putting their children to sleep. Parenthood may be a nonstop job, but it is a trap that parents are delighted for. Enjoy catching attention as we offer you 30 names that mean “trapped”.

Girl Names That Mean Trapped

Listed below are possible names for your lovely ball of sunshine who serves as your sweet escape from being trapped in negative thoughts.

1. Ansa

Ansa is a female name of Finnish origin that means “trap” and “virtue”. A short name derived from Anasa, a freed slave of Prophet Muhammad, who was trapped and martyred in the Battle of Badr, which played a key role in the spread of Islam.

2. Desdemona

Desdemona is a girl name of Greek origin. It means “unfortunate”, “ill-fated”, and “wretchedness” – which we all know, is a feeling of someone who’s trapped or imprisoned. In a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, Desdemona is an innocent heroine falsely accused of adultery by her husband, Othello.

3. Melody

Melody is the name of the apprentice of the three muses of music: Dori, Phaedra, and Lydia,  in the famous Barbie movie, “Barbie and the Diamond Castle”. When Lydia turned her back on her friends and turned them into stone statues, Melody ran for her life and found a mirror where she hid through the use of her flute, which was then destroyed by the sidekick dragon of Lydia, Slyder, trapping her inside the mirror forever.

4. Mallory

Originally a male name, but has recently been popularized as a female name, the name Mallory is of French origin, which translates to “unlucky or “unfortunate”. It may not mean being trapped, but it is inarguable that people being confined describe themselves as unlucky.

5. Anna

A protagonist of Disney’s 2013 animated feature film Frozen, Anna is depicted as the princess of Arendelle, and the younger sister of Elsa. Unlike her older sister, Anna is free-spirited and has gained an extrovert mentality even after years of living within the confines of their castle gates. She is the only person to express faith that Elsa was not a monster, in contrast to the entirety of Arendelle’s populace.

6. Anneliese

Anneliese is one of the main protagonists in Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper. Dressed in a sparkly pink gown and a crown, she is the princess of a kingdom located at the mountaintop. She was kidnapped by Preminger and his sidekicks, trapping her in the mines and obscuring the exit to the mines by blocking it up with boulders and rocks.

7. Persephone

The myth of Hades and Persephone is one of the most popular stories of love and abduction in Greek mythology. According to myth, Hades, the God of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone, giving him the idea of abducting her and trapping her in his underground kingdom, where he made her his wife with the help of his brother Zeus.

8. Belle

Belle, a name that means beauty, is the female protagonist of Disney’s 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. She met her prince charming by making a bargain with the Beast who holds her father captive in his castle. She asked for her father’s freedom, in exchange for her own.

9. Genie

Genie is a well-known name used by one of the most powerful, chaotic beings in the universe in the 1992 feature film, Aladdin. He was originally a slave trapped inside his lamp, enduring 10,000 years of imprisonment.  Although the character is a “he”, the name Genie is mostly used by women – it being Ginny, Jeanie, or Jeanny sometimes.

10. Aphrodite

Considered one of the most beautiful Greek goddesses in Greek mythology, Aphrodite was a beau trapped in a loveless marriage with Hephaistos, the god of fire.

11. Cinderella

In the 1950 Cinderella animated film, the protagonist, Cinderella, was locked inside the attic by her evil stepmother to prevent her from trying on the glass slippers she left at the castle.

12. Arke

In Greek mythology, Arke was the name of the messenger goddess who betrayed the Olympians and sided with the Titans, resulting in her being sent and trapped in Tartarus.

13. Ariel

In the 1989 animated film, The Little Mermaid, Ariel was trapped by the wicked sea witch, Ursula, at the bottom of the whirlpool, seeking her revenge on the mermaid princess.

14. Eris

Eris was known as the ancient Greek goddess of discord and chaos. She was imprisoned in Tartarus for her roles in events leading up to the Trojan war.

15. Rapunzel

Rapunzel was the girl with long and powerful blonde hair, trapped in a tall tower in Disney’s 2010 animated film, Tangled. If you are fangirling over Disney princesses, you can consider this name.

Boy Names That Mean Trapped

Here are captivating names that you can make use of when naming your adorable baby boy who will be trapped inside your heart for the rest of your life.

1. Cage/Kage

A cage is a structure made with wires or bars which hold things in, to protect them or keep them imprisoned. Be creative and name your son Cage or Kage as you shield them from the harm of the real world.

2. Tantalus

A famous character in Greek mythology is the Lydian king, Tantalus. He is one of the kings who found themselves trapped in Tartarus, the Greek prison, forever. He was imprisoned for attempting to feed the gods by murdering his son Pelops, chopping him up, and cooking him into a stew.

3. Tartarus

According to ancient sources, Tartarus is both a deity and a place. He was considered the god who rules over the prison pit situated at the lowest point of the Earth, where deposed gods are trapped and punished.

4. Salmoneus

In Greek mythology, Salmoneus was the king of Elis who was imprisoned in Tartarus for wanting to elevate himself as a god, and thus, demanding worship. I know it’s salivating but stop thinking about salmon, please.

5. Tristan

Originating from France, Tristan is a masculine name that translates to “sad” or “sorrowful” – which can be associated with the feeling of being trapped or imprisoned.

6. Cronus

Titan Cronus is known as the youngest son of the Greek goddess of Earth, Gaia, and the god of the sky, Uranus. Together with his eleven siblings, he was imprisoned in Tartarus by his father.

7. Rogers

Rogers is the last name of Captain America, the leader of the Avengers, who was found trapped in the Arctic for almost seven decades.

8. Ixion

In Greek mythology, Ixion was the name of the king of Lapiths who found himself trapped in Tartarus for killing his father-in-law, and for attempting to sleep with Hera, the wife of Zeus.

9. Sisyphus

Known as the first king of Corinth in Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a cunning trickster, who found himself trapped and imprisoned in Tartarus after cheating death twice.

10. Trap

It is no surprise that Trap itself can be a way to address your baby boy since it would make a cool and trendy name.

11. Steve

Steve is the first name of one of the world’s mightiest heroes, Captain America, who spent nearly seventy years trapped and frozen in the ice.

12. Apollo

Apollo was one of the famous Greek gods sent by Zeus to Tartarus for killing the cyclopes.

13. Zared

Of Hebrew origin, the name Zared is a male name that means “trap”.

14. Ocnus

Even though there is no crime mentioned, Ocnus found himself trapped in Tartarus, weaving a rope of straw as his punishment.

15. Preso

Preso is the Portuguese translation of the word “imprisoned” or “trapped” and can be used as a name for your baby boy.

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