21 Limitless Baby Names That Mean Void

If you’re looking for a baby name that can perfectly reflect the uniqueness of your little one, you may be considering a name that means void. Whether you’re interested in something that evokes the vastness of space, or a name that means infinite emptiness, one of these names might be just what you’re searching for.

Names inspired by the concept of the void are incredibly unique and distinctive. These names are suitable for parents who want to give their child a name that is both grand and unusual. From Casiah to Vyomi, there are plenty of appealing void-related names to choose from.

So, if you’re ready to find a trendy name that evokes greatness and oblivion, check out these options.

Girl Names That Mean Void

Your baby girl will have limitless potential and endless opportunities, why not give her a powerful, void-related name to match?

1. Casiah

Alternatively spelled as Cassia, this name has English origin. The meaning of Casiah is “emptiness” or “hollow.” In Greek, Cassia translates to cinnamon. Though still an uncommon name, it is slowly rising in popularity rankings.

2. Nurrun

Nurrun is a name of American Indigenous origin. Used for both baby girls and baby boys, the meaning of this name is “hole” or “empty.” In Bengali, this name translates to “light.”

3. Euna

Euna is a name stemming from Scottish and Old English origin. It translates to mean “hunger.” This name is a nice choice for a curious and driven baby girl.

4. Loman

A unisex name, Loman derives from Gaelic origin, meaning “an empty place.” This is suitable for parents who see their newborn as a blank slate, ready to experience the world.

5. Choncha

Choncha is feminine name originating from the Spanish language and means “empty shell.”

6. Cassie

Cassie is a classic and sweet name that stems from Latin origin. The meaning of this name is “empty,” and it is the feminine version of the male name, Cassius.

7. Zero

Zero is a unisex name deriving from Old English. It means “empty.” Though usually used for baby boys, it would be cute for a little girl as well.

8. Opame

Opame is a beautiful name of Burmese, Tibetan origin. This musical-sounding name means “infinite light,” or “endless light.” A very uncommon name in the West, Opame is a name more commonly given to Buddhist baby girls.

9. Anantya

The name Anantya is feminine and of Indian and Hindi origin, meaning “endless” or “eternal.” This is definitely a great choice for a powerful little girl.

10. Manild

Of German origin, Manild is a girl name that means “beloved,” “infinite,” and “endless.”

11. Vyomi

Vyomi is a name of Hindi origin. It translates to “goddess of space,” and refers to the vast emptiness of universe.

Boy Names That Mean Void

Baby boys hold a vast world inside them. Take a look at these void-inspired names to see if one catches your eye.

1. Cassian

Cassian stems from Latin origin. This masculine name means “hollow” or “empty,” and is the name of multiple saints. Cassian also has roots in Irish and Welsh, where it is used to describe a “curly-headed” boy.

2. Corley

Corley is both a sweet and masculine name of Irish origin. THe meaning of this name translates to “hollow hill” and “generous.”

3. Chaos

Chaos is a name derived from Ancient Greek. It comes from the Greek word khaos which means “vast void,” “chasm,” or “great abyss.” This is definitely a name for an intense and strong baby boy.

4. Akeru

A name stemming from Japanese origin, Akeru has multiple meanings. It can mean “growing light,” “to open,” and “to empty.”

5. Frisco

Frisco is a masculine name of Latin roots. In Spanish, this name is translated to mean “bare land” or “empty place.” In America, this name carries the meaning of “free man.”

6. Akasa

Traditionally a feminine name, Akasa is a unisex name of Indian origin. The meaning translates to “ether,” “open air,” and “space.”

7. Marise

Marise is a unisex name of both Japanese and Greek origin. In Japanese, Marise means “infinite” and “of the sea.” The Greek meaning of the name translates to “beloved sun.”

8. Kong

A unique name of Chinese origin, Kong means “empty hole” or “void.” Confucius, one of the most famous Chinese philosophers, bore this name.

9. Cashus

Derived from Latin origin, Cashus is a masculine name that means “hollow” or “helmeted warrior.” Other variants of this name include Cassius and Cassio.

10. Coe

Coe is a name of Irish or Gaelic origin. It means “hollow in the hill,” and is related to the Irish name Cowan, which carries the same meaning.

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