100+ Enthusiastic Names That Mean Happy

Happiness is a positive emotional experience characterized by the feeling of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. There are a lot of ways to be happy – fulfilling goals and achieving dreams. You can attain happiness when you move into your newly-built house, or when you finally tie the knot with your long-time partner. However, happiness doesn’t stop there.

There’s no one happier than a parent who’s expecting a baby. A wide range of emotions will come your way. A feeling of excitement as you wait for the baby to come out. A feeling of contentment as you hear your baby cry for the first time. A feeling of fulfillment as you see your child growing healthier day by day. All these feelings boil down to that one deep emotion – happiness. If you are looking for a name that will forever remind you of how your world lightened up the moment you brought your little bundle of joy into the world, then here is a compilation of 100 enthusiastic names that mean happy.

Girl Names That Mean Happy

Listed below are happiness-related names that will surely delight your joyful baby girl.

1. Delilah

Of Hebrew origin, Delilah is a feminine name that stands for “delight”, “temptress”, or “amorous”. In the Bible, it was the name of the Philistine woman who coaxed Samson into revealing the source of his strength.

2. Felicity

The Latin name Felicity is a female-given name translating to “intense happiness” or “good luck”. One notable character who uses the name is Felicity Jones, a British actress who started her career when she was twelve.

3. Hillary

Hillary, a Latin name for girls, means “happy” or “cheerful”. Hillary Duff is an American actress and singer who holds the name.

4. Letitia

Letitia is a name commonly used by girls and is of English origin meaning “happy” or “joyful”. In the 2022 American superhero film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the new black panther, Shuri, was played by Letitia Wright.

5. Naomi

Naomi is a feminine name of Hebrew origin signifying “pleasantness”. It was the name of an American professional wrestler, who performs on the SmackDown brand of WWE.

6. Aleeza

Aleeza is a name for girls common in Jewish culture which translates to “joyful”.

7. Caia

Of Greek and Latin origins, the female name Caia implies “to rejoice” or “pure joy”.

8. Falisha

Falisha is a Muslim name given to girls referring to “happy” and “fortunate”. It is an alternate form of the name Felicia.

9. Lykke

Lykke is a feminine name of Danish and Scandinavian origin implying “happiness” and “good fortune”.

10. Trixie

The English name Trixie is a name that can be used to address girls pertaining to the “one who brings joy and happiness”. Trix can be a cute nickname for this.

11. Carol

Carol is a girl’s name of French origin which refers to the “song of happiness”. Carol Banawa, the US-based Filipina singer, possesses the name.

12. Edith

The feminine name Edith is of Old English origin that pertains to “happy warfare”. One of the six patron saints of Europe has this name – Edith Stein.

13. Helga

Helga is a female-given name of Scandinavian and German origin meaning “prosperous” and “successful”.

14. Frayda

The Jewish name Frayda is a name that you can consider when naming your daughter. It is of Yiddish origin that stands for “joyous”.

15. Allegra

The name Allegra is an Italian name that means “happy” or “jaunty”. The name is used by an Italian-American heiress and socialite, Allegra Versace. Yep, you read it right – Versace.

16. Beatrix

The Dutch name Beatrix is of Latin origin translating to “blessed” and “she who brings happiness”. The name Beatrix became more popular after the trending game, Mobile Legends, created a marksman hero which was named after it.

17. Abigail

The Hebrew name Abigail is a female given name that translates to “my father is joyful”.

18. Ilaria

Ilaria, a variant of the name Hillary, is an Italian name translating to “happy” or “a lot of cheer”.

19. Bliss

Bliss is considered an English name fitting for girls, pertaining to “perfect joy” or “extreme happiness”.

20. Eden

Popularly known as the name of the garden of God in the Bible, the name Eden stands for “delight” or “place of pleasure”.

21. Joy

Joy is a short and common English name that means exactly the name itself – “joy”.

22. Leda

Of Greek origin, Leda is a feminine name that translates to “happy”.

23. Kalea

Kalea is a Hawaiian name traditionally given to girls, which implies “happiness”.

24. Rafa

Rafa is an Arabic name that signifies “happiness” and “prosperity”. If you are looking for a unique name for your little ball of happiness, then this one is for you.

25. Blythe

Of Old English origin, Blythe is a female name translating to “happy”, “cheerful”, and “carefree”.

26. Keiko

The Japanese name Keiko is a feminine name pertaining to a “happy child”.

27. Elza

Elza is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin implying “God is my joy” or “joyful”.

28. Noemi

Noemi, a name commonly used to address women, is of Italian origin that refers to “pleasantness” and “delight”.

29. Sachi

The cute Japanese name Sachi is a female name that pertains to a “child of joy”.

30. Beatrice

Beatrice is an Italian name for girls, referring to “she who makes me happy”.

31. Lettie

The American name Lettie is a name usually given to a baby girl, translating to “joy” and “gladness”.

32. Xiamara

Of Aramaic origin, Xiamara is a girl’s name that pertains to a “joyful deer”.

33. Luana

The Hawaiian name Luana is a name common to women, which translates to “happy”.

34. Aida

Of multiple origins, the name Aida is a girl’s name signifying “happy”, “moon”, and “gift”.

35. Caroline

Caroline is a female name of French and German origins, which implies strong”, “free woman”, and “song of happiness”.

36. Geila

The Hebrew name Geila is a name suitable for girls, which refers to “joy”.

37. Nara

It is undeniable that Japan has some of the cutest names that ever existed. One example is the Japanese name, Nara, meaning “happy”.

38. Rowena

Rowena is an Old English feminine name that stands for “joyous” and “fame”.

39. Eda

Of German origin, the name Rowena is a girl’s name signifying “happy” and “wealthy”.

40. Miyuki

Another Japanese name that may catch your attention is the name Miyuki. It pertains to “beautiful happiness” or “beautiful snow”.

41. Laticia

The English name Laticia is a name commonly used by women, translating to “happy” and “joyful”.

42. Sachiko

Sachiko is a girl’s name of Japanese origin referring to a “child of happiness”.

43. Makenna

Of multiple origins, the name Makenna is a name appropriate for girls, which refers to “the happy one”.

44. Beah

The Latin name Beah is a cute and elegant name for women, pertaining to the “bringer of happiness”.

45. Radeyah

Commonly used by Muslims, Radeyah is a girl’s name that translates to “content”, “satisfied”, “pleased”, and “delighted”.

46. Merry

Merry is an English name suitable for girls, which means “joyful” or “lighthearted”.

47. Jovonna

The name Jovonna is of Spanish origin that stands for “merry”, “joyful”, “cheerful”, and “good-humored”.

48. Merilee

Just like the English name Merry, the British name Merilee also translates to “joyful” and “lighthearted”.

49. Ilo

Of African and Nigerian origins, Ilo is a girl’s name referring to “light”, “joyous”, and “sunshine”.

50. Dita

Dita is a simple name of Spanish origin that refers to “happy warfare”. It is a variant of the name Edith.

51. Gioconda

The unique Italian name Gioconda is a name preferably for girls, meaning “delightful”, “happy”, or “pleasant”.

52. Ada

The short but cute name Ada is a German female-given name meaning “noble” or “happy”.

53. Bonnie

Bonnie is a Scottish name for girls, which translates to “pretty”, “attractive”, and “cheerful”.

54. Kiki

The French name Kiki is one of the most adorable names that you can think of when naming your little joy. It implies “double happiness”.

55. Hepzibah

Hepzibah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin translating to “in her is my delight”.

56. Thirza

Another Hebrew name that signifies “pleasantness”, acceptance”, and “delightful” is the feminine name, Thirza.

57. Halona

Of Native American origin, Halona is a female name pertaining to a “happy fortune”.

58. Leta

Leta is a Latin name fitting for women, which stands for “glad” or “joyful”.

59. Sunny

Sunny is an English feminine name referring to “sunshine”, “happy” or a “cheerful temperament”.

60. Hani

The name Hani is a feminine name of Arabic origin that means “carefree” or “happy”.

61. Jovie

Jovie is an American name suitable for your daughter, translating to “jovial”, “happy”, “cheerful”, and “friendly”.

Boy Names That Mean Happy

Listed below are blissful names that you can consider when naming your cheerful little son.

1. Caius

Of Latin origin, Caius is a boy’s name meaning “rejoice”.

2. Asher

The name Asher is a biblical name of Hebrew origin that stands for “happy” and “blessed”.

3. Isaac

Isaac is a Hebrew name for boys referring to the “one who laughs” or the “one who rejoices”.

4. Revel

Revel is an English name that translates to “rejoice”. If you’re looking for a dark but appealing name for your son, then go for this one.

5. Zahal

Zahal is a classic Hebrew name appropriate for boys, which signifies “joy”.

6. Ancel

Ancel is a masculine name of Yiddish origin implying “fortunate”, “blessed”, or “happy”.

7. Denish

One of the charismatic names that can make your child stand out is the Indian name, Denish. It pertains to the “one who is happy” or a “joyous person”.

8. Macario

Of Spanish origin, the male name Macario signifies “fortunate”, “happy” or “blessed”. This name is considered historical to Filipinos for it was the name used by Macario Sakay, a Filipino general who contributed to the 1896 Philippine Revolution.

9. Fane

The English name Fane is a boy’s name that means “happy” or “joyous”.

10. Toshan

In the Telugu language, Toshan is a name preferably for boys, translating to “satisfaction”, “pleasure”, or “joy”.

11. Cayo

The masculine name Cayo is of Spanish and Latin origins, which stands for “rejoice”.

12. Faegan

Faegan is an English name suitable for men, which implies “joyful”.

13. Helier

Of Latin origin, Helier is an elegant male name meaning “cheerful”.

14. Winston

Winston is a British boy’s name referring to “joyful stone”.

15. Zorion

Zorion, a name of Basque origin, is a masculine name signifying “happy”. To add more spice to the name, you can make use of the nicknames Zoro and Ion.

16. Gaius

The Latin name Gaius is a name that you would want for your brilliant newborn. It stands for “to rejoice”.

17. Vidor

Vidor s a Hungarian name for boys, which translates to “happy”.

18. Simcha

Of Hebrew origin, Simcha is a unique name usually given to boys, which implies “gladness” or “joy”.

19. Ziven

Ziven is a male-given name of Slavic and Hebrew origin. In Slavic, it means “vigorous” and “lively”. On the other hand, in Hebrew, it pertains to “radiance”, “brilliance”, and “light of God”.

20. Alan

Alan, a common name for boys, is of Gaelic and German origin that stands for “handsome”, “cheerful”, or “precious”.

21. Festus

Festus is a masculine name of Latin origin that translates to “joyous” or “festive”. This name was used by Festus Ezeli, a Nigerian-American professional basketball player who played five years in the NBA and took part in the 2015 Golden State Warriors championship run.

22. Ronel

Of Hebrew and German origin, Ronel is a boy’s name that refers to the “song of Jehovah” or “joy of the Lord”.

23. Noam

The name Noam is a male name of Hebrew origin that means “delight”, “joy”, “pleasantness”, “sweet”, or “friend”.

24. Helgi

Of Old Norse origin, Helgi is a name for boys, signifying “successful”, “happy” and “productive”. It is the male form of Helga.

25. Ullas

Ullas, common in Hinduism, is an Indian name for boys, which refers to “joy”, “delight”, “celebration”, “light”, “progress”, and “brilliance”.

26. Ayodele

Of Yoruba origin, the name Ayodele is a boy’s name that translates to “joy comes home”.

27. Dechen

Dechen is a rare name of Tibetan origin referring to “great bliss” or “great happiness”.

28. Anschel

The Hebrew name Anschel is a name usually given to boys, which means “happy”.

29. Feliciano

Feliciano is a male-given name of Latin origin signifying “happy” or “fortunate”.

30. Gil

A name that may grab your attention is the short but pleasing Hebrew name, Gil. It pertains to “bright promise”, “joy”, and “small goat”.

31. Jevin

The English name Jevin is a name given to boys translating to “joyful” or “brave”.

32. Zelig

Zelig is a boy’s name of Yiddish origin signifying “blessed”, “holy”, and “happy”.

33. Bayo

Of African origin, Bayo is a male name meaning “the crown meets joy”.

34. Marnin

Marnin is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin that pertains to the “one who creates joy”.

35. Ash

Ash is a one-syllable name fitting for your bouncing baby boy, which translates to “happy”.

36. Ronelle

The masculine name Ronelle is of Hebrew origin that refers to the “song of God” or “joy of the Lord”.

37. Tarub

Tarub is a male-given name commonly used by Muslims, which signifies “lively”, “gleeful”, or “merry”.

38. Naim

Of Arabic and Hebrew origins, Naim is a name usually given to boys, which implies “happiness”, “comfort”, or “pleasant”.

39. Saeed

The Arabic name Saeed is a boy’s name that stands for “blessed”, “good luck”, “joy” or “happy”.

40. Onni

Of Finnish origin, Onni is a name commonly used by boys, which signifies “happiness” or “luck”.

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