60 Powerful Names That Mean Ocean or Sea

If you are a Thalassophile, someone who loves the sea or ocean, you might want to name your child one of the many unique names inspired by it.

With its mysterious vastness, magnificent power, and gentleness of the waves, the ocean is a breathtaking beauty of its own.

Many cultures have names inspired by the ocean and sea, from Avisa to Umiko; the choices are endless. So whether you want to incorporate the calmness of the sea or its powerful glory, listed below are some incredible names that mean ocean for you to consider for your baby.

Ocean-Inspired Names for Girls

Whether she is serene like the shore waves, wild like the sea, or a hidden mystery, these girl names that mean ocean are a wonderful choice for your bundle of joy.

1. Maya

Having a Greek and Hebrew origin, Maya means “Water”. It also has roots in New Zealand and, in Maori, means “Courage” or “Bravery”. The Arabic version of the name means “A princess”.

2. Serena

This soothing name reflects its meaning, “Clear, tranquil, serene”, words that are often related to the ocean or the sea. It is derived from the Latin word serēnus.

3. Zarya

This exquisite name is of Slavic origins and is also gaining popularity amongst Muslims; it means “Water Priestess or Blossoming Flower”. In Slavic mythology, Zarya was the name of the water priestess and protector of warriors.

4. Avisa

Avisa is a Sanskriti name that means “Ocean”, expressing the deep love that you have for your little girl and reminding her that you will always be there for her. It also has a Latin origin, meaning “Bird”.

5. Delmare

Originally from French heritage, Delmare is a popular name amongst Christians. It means “Of the sea”. Incorporate the calmness and stability of the sea by giving this trending aquatic-inspired name to your baby girl.

6. Doria

Inspired by Greek mythology, this Greek name means “Of the sea”, making it a historically heavy weighing name. Once your daughter embraces this enchanting name, explain to her the beauty and power of the sea.

7. Marissa

Originating from Latin, Marissa is a beautiful name meaning “Of the sea”; its expressive meaning may evoke comparisons to the enthralling beauty of the sea.

8. Tarni

Tarni is a popular Australian name meaning “Wave or surf”. Other versions of the spelling include Tahnee and Tarney.

9. Cherith

Even with its Biblical roots, Cherith has a fresh and contemporary sound. It is of Hebrew origin, meaning “Winter stream”.

10. Adira

Originating from Hebrew, the name Adira means “Powerful, strong and noble”, words that are generally related to the ocean.

11. Cordelia

This strikingly classical name has a Latin and Celtic origin; Cordelia means “Daughter of the sea” or “Jewel of the sea”. It is inspired by the Latin word “cor,” which means “heart”.

12. Morgana

Having a Welsh origin, Morgana means “Circling sea” or “Bright sea dweller”. In Celtic, Morgana means “Dweller of the sea”. Invoke the enchantment of the sea in your baby girl’s personality by giving her this lovely name.

13. Talia

This stunning name is derived from the Hebrew word “tal,” meaning “Dew”. Just like the name, it has a beautiful meaning “gentle dew from heaven; by the water”. It is also a popular Australian Aboriginal name meaning “Near water”. Other variations of the name include Taliah, Talita, and Thalia.

14. Ondine

Originating from Latin, Ondine has a delicate ring to it. It means “Little wave”. In French origin, this name is derived from the word “Onde”, meaning “wave”. Ondine is also the name of the water goddess in a French folk tale.

15. Jaladri

Originating from Sudan, Jaladri means “Ocean”. It also has a Hawaiian origin, meaning “Calm as still waters.” The name will surely enhance your child’s calm personality.

16. Moana

This Hawaiin name, Moana, has gained immense popularity after the release of Disney’s animated movie, Moana, in 2016. It has a Polynesian origin and means “Deep ocean or sea”.

17. Adria

Having Latin roots, Adria is inspired by the Adriatic Sea and means “Dark”. The Greek version of this mystical name means “Rich”.

18. Marella

This sweet name comes from Latin origin, meaning “Star of the sea”. The Italian meaning of the name is “Of the sea”. An Italian noblewoman, Marella Agnelli, had this charming name.

19. Eldoris

Originating from old Greek, this ocean-inspired baby name means “Women of the sea”. Other versions of the name are, Eleodora and Eldorah.

20. Oceana

Inspired by Oceanus, from Greek mythology, who ruled over rivers and seas, the name Oceana means “Ocean”. It is popular in Christianity and has also been known as one of the elegant names in France.

21. Avonlea

Inspired by L. M. Montgomery’s book,  Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea is a fictional town’s name in the book. The name Avonlea has an English origin which means “River by a field”.

22. Daria

Daria is full of rich meaning; in Persian, it means “Sea”. The greek version of the name means “Possess well,” which may serve as a reminder for your baby to treat things with care. Another variant spelling of Daria is Darya.

23. Aerwyna

This unique name, originating from Great Britain, means “Companion of the sea”. Many religious Christians name their children Aerwyna.

24. Aqua

Invoking a calming sensation, this ocean-inspired name is of Latin origin and literally means “Water” or “Blue sea”. This was also the name of a popular Danish-Norwegian music band’s name.

25. Delta

With a certain allure to it, this beautiful name is of Greek origin, meaning “Mouth of the river.” A perfect choice for a beautiful baby girl who dazzles everyone with her beauty. In mathematical terminology, the delta symbol signifies a positive change.

26. Firtha

Originating from the Scottish language, Firtha is one of the top trending Christian baby girl’s names, meaning “Arm of the sea”.

27. Maharaja

Having an Esperanto origin, Maharajah means “Made of the sea”. Another variant of the spelling is Maraja.

28. Umiko

Originating from Japan, Umiko means “Child of the sea”. It is derived from the word “Umi,” meaning “sea,” and “ko,” which means “child”.

29. Muriel

Muriel has Irish origins meaning “Of the bright sea”. The name also holds religious importance as it belongs to one of the unfamiliar Archangels responsible for bringing peace and tending to the life of plants, humans and animals.

30. Samudra

Samudra is a Sanskriti and Hindi name meaning “Ocean”. It is one of the most popular names in India.

Ocean-Inspired Names for Boys

Powerful and magnificent, captivating and enthralling, calm yet so wild, listed below are some fantastic boys’ names meaning ocean.

1. Dylan

Inspired by the Welsh words “dy,” meaning “great”, Dylan means “Son of the sea”. Although it is popular amongst boys, it has also been used as a surname. This was also the name of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

2. Kaito

Originating from Japan, Kaito means “Sea or Ocean”; the Chinese variation of the name means “Soar or Fly”.

3. Lir

Having Irish roots, this fascinating name means “The sea” in Irish mythology; Lir is the Irish god of the sea.

4. Aalto

Originating from Finland, Aalto means “waves.” It is commonly used as a Finnish surname. Many famous people have Aalto as a surname, such as Aino Aalto, a Finnish architect, and Alec Alto, a Finnish diplomat.

5. Morgan

Originating from Welsh, Morgan is inspired by Welsh elements “Mor,” meaning “Sea,” and “Cant,” meaning “Circle”. Morgan typically means “Seaborn” or “Sea Circle”.

6. Hurley

Hurley originates from Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “Sea tide”. Germans also use this name for their baby girl meaning “A healthy woman”.

7. Brinder

This charismatic name is of Sikh origin and means “Lord of the ocean” or “The ocean’s ruler”. It is a common Hindu, Bengali and Sikh name.

8. Orman

Hugely popular among Hindus, Orman is of Old German origin meaning “Seaman” or “Spearman”.

9. Boliver

Of Spanish origin, Bolivar means “Mill by the river”. Its other meanings are “Warlike” or Mighty”. It is mostly used as a surname and is also the name of the famous South American revolutionary leader Simon Boliver.

10. Varun

Varun is of Sanskriti origin and is a classical Hindu name meaning “Water god”. The Hindu god, Varun, is known to have control over all the water in the world.

11. Marinus

This unique name is from Latin origins, meaning “Of the sea”, signifying the rhythm of the waves as your child’s free spirit.

12. Aenon

Originating from Hebrew, Aenon is derived from the word “ay-yin”, meaning “Spring” or “Natural fountain”. It is found in the Bible in reference to the place where John, the baptist, performed baptism.

13. Irving

This soothing name has a refreshing feel to it. Originating from Scottish and English roots, Irving means “Green water or river”. It is primarily used as a surname; however, it was also used as a first name by the American-Russian composer Irving Berlin.

14. Arnav

Arnav is a Hindu name meaning “Ocean”. It is also associated with the words “Sea, Vast and Brilliant.”

15. Bien

Bien is of Vietnamese origin, meaning “Ocean” or “Sea”. In Spanish, Bien also means “Good” or “Fine”.

16. Murphy

Murphy has its roots in Gaelic origin and is known to be one of Ireland’s most popular family names. Murphy, which has a mighty ring, means “Sea warrior”.

17. Eaton

This updated version of Eton is of old English origin, meaning “Riverside”. This name is primarily popular amongst Christians.

18. Atlantic

Originating from Great Britain, it also has roots in Greek. Atlantic means “Sea of Altas.”

Ocean-Inspired Gender-Neutral Names

There are many names that mean ocean, which can be used for both boys and girls alike. Below is a list of gender-neutral names perfectly capturing the ocean’s ravishing spirit.

1. Deniz

Originating from Turkish roots, the literal meaning of Deniz is “Sea”. Muslims also name their children Deniz meaning “Sea of happiness”.

2. Kai

Having roots all over the world, this gender-neutral name in Hawaiian culture means “Sea.” In Scottish, Greek and Scandinavian, it means “Keeper of the keys” or “Fire”. Africans, Koreans, Chinese, Americans and Europeans all have this popular name in their culture.

3. Hali

Inspired by Greek mythology, this name comes from Nereus and Doris’s daughter, Halimeda. This charming name means “The sea”. The Arabi version of this means “Handsome, Graceful and Sweet”.

4. Adrian

This is a Latin origin name meaning “From Adria” or “Of the Adriatic Sea”. It is derived from the Venetic and Illyrian words “Adur,” which means “sea” or “Water.”

5. Cary

Cary, also written as Carey, is of Latin origin meaning “Pleasant stream”. Many renowned personalities are named Cary, such as Cary Grant, an American actor and Carey McWilliams, an American author and Journalist. 

6. Zulimar

Having roots in Spain, Zulimar, with its alluring feel, means “Blue ocean”.

7. Beckham

Even though this is primarily a boy’s name, it is a gender-neutral name of English origin, meaning “Homestead by the stream”. It is the surname of the popular soccer player David Beckham. 

8. Rio

Having Spanish roots, Rio means “River”. Rio is also a very popular Japanese name that means “Place of the cherry blossoms”. Whether you are fond of the soothing rivers or someone who loves cherry blossoms, Rio is a great choice for your bundle of joy.

9. Wahmenitu

Originating from Sioux and inspired by the tranquillity of the sea, Wahmenitu, a uni-sex name of Native Americans, means “Spirit in the water”.

10. Beverley

Beverley is a gender-neutral name, originally from Great Britain, which means “From the beaver stream”. This was once a popular surname; however, over the years, it has gained immense popularity as a first name for girls and boys alike.

11. Maxwell

Maxwell, originally used as a Scottish surname, is now a popular uni-sex water-inspired name meaning “Great stream”.

12. Brooke

Giving off sophisticated vibes, the name Brooke is of English origin, meaning “small streams”. Some famous people with this ocean-inspired name are model and actor Brooke Shields and actress and producer Brooke Adams.

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