70+ Evil Vampire and Demon Names for Your Wicked One

If you’re looking for a baby name that is both unusual and intriguing, you might be interested in something supernatural or malevolent. Luckily, there is an abundance of evil vampire and demon names that are just that.

Perfect for parents who want their children to stand out of the crowd, these vampire and demon-inspired baby names are both mystical and monstrous. While some are related to contemporary fictional characters, others refer to ancient mythological creatures. From Mircilla to Ravana, there are countless unique options to choose from.

So, if you’re prepared to find the perfect vampire or demon name for your newborn, look no further.

Evil Vampire and Demon Names for Girls

Demonic and vampire-themed names are fitting for parents who want a striking and distinctive name for their little girl. Any one of these names is sure to make a strong impression.

1. Nali

Though Nali is a super sweet-sounding name, it is also supernatural. It comes from Old Norse and means “demon of the dead.”

2. Layla

A more low-key name inspired by evil entities, Layla has Arabic roots and translates to “night” or “dark beauty.”

3. Radna

Radna is a unisex name with unknown origins. In demonology, Radna refers to a medieval demon king who was said to have spread corruption and greed to humanity. In Filipino, Radna translates to “hope.”

4. Hecate

A powerful name for a baby girl, Hecate comes from Ancient Greek and Latin. Hecate was the goddess of the underworld, demons, and witchcraft in Greek mythology.

5. Lamia

Lyrical and pretty, Lamia is a name with roots in Latin and Arabic that means “vampire” or “fiend.”

6. Lilitu

Lilitu is an adorable girl’s name that can easily be shortened to Lili. It is of Sumerian origin and means “of the night” and “demon.”

7. Mara

Unique yet classic-sounding, Mara is a name derived from Scandinavian mythology that means “female wraith.” It also means “bitter” in Hebrew and “evil demon” in Buddhist folklore.

8. Kasdeya

Perfect for a crafty and cunning baby girl, Kasdeya is an English name that means “demon of poison.”

9. Carman

Different in meaning from the similar-sounding name, Carmen, Carman is of Irish origin and translates to “evil witch.”

10. Mare

Mare is a distinctive name of Germanic origin. It is the name of a mythological demon that is said to visit people when they sleep and give them nightmares.

11. Antaura

Another unique demon name for little girls, Antaura comes from Greek and literally translates to “a light breeze.” In mythology, Antaura is a demon who causes migraines and pain.

12. Euryale

Another name from Greek mythology, Euryale means “far roaming” and was the name of one of three demonic gorgon creatures. Gorgons were said to be creators of life and bringers of death.

13. Stheno

Stheno was one of Euryale’s gorgon sisters in Greek mythology. The direct translation of the name is “mighty.”

14. Medusa

The most infamous of the gorgon sisters, Medusa is a name that also hails from Greek myth. Apart from being associated with this powerful demonic entity, Medusa also means “guardian” and “cunning.”

15. Elena

Elena is a pretty name with roots in Spanish and Italian. Stemming from the Greek name Helen, Elena means “light” and is the name of a popular vampire character in the television series, Vampire Diaries.

16. Ravana

Ravana is a powerful name that stems from multiple cultures. In Hindu culture it means “evil symbol,” in Sanskrit it means “roaring,” and in Sri-Lanken is means “great ruler.”

17. Lezabel

Of Hebrew and Greek origin, Lezabel is a feminine name that means “demon queen.” Suitable for a powerful and majestic baby girl.

18. Proserpine

A unique choice, Proserpine is derived from Latin and is the name of the princess of hell in Roman mythology. In Latin, Proserpine means “prosperous.”

19. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a timeless name with roots in Hebrew. It means “my God is bountiful,” but is also known as the name of a Hungarian countess who was a suspected vampire. According to legend she would bite people and bathe in blood.

20. Jezebeth

Jezebeth is a name that stems from Hebrew. In demonology, Jezebeth is a female demon of falsehoods who attacks humans when they give in to anger.

21. Jessabelle

Jessabelle is another Hebrew name that means pure. In folklore, Jessabelle is a demon and partner of Jezebeth.

22. Sekhmet

Stemming from Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet is the name of a goddess who was known to drink blood. She was also a warrior goddess and goddess of healing.

23. Achlys

A mystical female name, Achlys is derived from Greek. In Greek mythology, Achlys means “death mist.” It was also the name of the demoness who personifies the mist that appears over the eyes of the dead.

24. Carmilla

A name that combines pop culture and evil, Carmilla is a Hebrew name that means “garden.” It was also used as the name of a powerful female vampire in a gothic novel.

25. Hala

Hala is a soft and pretty name of Serbian origin. Though it sounds sweet, it means “weather demon.”

26. Lamashtu

A distinctive choice, Lamashtu is a rare name that comes from the Sumerianian language. In Mesopotamian religion, Lamashtu was the name of a female demon. The daughter of the sky god, she was said to have the power of seven witches.

27. Nimue

Nimue is a feminine name that comes from Old English. In English folklore, she was a revered Arthurian sorceress and temptress.

28. Batibat

Bati for short, this Ilocano folklore name refers to a vengeful demon who appears at night to bestow bad dreams and disease.

29. Lilith

A more recognizable demon name, Lilith comes from Hebrew and means “of the night.” In Mesopotamian folklore, Lilith was a storm demon, and in Jewish folklore, she was known as Adam’s wife-turned-demon.

30. Pandora

Though not necessarily a demonic or vampiric name, Pandora is of Greek origin and refers to a woman who was the unleasher of evil.

31. Empusa

With roots in Greek, Empusa was a mythological demon who ate travelers. She was a monster commanded by Hecate, the goddess of demons and the underworld.

32. Yuki-onna

Yuki-onna is a stunning name that is derived from Japanese. It means “snow spirit” and is used to describe vampire creatures that appear to humans as beautiful women during snow storms.

33. Bella

Associated with vampires because of the character in the popular book and movie series, Twilight, Bella is a Latin name that means beautiful.

34. Ardat Lili

Stemming from Latin, Ardat Lili is an evil name that means “female vampire demon.” In demonology, it is a demon who preys on men.

35. Typhon

A unisex name, Typhon comes from Greek and is the title given to the personification of the devil in mythology.

36. Ubel

Also a gender-neutral choice, Ubel is a cute-sounding name with roots in German. The translation of this name is “evil.”

37. Qaeinah

A pretty name for a little girl, Qaeinah is of Arabic origin and means “old demon” or “evil spirit.”

38. Akeldama

Akeldama is a feminine name with roots in Aramaic. It means “full of blood,” making it a more subtle choice of vampire name.

Evil Vampire and Demon Names for Boys

The number of evil vampire and demon names for baby boys is endless. Check out these wicked choices for your newborn.

1. Gadreel

Gadreel is a Hebrew name that means “wall of god,” and was also the name of an evil archangel who led Eve away from holiness. It is also noted in holy texts that Gadreel taught humans about murder and weapons.

2. Helel

Another name with roots in Hebrew, Helel means “son of the morning.” In folklore, Helel was an angel who flew too high and was cast into the underworld. In Christianity, this figure was called Lucifer.

3. Andras

Similar to the more common name, Andreas, Andras is of Welsh and Greek origin. The meaning of the name is “manly.” In mythology, Andras was a demon with an angel body and a raven head.

4. Aamon

Also spelled Amon, this Greek name means “hidden one” and is also listed as a demon in a historical text.

5. Azazel

Of Hebrew origin, Azazel is a beautiful name that means “scapegoat” and “angel of death.”

6. Ravana

A unisex name, Ravana is derived from Hinduism and means “man of ten heads” or “demon king.”

7. Samael

Samael is a Hewew name that means “fallen angel.” This name is also synonymous with the grim reaper in Jewish folklore.

8. Birsha

Birsha stems from Hebrew. This gentle-sounding name translates to “son of wickedness.”

9. Cerberus

A stand-out name for a baby boy, Cerberus is a Greek name that refers to the hound that protected the gates of hell.

10. Seth

Seth is a name that carries incredible strength. It comes from Egyptian mythology, where it was used to name the evil god of chaos, the desert, and storms.

11. Addanc

Quite an uncommon name, Addanc is of Welsh origin and means “lake monster.”

12. Jilaiya

A name cute for both boys and girls, Jilaiya comes from India and means “flying vampire demon.”

13. Arioch

Arioch is a charming Hebrew name that means “royal” and “ferocious.” It is also the name of a fallen angel.

14. Asmodeus

Of Hebrew origin, Asmodeus is a remarkable name that means “devil of luxury,” and “prince of hell.”

15. Doyle

Doyle is an evil name on the softer side. This name is Irish and means “dark stranger.”

16. Forneus

Perfect for a little genius, Forneus is a name of Latin origin that refers to a sea demon who shares knowledge about language.

17. Gresill

Gresill is a male name with French roots. It is the name of a demon who tempts men with sin.

18. Abigor

Abigor is a name with biblical origin. It means “handsome demon warrior,” and was the name for one of the rulers in hell.

19. Ahriman

Ahriman is derived from Old Persian. It means “devil,” “evil spirit,” and “god of darkness.”

20. Belial

Of Hebrew origin, Belial is a masculine name that means “the devil.”

21. Orpheus

With roots in Greek, Orpheus is a striking name that means “darkness of the night.”

22. Balam

Balam is a Hebrew name that means “destroyer of the people.” In religious folklore, Balam was the name for a prince of hell.

23. Dagon

Dagon comes from Philistine mythology. It means “sea demon.”

24. Apep

A name with Egyptian roots, Apep means “the personification of evil.”

25. Incubus

Incubus is as evil as it gets. This name comes from Latin and means “powerful male demon.” In demonology, Incubus was an evil entity that would prey on vulnerable women.

26. Vlad

A more obvious vampire-related name, Vlad is a Romanian name that means “glorious rule.” It is most famously known as the name of a horrific vampire character.

27. Zagan

Zagan is an Arabic name that means “beautifier.” It is also the name of a fallen angel and demon in Christian demonology.

28. Buer

A male name of Germanic origin, Buer means “temporary dwelling” and “great president of hell.”

29. Damien

Of Greek origin, Damien means “to subdue.” It is famously the name of both a child antichrist and a vampire in pop culture.

30. Spike

Spike is an American name. In the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike is a vampire who Buffy tames.

31. Draven

Another American name, Draven means “raven” or “child of the shadows.” Ravens are often used to symbolise vampires.

32. Abaddon

Abaddon is a masculine name stemming from Greek. It means “ruination” and “place of destruction.”

33. Lilu

A cuter choice, Lilu is an Akkadian name that means “spirit” or “demon.”

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